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Haha, great. Oh Dynasty Warriors.

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They should make Silicon Valley Warriors.  Steve Jobs could use the iSword.

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sweet, everyone in a quick look!

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Nice. These games are getting old fast though.

That was awesome though. Like a 15 minute Dynasty Warriors themed Bombcast.

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what's that?

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"What's That?"

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I love you giantbomb.... not so much dynasty warriors.

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Great! cant wait to hear more mistakes than the kill count!

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WOW this game looks lame...

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Lu Bu, the most baddestass of badassery ever.

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what's that?

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"Is that Denim?"

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great to hrd the giantbombers all together for this quick look

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Whew the whole crew!

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It's a good thing Cao Pi is on the good side.

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Oh god I was dying.  Why didn't you press the circle button?  That might have been kinda cool.

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there should be more quick looks with everyone

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Imagine playing a marvel superhero game, that has half passable gameplay, but lets you play as every marvel character ever created, in every story arc ever written.

These characters and battles are just extremely famous and popular in China Japan and Korea. There probably isn't a single Chinese who does not know who Guan Yu is. Seriously. But yeah, if you can't tell your Lu Bu from your Liu Bei and the name Cao Cao makes you laugh, this game isn't for you.

And as I'm writing this, I'm also making a gundam model of Zhao Yun. http://www.hlj.com/product/BAN954601. So call me biased.

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ohhhh the uninformed-ness is...magical, at least Brad was there.

Coco Bolo Handle! the Gold Duster!

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This makes me wanna play DW5: Empires. :)

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Well the Empire bit could be kinda interesting.  It's just the Dynasty Warriors bit that puts me off

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no Liu Bei is much better

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Is this the first ever 4-man quick-look? Such a momentous occasion shouldn't be wasted on rubbish like DW.

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that just pissed me off such morons

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I love these games. Hack n Slash is just a blast to me.

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All 4 GB crew on quick looks = WINNER. Also i totally BINGED THAT!

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Enjoyed the first couple, mostly for the characters and "history", but after that just keep recycling the battles, not enough to keep going back.

And I got the halo wars "All Bandits" joke even if they didnt!

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aw man i'd get this for a good laugh
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So yeah, its more Dynasty Warriors. Someone somewhere must be buying these. Not sure why as the AI looks terrible, the draw-distance is junk and the textures are bad, but hey, whatever.

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Ok heres the deal, this has almost convinced me to buy it...but make no damn mistake the production values of the DW has gone right down the shitter, and i mean right down, any game that isn't the "main game" (and by that i mean the single numbered games)...just look like shit.

But that doesnt seem to stop me often from enoying them...these people do exsist and they're not totally crazy for liking DW and all its exploits.

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Damnit, is it weird that this game looks great to me?

I mean, the gameplay looks terrible, but...  So many characters.....  It's kinda impressive to be honest.

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...  I'm ashamed to admit, but I actually enjoy the Dynasty/Samurai Warriors games.  Granted, I wish they would do something drastically new with the series.  I still am tricked every installment by Koei to pick them up.

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Great, there really should be more QLs with everybody in them

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You're actually defending dynasty warriors?

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I really liked DW4. I admit it was a bad game but I liked it a lot. I found it very fun. But on xbox when you have 2 players the frame rate gets fucking ridiculous.

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destructiod just posted a review saying that is game is basically the best in the series and just generally really good

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I'm quite surprised that people can support the idea of a 360 where people and trees pop into existence right in front of you. I don't care how many people you can laboriously carve through, that's just a sloppy and unprofessional product.

P.S. Onechanbara is awesome.

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You guys actually made Dynasty Warriors enjoyable.

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Fine, to each their own, but I have a question: what part of it makes you love it?

The controls are terrible, pop-in is everywhere, there are blurry textures, and button-mashing gameplay. Seriously, what do you find fun about it, and how do you look past these flaws?
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"All bandits, a-a-a, all bandits" =D

I got the joke Brad.

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yeah i never really understood who liked Dynasty Warriors either.

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Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

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That is the best video on the site, the ending was incredible.

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hit X and WIN

fuck those games are so shit ...

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lmao love how they have this 4man quick look for possibly the worst game they ever quick looked (bsides dynasty warriors gundam 2...but u know, same crap different pile)

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I dig the ancient chinese metal music in the background.

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she IS sexy!

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@trophyhunter said:
" fuck you DW is great "
Wow, I sure hope you're joking.
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WHY???? Who actually buys this crap?