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Posted by communistbloc

Wow, fist of the north star back again

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Ryan has the plot pretty much down. Ken punches bad guys. Bad guys explode. Throw in some decorative plot that doesn't really matter. It's a fun series in a cheesy 80's action movie kind of way.

Posted by Gvrkan


Posted by SolidGobi

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Alternative: You are already dead.

Posted by Chaossebba

Omae wa...

Posted by guilherme


Posted by airules

nothing about any of the audio on this game sounds good.

Posted by LiK


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Kill the thugs and criminals! 
video of a thug and criminal hater: 

Posted by Vager

Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage is already dead.

Posted by Tetraphagia

Boy, for a game centered around making dudes explode, it sure does look TERRIBLE when you make dudes explode. You'd think they'd maybe work on that.

Posted by Zaccheus

Who plays these games. I just can't...

Posted by Mercanis

Game. Of. The. Year.

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Rose are red, Violets are Blue
Omae wa mou shindeiru

Posted by MumRaww

You're already dead...    

Posted by mutha3


Posted by geirr

Ooo I remember feeling so cool when I watched FotNS when I was 12.

Posted by scarycrayons

I honestly love these 'crowd combat' kind of games.  Sure, the dozens and dozens of sequels never improve the gameplay that much, but getting more and more powerful after every short mission, levelling up, and unlocking all the moves, powers, items, and so on, has a very addictive appeal much in the same way a game like puzzle quest does.  
They're wonderful mind-numbingly fun timewasters, and I'm not ashamed to say that I love them.

Posted by Tesla

I'm not ready to...

Posted by Animasta

what's the matter, scared?

Posted by ComradeKhan

Thats so Tecmo

Posted by jagenheim

Can someone explain what is happening? 
Why do they explode to begin with?

Posted by mutha3
@jagenheim said:
" Can someone explain what is happening?  Why do they explode to begin with? "
Ken's manly eyebrows.
Posted by Crushed
@jagenheim said:
" Can someone explain what is happening?  Why do they explode to begin with? "
Also, the title is super misleading. Ken has no rage. Ken just stands there with his huge eyebrows and his pouty lips until shouts with righteous fury, at which point your legs will probably turn backwards then explode or something.
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Give a man a fist and he will explode for a day. 
Teach a man to fist, and he will explode for a lifetime.

Posted by MeatSim

Dynasty Warriors would be a lot better if dudes exploded into pools of blood when you punched them.

Posted by nemt

Talk about Last Battle for Genesis, guys.  Fist of the North Star game that totally had the license removed for the US release.
Posted by jayjonesjunior

this QL is giving me motion sickness

Posted by Jeffsekai


Posted by zityz

i remember FoTN on the nes... yea that game was messed. Also HARD!

Posted by Googly


Posted by soupbones

this the PS3 or X360 version?

Posted by DukeTogo

Probably the only time the Dynasty Warriors gameplay fits the subject manner, at least until they make an Adventures of Baron Munchausen game.

Posted by guilherme


Posted by Crushed

Man. They found the worst voice actor for Ken they possibly could. He sounds like a chatty wimp instead of the silent manly hero.

Posted by august

I'm not ready to

Posted by blacklab


Posted by sdornan

This seems terrible.

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This QL made me laugh! 
Do remember the Anime 
You have a job, Vinny....
Posted by AndrewB

And people say this generation of consoles are powerful enough... 
A faster processor to allow each of those enemies actual AI so they don't just stand around in a crowd would probably help games like this.

Posted by Lyfeforce

Kinect?  TNT?  This QL?  Giant Bomb is making this Thursday nothing but puppies and rainbows exploding dudes.

Posted by TadThuggish

Ryan should really stop skipping the things we watch quick looks for.

Posted by dscott160882

very messy :)

Posted by RecSpec

This isn't Dynasty Warriors enough for me.

Posted by Win

This game looks awful, seriously what the fuck is the appeal here? Even the ridiculous enemy deaths get old really quickly.

Posted by IamTerics

Honestly I dont know which i want more. This or Sengoku Basara

Posted by BassmanPaul

I played the demo, this game is awful. The combat is like a crapper version of Yakuza 3.

Posted by buhssuht

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