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Swarm! It's been a while since I've seen or heard anything about this.  
EDIT: What a goofy looking game. Also, very refreshing to just let dudes die and not worry about it at all. Downloading this day one.

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Second place is last place.

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Another quick look to start the day

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Or Lekmins

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Woah, this looks awesome. Totally into it.

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Wow...this game looks like alot of fun

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@zoner: Lemmins.
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Looks cool!

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this game looks really awesome

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For 800 Points I'll buy it.

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Canadians are so violent. 

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two actually funny exs in a row wtf?

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Yep. Also in for 800.

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Really looking forward to this, it looks way better and like more fun than I suspected.
*Wilhelm scream added*

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Looks fun

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Holy shit, I laughed way too loudly when the arrow pierced the dude's head. 
Caught me completely by surprise. 
 Edit: Wow, this game is awesome. 

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Haha, looks awesome!

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Why would they kill that poor thing? It's just cruel.
Edit: The game looks fun as heck and the QL itself is fun and not awkward or boring like many QL EXes.

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Oh, okay, so THIS is a murder simulator. 

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12th QL. - Looks pretty nice.

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not sure about this one

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This looks fucking Great!

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the swarmites remind me of the imp from Zero Punctuation. Also, I love when their eyes dilate.

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This may be the most excited I've been for a Hothead game yet. I thought Deathspank and the Penny Arcade: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness games were pretty good, but they mostly gave the vibe of a studio that had more potential than those titles were showing. I really like what is happening in the downloadable game space. Not to mention that with Stacking, Torchlight, Beyond Good & Evil HD, and now Swarm coming out so soon, this may be an even better year for XBLA games this year than last.

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Actually looks really cool. But I said the same thing for Death Spank and got bored really quick once I played it. 

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Man, this actually looks really, really good.

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The swarm physics, the way they flow around objects and stack on top of each other, is really fun to watch. Chasing points seems incidental to the joy of procedural mayhem.

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this game is awesome and I never knew that scream had a name.

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"Progressive Death Medal"! Fucking love it!

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This was hilarious.

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Wow, really impressed by this. Now I just wish there was a PC version. :/

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Ryan Davis is an absolutely sadistic bastard

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An interesting looking game. I'll definately be giving the trial a go.

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Yeesh! I can dig this.

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This looks great- I hope you can watch replays off the leaderboard.

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 loved the menu death animations, freaking hilarious.

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I like how he didn't respond whatsoever to Ryan's mentioning of Pikmin so shortly after saying "this is a style of gameplay players really haven't experienced before".

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Awesome! When I heard it compared to lemmings I was worried it'd be similar in format, but if it's platform/action based like this it looks like a lot of fun! Great comic timing on the animations.

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Love the menu with it's own brand of mayhem, game looks awesome & if it's coming to XBLA I know I'll get it.

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I will play this.

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I really want to play this-NOW.
Also to compound on Ryans comment about them being indifferent right before the die making them endearing. I think the endearment comes from both the indifference before AND after they die.

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Matter of factly: "They die all the time."
This game looks like a lot of fun.

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There's so much to love about this game. I hope everyone picks it up when it's released. I know I will.

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I want this.  

" Why would they kill that poor thing? It's just cruel.  Edit: The game looks fun as heck and the QL itself is fun and not awkward or boring like many QL EXes. "
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This looks really, really good.

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Fuck. What a surprise. This looks really cool.

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Looks like a very fun game 

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Looks cool, noticed he pretended not to hear the anti-pikmin comment, wonder if they are trying to avoid that labelling.