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So cheap on steam I was waiting for a QL to pull the trigger on this one.

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Here is a major spoiler for you:

Once you beat the game once you can play as a duck

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The art-style really does look wonderful, but after a while it loses its charm - it doesn't do enough with the art style to make it very memorable.

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this art style is really... different.

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Art style looks great. Picked it up based on that alone. Also like the Mega Man vibe. In the Steam description it says the game takes place in 18XX so that's what they were clearly going for.

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The track that plays on the stage with the pink horse guys is amazing.

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This does look really cool.

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Wow, names don't get much more Swedish than Bertil and Arne Hörberg.

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Fuck ducks

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yes, very Mega Man - the opening words of the steam description are "In the year 18XX..."

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Yep, they made her float. Perfect. Good job, developer.

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I played this on 3DS. This gets the dubious honour from me for being quite possibly the most middling game I've ever played.

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Price point = Good game? ... ... ... does not compute.

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For a small cheap game, not bad at all.

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Really simple game, reminds of games from the late 80s and it plays great for what it is

For the price you can't go wrong, when it goes on sale I'd say everyone should try it but people who like retro feeling games (without awful pixel art to reinforce that feel) then this game is for you.

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Played this on the 3DS, it was worth the price, and that art style looks really great in 3D, too.

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Western Robocop springs to mind.

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I need to shoot up. Got any horse?

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Love the art style of this game. And that music.... THAT MUSIC.

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Yeah, I dig that art style. I'm a sucker for a strong art style in a game.

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I guess people like all kinds of boring crap.

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Played this on the 3DS, it was worth the price, and that art style looks really great in 3D, too.

Does it look about as good there? Oh, and can you be Ms Johnson? I kind of want to play this, and the 3DS version sounds appealing. But if there's more features in the Steam version I might just grab that.

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Considerably less interesting than NES Remix, which makes it a bit weird how much more positive they are about this one. Still, I gotta love Vinny for making the same "Wanted" poster comparison I did a month ago. Great minds, Vinny.

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I knew Vinny cared about me!

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@mento: NES remix looks like a grind, a single player mini game collection (which is very rarely a good thing), this is just a game with a simple formula that is executed well... it's nothing more than an 80s throwback and that's all it wants to be and it does it unlike the NES Remix which looks like it's so wildly off the mark from what it should've been that people couldn't help but be disappointed.

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Damn that music sucks, uninspired, soulless and monotonous, nowhere near the Ninja Gaiden MegaMan and Contra of the NES era.

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played this on android in 2012...it was ok on my phone.

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This was well worth the $2 on 3DS. The level design is a tad mediocre, but it looks and sounds great. Its launch trailer on Steam is also one of the funniest I've seen, very self deprecating.

The third playable character is also ducking awesome.

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im interested in what this team is gonna do next

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I think Clive is a dumb name.

And you should just play Sunset Riders.

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I'd recommend getting Gunman Clive on the 3DS. It suits a portable system more and the 3D effect is pretty neat. And it costs the same.

Btw, this game was made by one guy, who is also a Gaffer("beril"). His next game looks pretty interesting as well. It's a Zelda-like game with another cool looking art style.

PS: Play it on Hard.

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@vuud said:

I think Clive is a dumb name.

Well, I think Vuud is a dumb name!

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Enjoyed this quite a bit on the 3DS.

The game is just short enough that going for a no-death run was at least plausible. It took me several more tries than I care to admit, but I eventually did it.

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Holy shit, those powerup and enemy-hit sounds are RIGHT out of NES-era Konami and Capcom games. Fucking love it.

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I played the a few years ago on my phone. I guess it would be better with tactile controls - I remember having to to pretty deliberate with the virtual d-pad, I think it might have been one hit kills?

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This looks really cool, I'm surprised.

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I picked this game up on the eShop a while ago, and while I do think it has an interesting style, I found the level design to be largely just be either boring or frustrating and the game mechanics to be a bit too one-note.

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This looks pretty cool actually, but I feel the music is really out of place for this game.

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@lausebub said:

Btw, this game was made by one guy, who is also a Gaffer("beril").

So he's an electrician that handles the lighting on film sets? How interesting.

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Wow... Worst sound design in a video game? The gun sounds terrible. The enemy deaths sound terrible. The music isn't that good and some of the tracks are out of place. The gameplay looks super boring. There is nothing exciting about shooting that gun with the shit sound and killing the enemies.

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I bought this game using my Steam snow globe sales earning. So those things aren't useless after all!

On a side note, AVGN Adventures has to be played by anyone that's looking for a retro shooter along these lines. Really one of the best side-scrollers of last year.

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@bumpton said:

@vuud said:

I think Clive is a dumb name.

Well, I think Vuud is a dumb name!


This game looks surprisingly good. I will keep an eye on it on steam.