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I kinda want this but I have not really played any of these games before 
Just finished the quick look, definitely don't want it now.

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dinosaur ninjas..

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We have Dodgson here!

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Can someone explain that reddit thread?

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Clever girl....

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Video quality is still messed up I see.

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I should really finish Back to the Future. Only played Ep 1.

Edit: Someone needs to send a 'jurassic park jeep repair' mailbag to Patrick.

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I totally forgot that this was coming out. I bought the Box Set of it last Friday and watched 2 and 3 yesterday. Sweet. :D

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All we need now is a game based on the classic Michael Crichton novel Congo.

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Woah, you guys have to play this on pc if you decide to play this game. It looks WAY better I think and the command prompts aren't as tiny...and no hitching either.

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17:30 into it... skyrim break!

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hold on to your butts

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Play this in the background

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Very interested to see if this game does it justice.

Edit: That's more disappointing than I imagined it could be. Maybe it's get's better later on, but I won't pick this up until a sale.

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"Is this how the JP Jeep got banged up?" HAHA!

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Monstros - Monsters

Monstruosidad - Monstrosity


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@kyrieee said:

Play this in the background

lol Nice remix, i love the Jurassic Park theme!

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Not holding my breath for this one.

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This one is for all you guys who say Uncharted is "full of QTEs". Also, fuck this game. I´d rather play Trespasser than this non-interactive wannabe adventure.

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Telltale seriously needs some new tech.

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Props to Telltale for doing something different, but this doesn't look like a good game. If the button prompts were larger, it would be a better sell, but I can't see shit. "It's too damn dark".

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This... looks not very good. In many, many ways.

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@Askherserenity said:

Woah, you guys have to play this on pc if you decide to play this game. It looks WAY better I think and the command prompts aren't as tiny...

Giantbomb play a multi console game on PC? Heresy

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Getting a real low-budget Heavy Rain vibe from this. And Patrick's right, those button prompts are pretty bad.

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Is there any animal species where the females fight for dominance? I thought that males only did that.

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@AaronChance: Bonobos

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Hey everyone, button prompts are perfectly fine on pc! Don't let the console versions put you off the game. I've played it for a few hours and I think it's great. I am a pretty big Jurassic Park fan myself though, but I think that just adds to the overall experience. It's a good game on its own.

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This looks baaaad! Not really that bothered about the overall fugly graphics but the animations terrible! And that hitching, ohh god, that awful hitching! Well, it is a Telltale game...

Guess I'll skip this for now. Such a shame. :(

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Hey, you know what would be fun?
Something that doesn't try to knock off Heavy Rain really, really badly.

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Jurrassic Park is not complete without Jeff Goldblum.

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Aww this doesn't look good at all! :S

This was totally what I feared the game would end up being seing all the trailers and stuff. Telltale just got a bit more ambitious than what they could actually deliver. As a fan I'm sad to see this cause I really wanted a good JP game, but this just doesn't look like the thing I was looking for. :(

Not to be an asshole or anything but Telltale just isn't cut out for making these kind of games and they really should have upgraded their engine if they wanted to do this right. Everything about the stiff animations and dead faces, including the load times after every single action, especially during the actionsequences makes this seem, less thrilling.

I don't think it was smart of Telltale to talk about Heavy Rain and this game in the same sentence. When I compare the quick time events in HR with what I see in this, it seems very underwhelming.

I just don't think Telltale should have made this game to begin with.

And this comes from someone who have watched the original movie like 8 times. I frickin love it, but this just doesn't cut it.

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They should've gone towards a more cartoony art style like their previous games. Having a much more realistic looking characters with that much jankiness is just jarring. Plus the QTEs just look awful, at least on PS3.

I like Telltale but I'm gonna pass on this one.

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Meh, this is no Jurrasic Park for sega cd... Also it looks unironically terrible.

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Hopefully the PC version fares a little better, the hitching alone on the PS3 version makes at least that version of the game completely dead to me, if the PC looks a little better and doesn't have that issue I will prob play it at some point but that framerate oh gawd that framerate.

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This game looks like a crappy version of Heavy Rain with lackluster visuals and lame voicework.

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Not gonna lie... this looks not very good. Telltale should go back to more stylized graphics and more conventional adventure mechanics.

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Hey wasn't the dilapas spit poisonous and sticky?

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My excitement has been waning for this one since the first time I saw it moving — I think this just killed it.

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See? Nobody cares. Nice hat.

Welp, Im completely turned off to this game, glad I didnt pick it up. Thanks guys!

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monstruosidad = monstorsity

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Thank you for this QL as it has completely turned me off to buying this game. My interest in it was meek at best, and PSN+ members get an additional $6 off...but I have to say the "game play" (if you can call it that) looks atrocious. Very simplistic, boring and non-compelling. I love the movies and consider myself a hardcore fan, but this game is too much even for me.

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Looks like I should go back and play the Genesis JP game. BE the Raptor. Yes.

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For being a "big fan" of JP, Patrick sure doesn't know shit about it.