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all the christianity is making me a  bit uncomfortable.  still, looks pretty cool. 
also the thing about the offpsring of angels and humans is totally in the normal bible.

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Seeing Mangod on the Whiskey couch made me very happy.

Having listened to him on podcasts for years, his enthusiasm here seems genuine. It's totally a game he would like.

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Mangod on Bombcast! Nao!

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That is one really striking looking game. Loved the bit at the end with the waves and rapid day/night cycle.

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i want more surrealist art video games. next one should all be in a gustav klimt painting. :P

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Wow. This is weird. Just last night I finished writing a paper about 1 Enoch and I thought to myself 'This might make a cool video game'. Guess they agree with me.

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Into it! When can I preorder?

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It looks potentially interesting, but gameplay looks like it might become repetitive, so I really really hope the story is exciting, which it certainly has the potential to be. I'm interested, but I'll wait for reviews and impressions before making a decision whether to buy/rent/pass, but the quick looks certainly spiked my interest. 
EDIT: I also hope the artstyle becomes a bit more complex later on, what was showed seemed a little to "clean" the 2D level was quite impressive though, really interesting game.

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This game looks so amazing!

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Shane is the king of selling a game, he made that shit seem like the best thing ever!

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Gah, the character design is so ugly to me. 

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Yay for Shane!

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oh and the game looks cool too.

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This really looks visually and artistically stunning. And I also like the setting, so I'll definitely keep looking into this game.

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love how the water looks but it seems kinda hard to determine what part of the wave you can stand on or not. 
Wonder if anyone in the game will say "man god". Would be nice ;)

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Surprised no one came up with "El Shaddai 2: The New Testament."

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ewww, peeps are disgu sting

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Ah Shane, I remember him way back from 1up.

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This is definitely looking like a purchase on my end.

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I feel kinda bad saying this isn't really doing it for me at all because it seems like everyone is all over it . Always love the conversation though. Thanks!

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All I can say is it's about goddamn time Shane showed up.

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Mangod and Giant Bomb, together?  Dear me I don't think my heart can take it.

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There are a lot of interesting ideas in this game, but I really want an honest opinion on how it plays. Looks cool though.

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A very pleasant surprise, there.

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What did I just watch?

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this game needs another graphical pass, 
that aside, not bad.  I might get this.

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Nice to see Shane out and about again, been a while since I've seen/heard from him.

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"A Japanese take on Western mythology."
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every time he says enoch i think of leenockfOu

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I'm here for the MAN GOD.

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This looks like it has a ton of potential. My jaw is on the floor at the aesthetics.

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Am I supposed to know this guy? Explain it for a European please.

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Yay, Shane! Game looks pretty...

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I REALLY like the visuals in this game. Combat looks real smooth too.

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I really like the look of this game. It's strange how it looks so minimal but is apparently so deep. I'm sad i missed Okami and i'm jaded with the DMC games (until the new one possibly)

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The bible as told by Japan. This is a great idea!

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Shane has a fantastic taste in games, Yakuza defense force unite!

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I just realised Shane Bettenhausen reminds of like an evil Alex Navarro.
@Jumbs said:
" Clicked because I saw "Snacks". "
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Game looks so uninteresting and Shane talks way to much...

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I really dig this. More so, I think, before I saw the combat, but if they can find a way to keep all the environments interesting and fresh, it just might be a day one purchase for me.

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wow, i kinda knew i was going to love this, but not that much. 
InFamous 2 and El Shaddai are now my two prime picks for 2011

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"Must answer my calling"... 
If any of you know which game that's from, then you get a cookie.

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Man, the first time I saw and heard of this I thought it was the typical Japanese "WESTERN MYTHOLOGY IS SO COOL LET'S DO THAT AND NOT PAY ANY ATTENTION TO WHAT THE HELL IT MEANS"
But after seeing this I am quite surprised.
This looks like a quality project!

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@Aeterna said:
" Am I supposed to know this guy? Explain it for a European please. "
He's an ex-editor of Electronic Gaming Monthly. He moved on to become a developer and many people like him because he was a prominent member of the American gaming press for many years.
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Took too long to get Shane on this site, get him on the bombcast for the PS3 homerism.

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The man-god has graced us with his presence.

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This is pretty fucking cool you guys.

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