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Posted by FrostyHerpiez

HOo rah love fallout

Posted by Trnck

omg that is terribly good can't wait lol no punctuation ftw

Edited by monkyofdoom

Seems the video isn't finished uploading, cut out a couple minutes in.

Edit:maybe not, just some wierdness on my end.
Posted by Ishkablaze

Woah.. this looks... tasty...

Posted by Heartagram

God I need to play more fallout 3

Posted by carlthenimrod

Hey look, Snake Plissken at 2:13.

Posted by Dalai

Reminds me of my first (and last) trip to Pittsburgh.

Posted by pepper

Giant Bomb, ever think of doing Quick Looks on older games?

Posted by AvD

The Pitt is the Shitt.

Posted by Ishkablaze

He's got the key, he's got the key, he's got the key!, YEAH!!, He's got the key tun tun tun tun

Edited by Death_Burnout

Hmm having subtitles off in a quick look is problematic.

Ryan Davis: The best Fallout 3 player, ever.

I'm a jerk for callin' it out all the time in the QL's.

Oh man that lock-up was hilariously unfortunate.

Posted by dillinger

lookin forward to playing this

Posted by MeatSim

Come on, explain the funny joke Jeff.

Posted by Aaox

I don't know whether to get this or not...

Posted by LiveOrDie1212

14:45, terrible. can't believe people pay for this crap

Posted by TripMasterMunky

Quick looks on older games would be cool too. Whether that means original xbox, nes, or whatever. Might be cool.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Soon, all conversations will end with "in stores now."

Posted by dagas

Seems more of the same, so good if you liked F3. I thought it was fairly good, but too much about it I didn't like which spoiled the otherwise good game. Not likely to ever play it again.

Posted by Krenor

looks good, they released a new version of The Pitt already that fixes all the lock ups, I think I'll get it and try it out it looks rather interesting

Posted by TekZero

Why does everyone always go for the head?  Especially if you have a higher chance of hitting another body part?

Posted by SinGulaR

Maybe it's just me... but I don't feel this game at all :(

Posted by DukeTogo

AK off the shelf.  Nice.   AK-47 is the tool.

Posted by AllanIceman

I would like to take this 'freeze up' moment in the video to say paying for this kinda buggy stuff is Wack!

Posted by Djstyles92

i bought this and idk it was decent...not much to do in the pitt and it was soooooo short

Posted by brocool

lol @  freeze

Posted by MackGyver

Did anyone notice that after Ryan kills the first guy and then Wernher starts talking, on the right of him there's a human face on that rock?

Posted by Forcen

Turn on the subtitles next time.

Posted by Rodent

You know I still have yet to play FO3.

When it oiginally came out I was busy trying to find out what version (PS3 or 360) ran better. Then I had heard about this DLC, not that I've ever bought DLC before ...I'm just not a big fan.

And now I'm trying to decide if I'll just wait and get the GoTY edition whenever that comes out. I imagine it'll have all the patches worked into it as well as the DLC.

Having said all that, I cannot wait to play this game.

Posted by RHCPfan24

This is so funny, great quick look. That freeze up was a bit awkward, and I am not going to get this until all the fixes are up.

Edited by Bardon

The Oblivion arena was way better.

Posted by Meltbrain

Hmm... looks pretty neat! I still haven't even got Anchorage, yet. I'm playing through as an evil character so I've got a ways to go.

Posted by Jack_Daniels

Crap. I paid for this because i like FO3. I still can't get into it because my game frreezes. Argghhh. I want a refund for something that doesnt work.

Posted by Reverseface

Once you enter the PITT YOU DON'T CHECK OUT!!!!....unless you win the arena...ultimately complete the quests then you can leave....BUT ONLY THEN!!!!!!!

Posted by dillinger

this video got me to go and purchase the pitt for fallout (PC) immediately after.  good show guys.

Posted by Subject2Change

May need to actually play Fallout 3 again, got fed up with it quickly on the PS3 with the freezing and junk. May start over as I didn't get too far in the game and haven't played it since release.

Posted by John1912

Man, Ryans char is a horrible shot! 

Posted by SketchyBrown
The Pitt froze up on me, too - I closed a door while fighting a trog while that guy was wimpering about Billy... game couldn't take it all I suppose - But I am having quite a bit of fun with it. And I must say, the "Worn Slave Outfit" is strikingly attractive on the female player model - and the Infiltrator isn't all I hoped it would be.. I guess I expected too much from a silenced, scoped assault rifle with no stock.

I never thought watching anyone playing Fallout 3 would give me gamer rage... Ryan what the hell are you doing? Its valiant of Jeff trying to keep you in line... but how did you even make it out of the vault?! DERP THROW BULLETS DERP LOOK AT MAH ARMAR DEGRADAN HURRR DURR HOW DOES I LOOT BODIE?? Maybe it's just my severe Fallout OCD..?

Either way - the game locked up and I lol'd so its okay : )
Posted by John1912

Aww man, Ryan should have seen if he could start a chain explosion on the bridge with all those cars damn it!

Posted by Alphazero

Word on the street is that Bethesda has patched their patch today, so you can re-download a less freezy version.

The word "Derp" makes me laugh.

Posted by JQuizzle

nice i'm going to get this now that they fixed the bugs!!!!

Edited by The_Soviet

Bethesda really dropped the ball on this DLC though they did re-release it and fix most of the bugs and glitches so at least it's finally playable without throwing the controller out the window. Which I so did not do during my playthough of "The Pitt" (walks awkwardly out of room) :p

Posted by Maxszy

Thanks for the quick looks! I will for sure be picking this up now!

Posted by raikoh05

"ow my head" sums up why i hate this game.

Edited by raikoh05

yo dawg, I heard you like patches so we put a patch in your patch so you can play dlc while you play dlc

Posted by zityz

I have the PC version, but Im going to wait until they release the last dlc where it gets rid of the damn ending so I can buy all 3 DLCs and play it from there.

Also, Ryan sure loves playing the ladies.

Posted by Dustpan

Anyone having frezzing problems they just fixed the pit for the 3rd time so delete the pitt off your 360 and re download it there ya go

Posted by TomA

lol that was a first:)

Posted by Shane

LOL the game froze, typical

Posted by AspiringAndy

How come you tube videos, load a zillion times faster than GiantBomb videos do -_-

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

AspiringAndy> Because a majority of videos on Youtube are either low quality or "high" quality, which is just slightly better, but not by much. If you want to have the video load up faster then choose Low or Medium....or whatever's in the middle. Those two are similar to Youtube's quality and should load up faster. The high quality on Giant Bomb is like the HD option on Youtube. It loads super slow but the quality is great.

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