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I really want to play this!

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is this what came out of the double fine kickstarter?

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:O Unscheduled QLs and Ron Gilberts!

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@darkvare said:

is this what came out of the double fine kickstarter?

Nope. That's still in development.
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@darkvare said:

is this what came out of the double fine kickstarter?

Nope, this is an entirely unrelated game.

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thank you gb. thank you.

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Extremely interested in actually seeing how this is.

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This...does have graphical options on PC, right??

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Neat! Also, this is somehow the first time I have seen any footage of this game.

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Man, I really hope this isn't terrible!

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There is a pretty strong fan noise in this video. Maybe it is the computer behind them?

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@tjango: This is not the Kickstarter game

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Hell yeah, Ron Gilbert QL EX. Lets do this.

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No Boost and Sniper?

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No Vinny in this *adventure* game video? With Ron Gilbert? Seriously, that's a disapointment :(

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Yes! I knew Ron Gilbert was visiting GB, I thought it was podcast related but this is way better!

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Rob Gilbert making Stuart Smalley references. I love the internet.

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This looks awesome!

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@tjango: Yeah, as SerHulse has already pointed out, this is a completely separate project than the Kickstarter one. And if I had to guess, The Cave took closer to 5-10 mil to make once all marketing and publishing costs are considered. Please save your ignorant, vaguely insulting comments for a different website.

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oh shit you guys finally got Ron Gilbert to come over. sweet!

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So excited for this game. Can't wait!!!!

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Pre-ordered this and DMC on Steam the other day. Too bad I have to wait until Friday for DMC.

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Patrick's looking like he needs a nap in this one.

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Monk is OP!!!!!!

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Well said Sir.

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Ron Gilbert is awesome and this looks like a lot of good puzzle fun, but MAAAAAAN I would kill for something new that is Maniac Mansion/Day of the Tentacle related. Are these still Lucasarts IP's? Or does Telltale own it?

Who actually owns this today?

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This seems like an alright game!

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I don't know about this one... Maybe it was the video but it seemed a little choppy sometimes. The puzzles seem like the typical puzzle platformer fare with crates and dynamite. It looks pretty nice I guess...

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Just need to decide what platform to get this on now. I was hoping there would be more to the Wii U version with the pad, give me a reason to get it on there.

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Brad Muir is :D

Ron Gilbert is :|

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game looks dope. like a way better version of Trine (ie. more story, less physics puzzles)

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that monk is so OP

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Looks pretty dope, I really like the amount of animations each character has and the twins look hilarious. The intro was really really cool too.

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Is it just the playback on my device, or did the frame rate chug a bit here and there? Either way it looks pretty great. I'm almost certainly going to buy this.

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@damnable_fiend said:

game looks dope. like a way better version of Trine (ie. more story, less physics puzzles)

I wouldnt compare this to Trine because this is an Adventure game that they made a platformer and Trine is a psychics puzzle platformer.

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@Moncole: Still looks like Trine to me

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Ohh man I am so excited about this. Preordered it as soon as possible on Steam.

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@Rasgueado: Heheh.

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Dat frame rate

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@antime said:

Brad Muir is :D

Ron Gilbert is :|

haha absolutely.

cave looks fantastic! love the doublefine crew!

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Replace that stupid Nyan Cat with a Giant Bomb logo or something.

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Was wondering about this & looks delightfully funny & wicked cool with the cave narrator. Definitely getting this & cheers to Double Fine to putting this out.

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This looks amazing. Been waiting for an adventure game like this for awhile. Graphics are really lively and amazing for the environment the game takes place in

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Oh jeez, this game went awesomely dark with the princess part; with a profuse amount of unexpected blood at that. I wasn't entirely sold until that moment, kudos.

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I just can NOT get these videos to play with any regularity. It's maddening. This website is the only one I have this trouble with. I'm a premium member and everything. The damn video stops every 3 seconds to load.

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well of course Patrick has to grab the giant hotdog