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Let's dance!

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Kinect Quicklooks are always the best. Better be careful though, cuz between this and Fruit Ninja, the Kinect isn't looking quite as stupid right now. Or at least it wouldn't be, if it weren't so damn expensive and unwieldily to use

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Love this :)

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Aw man I've missed John Drake! 
It's nice to see him back in action, though I'm not particularly interested in the game (don't have a 360, kinect, don't like dancing, etc.)

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Hopefully this game is tougher than the first; my sweet moves were just too much for the game to handle.

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John Drake is a Harvard educated man. I hope they show this at his reunion.

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Love it already!

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Woah! A lady!?

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@spilledmilkfactory: Au contraire: The fact that Fruit Ninja is one of the hot titles for the Kinect makes it MORE stupid.

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Oh god the preview image is great!

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You can see why its one of the best kinect games. It works really well and looks pretty great. Still, I ain't buying no kinect.

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Oh, a gurl!!! ZOMG!

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Keeps stopping in the middle of the video, GAAAH, it makes me angry, and just like the Hulk, you don't want to see me when I'm angry!

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I am afraid to press play, but then again, that is one of the benefits of coming here.

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Dude looks like a lady.

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These are the best quicklook.

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Great video of course, still hate Kinect, though.

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The screen caption is... disturbingly yet amusingly sexing ...ly.

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And a cute girl! This is an amazing QL.

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Damn, when I saw the EX I was hoping I'd see Naoko Takamoto :)

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John Drake makes for an amazing Quicklook EX.

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Dance Central character designs: Still great.

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Take us to dancing paradise John Drake!

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g-g-g-g-g-girl omg 
Wait no, that's just John in a tight shirt.

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John Drake + Giant Bomb = Amazing

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What song you wanna play?
Ryan : LADY GAGA!!!!!!!

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All I wanted from a Dance Central sequel was for it to have Born this way. So I am now officially sold.

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John Drake is the best.

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When John Drake dances, I get a funny feeling in my pants.

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John Drake can dance with me anytime.

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I didn't get my wife to dance with me on the first one, so it has been mostly gathering dust. I should try to get my little daughter into it. I need an excuse to play this damnit!

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I feel like we need a montage of all John's dance moves from this QL.

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This is the definitive video of the Dance Central 2. So glad Ryan flew all the way to Germany just to shoot this, then flew back.


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Video keeps stopping in the middle like it's over in Streaming and High.

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Oh it's good to see Nick at the end there.

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Someone gif that John Drake freestyle immediately.

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This was a great Quick Look.

And not just great "for an EX", but honestly great.

Also, intern invasion!

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Man who doesn't look gay whilst playing dance central

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@Johntdrake: Can we have a live stream of you dancing on the Giant Bomb homepage 24/7?

Serious question.

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John Drake got some curvaceous spine, yo.

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Xbox: "Kill"

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If Harmonix is gonna put in a song from Eurovision 2010 like Satellite, the should have went all the way and put in Epic Sax Guy.

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Fuck ya technologic!

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Goddamn it. that ending was perfect.