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Posted by EquitasInvictus

Nice, still releasing content this late in the day.

Posted by FlamingHobo

I've not liked games developed by Obsidian for a while now, save for New Vegas. I don't think this is going to change that view.

Posted by Midjet

I hope there is a demo for me to try out of the game.

Posted by TenThousandSuns

Drinking Game: take a shot every time he says Um.

Die of alcohol poisoning a few minutes into the QL

Posted by buft

looks ok

Posted by cowdrunk

thank you for doing this QL I lealy liked Dungeon siege 2 and Throne of Agony

but could not make heads or tails of of the trailers for this one


Posted by SolidOcelot

man i really could go for a new dungeon crawler hope i can try a demo to know for sure, but from the video this looks great

Posted by FunExplosions

Um, so and um then umm, and, ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Posted by TorMasturba

Usually if Giantbomb manage to get a quicklook EX the developer that's done the quicklook will usually release a demo.


Here's to hoping they do. *Raises fake silly glass*

Posted by CosmicQueso

$10 to the first guy who does the uhh/uhm count.  The over/under is 2,987.  There is action on this at Bally's on the Vegas strip.

Posted by Luck3ySe7en

This makes me wish for Too Human 2.  Definitely looking forward to demoing this

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HOLY FUCK NUTS! What is with all the QL being 40-60+ min now? I love it, but is this something they are doing on purpose, or is it just a great accident?

EDIT: Boo on them for showing console version.
Posted by Xyber
@CosmicQueso said:
" $10 to the first guy who does the uhh/uhm count.  The over/under is 2,987.  There is action on this at Bally's on the Vegas strip.

I'm totally gonna count now, just to see how many times he actually can say it in one hour.
Posted by TheChaos

"Another QL aweso- oh it's an EX...."

Posted by Anthony

What the hell, Obsidian making Dungeon Siege? 

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"FANTASTIC" @ 1:53

Sure I'll buy a copy.
Posted by Pullarius_Capax

Vinny comes out of nowhere.

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The camera angle on this game is reminding me of a 3D Gauntlet game.

This is not a good thing.

Posted by Godzilla_Sushi

I really like the character designs and the little light effects!

Posted by Ramyun

This game looks pretty dope, just the frame rate looks pretty iffy at times. Well Obsidian is known for their polish right? Right? Oh wait...

Posted by Reizarvg

Oh, it's made by Obsidian.

It's not going to work properly is it?

Posted by Azteck

Always nice to hear Vinny in a quick look

Posted by Vaile
@Reizarvg said:
" Oh, it's made by Obsidian.It's not going to work properly is it? "
I think you just answered your own question.
Posted by Xyber

14 minutes in and I've counted 102 "uhm", this did not start out good.

Posted by manuelmagana

VInny got his coffee!

Edited by Olivaw

Well way to skip past all the dialogue and story and shit that people who buy Obsidian games actually care about!

Of course I'm only like twenty minutes in, maybe they show that stuff off later.

Posted by Anthony

UM UM UM UM UM, our game, um, has healing, and, um, it heals, um, over time, and, um um um um um um um um um

Posted by horseman6

Obsidian is an amazing RPG developer, I'm sure this is going to be great.

Posted by classicdms

It's an Obsidian game. I respect them. But I have to ask. Is there jank? I don't seem to see any jank. This is not the Obsidian I know and tolerate.

Posted by kingzetta

never been a fan of the super far away camera in these games.

Posted by ZeekDaGeek

That's extra zoomed out for 2 player mode? really? That's way to tight! I want to zoom so far out.

Posted by FesteringNeon

This looks pretty good

Posted by Somadude

I remember really enjoying Dungeon Siege II. This seems pretty similar.
Posted by Nexas

Looks pretty cool. I've been wanting a decent dungeon crawler.

Posted by Rorie
@classicdms: This was our (their) in-house engine. I'm really hoping it works out for them. The tech dates back three or four years now (was supposed to be the Aliens RPG engine), so it should be pretty stable. 

Honestly, a lot of the "Obsidian ships buggy games" stuff comes from them having to work with engines that they didn't design and barely got any support for. I'm super curious to see what they do with Onyx in the future. 
Posted by RazielCuts

Can't believe this is an hour. No worries, we'll let GB take some money now and then. Good job :D 

Posted by Rorie
@Somadude: I loved playing an archer in that game. 
Posted by rjayb89

Hell yeah, ninjas hella flip out!

Posted by TIIME

I can't wait to download critical bug fixing patches for this game!

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Looks very interrsting. I really want this to be good but I haven't decided yet. I enjoyed the first one and a better developed story by Obsidian could be quite good for the series.

Posted by TheMustacheHero

OH look! More buggy Obsidian shit.

Posted by digigb

why skipping story fire the intern

Posted by Xyber

Counted 265 "Uuhm", but it was probably more like 300. Too tired to count them all.

Posted by Zelnox

I've played a fair amount of the first and second game with friends, but did not love them, so had low expectations for this one. Consider me interested again.

Posted by damswedon

I feel like that camera either needs to be way further back or behind the back with no couch co-op.

Posted by MeatSim

This doesn't look bad I might play this to kill some time this summer.

Posted by classicdms
@Rorie: I only ask because I need to know ahead of time in order to prepare myself. I still loved Fallout New Vegas more than Fallout 3, even though that game was buggy as all hell. And Alpha Protocol was interesting conceptually, but played rough as hell if you were expecting a shooter. I've never played a Dungeon Siege game, so I'm wondering if it feels rough at all or really does play as smooth as it seemed to in the QL. 
Posted by JoeRosa

The fact that the other Dungeon Siege games weren't like that at all boggles me
It's like they didn't read about the complaints of Torchlight and its want for multiplayer.
Remember in the ps2 days you had games like Baulders gate and Champions?
What about Diablo, Titan Quest,dungeon siege 1,2,untold legends,d&d heros?
Why would you go backwards? What they are doing for co op is fine for local but very wrong for multiplayer.
This could have filled the gap for the wait of Torchlight 2 and Diablo 3. Now I just don't know.    Why Obsidian why?!

Posted by WrathOfBanja

Maybe if you say it's fun more it'll make it true.

Posted by TehJames

Why play this on the 360...?