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Room of games.

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MAME Room.
The wrestling game is pretty good for that system, but when you consider that Pro Wrestling was out on the NES at the same time...yeah.
Private Eye dude drives a shoe it seems.  It also kind of racist that the French guy has a huge fucking nose.
More obscure ass Konami arcade games.  Running damn fast I must say.
This is why I didn't know anyone that owned an Intellivision.  Who looked at those games and said "yes I'll pay $400 for that system."?
I will add that in my 35 years of gaming I've never seen any of these four games before.  So at least Game Room succeeded in some small way of bringing these to light.

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Hell yeah Game Room!

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Let's see what excitement awaits this week!

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Bad old games.
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Lame Room.

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Oh yes, I got the urge for a Game Room Quick Look. 



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Shame Room GO!

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Game room?  More like "fuck this shit room."  Am I right?

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@HaltIamReptar: yes. yes you are.
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There is nothing more authentic then game-room.

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blow my mind Game room

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Game room for life!

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He's going on the top rope!
Nah, he's going back.

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Threeeeeeee Daaaaaaawwwwg!

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anything that causes a carmen sandiego reference can only be a good thing

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I guess Jeff getting some solace out of that tune at the end gives him the power to come back next week., poor guy.

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I will never stop loving these game room quicklooks.

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I'm still holding out on Bank Panic.

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i almost went into a coma

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Judge Injury is a pretty good name for a dude.

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Should have ended with Jeff's defeated "fuck you game room"

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I wish they made fake arcade games, like 'Larry the Looter' Arcade game from the Simpons. And remember how Clarissa always made these crazy games on Clarissa Explains it all? Awesome!

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That last one was the ultimate casual game.

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You know, Game Room would be so much better with just the arcade titles.  All of the Atari and Intellivision games just take up space when the real excitement comes from copies of old stand-up arcade cabinets.  Unfortunately, they same to be VERY few these last few weeks.

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That last game......that shit is fucking insulting!

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It breaks my heart everytime I have to watch Jeff do one of these Quick Looks. That poor man deserves better.

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Don't worry @Jeff, I got your Bad Old Games joke, even though Ryan seemed to miss it.

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Nice Pink Floyd refrence Mr Davis.

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Terrible games, but I love the name Judge Injury.

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Yeah f u game room! 

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Judge Injury (or Judge AND JURY) is a pretty ingenious wrestling name.

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I need to go back and watch the old Game Room videos and see how optimistic Jeff was of the service. Then I can truly see how much he has been crushed.

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For the love of all that is holy please let Burger Time be released before game completely dies.

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Fuck you, Game Room, indeed.

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58 exclamation points!!

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The random and muttered "fuck you game room" at the end by Jeff was priceless.
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Hahaha, oh Jeff, how I pity you so.

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The sound of Jeff throwing down the controller in disgust at the end was hilarious. I have no idea why they're still doing these quick looks, but at least we get some good old fashioned schadenfreude out of it.

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Love the virtual platform of game room & what it could offer. Games like this though should have been left as a video section of the history of the console over something you should have had to pay for or play.

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Agreed, thought I've seen just about everything out on the 2600/arcades until this week. Sadly though I did know one person who had an intellivision but the only thing I ever remember playing on it was the one space invaders knockoff & some baseball game, looking back I'm glad I got the 2600 instead of the intellivison as the intell. game library overall seems to just suck (mostly due to the damn controller i'd imagine)
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Sweet! GameRoom time
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"This game is of historical significance" ahahahaha

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"This game is historically significant..."
Jeff, if you ever need to stop buying Game Room games (for your sanity or your wallet) I now totally understand. This has become your version of Alex's 30 Days of Hate, only there's no way to tell if it will ever end.

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