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Edited by myketuna

I am interested in this game for some reason. Been awhile since I played a KOF.
EDIT: I typed as it was loading, and wow. It's only 12 minutes. lol. I see the love Jeff has for this game already.

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God, so close.

Posted by dyong

Go, Kyo, shoot your flames!

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not again!!2nd
4th at the end

Posted by MysteriousBob
@myketuna said:
" I am interested in this game for some reason. Been awhile since I played a KOF. "
I had it for the PS2. Best game in the series.
Posted by Valwryn
Kevin Spacey says "WRONG!"
Posted by Magicallystoopid

I love how Jeff's distaste for Mai practically oozes out of the screen...

Edited by myketuna
@MysteriousBob:  Yeah, it looks pretty good. Last one I really played was '95 on PS1. And I've wanted to try out the newer ones (KOF XII and XIII), but I've heard they aren't that good. I still might, but having a more "classic" one to play would be cool. Without doing "naughty" things, of course.
EDIT: Actually 98 on PS1. Much like Jeff and Ryan said, THAT was the REAL one.
Posted by Rmack

Jump-in D, down B, down B, down B, QCF something.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

F* yes! KOF!

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Never really been a big fan of KoF, but I've had the biggest crush on King forever... You know you're obsessed when you play Art of Fighting just to rip her shirt open >_>
05:10:  @Ryan: It sure is nice of them to write everything in Korean so it's easier for tourists to get around then ;)

Posted by heartlessomen

have to comment, jeff and ryan say its a japanese train station in the background of one of the stages, its actually not japanese, its korean =) 
k. done.

Posted by Skogen

'02 is easily one of the better KOFs. Im really disappointed this is coming to PSN though, SNK has been avoiding the release of their fighters through the service for some reason.

Posted by Spence_5060

Wow the opening cutscene art for this game actually looks really good.

Posted by Krystal_Sackful

I'm pretty sure Ryan was kidding when he said that was a Japanese train station. Shit was mad Korean.

Posted by Baggykins

never been into fighting games, but love watching the insanity on screen

Posted by NeilRapalee

Maybe Ryan should watch the King of Fighters movie and put in TANG. 
Spoiler alert:  It's terrible.
Posted by Chak

Evil Kyo sounds just like Randy Savage.

Edited by BulletConcerto

The King of Fighters series really is great. I'd like to see more Street Fighter guys give it a try. If you are a fan of Street Fighter and also not playing King of Fighters, I really think you are missing out.
I'm also looking forward to KOFXIII, 12 was fine as a fighter, but lacking in modes and content 13 looks to fix everything wrong with 12. Check out some of the great US tournament vids on youtube and you'll see what I'm talking about.
I'm Glad Jeff and Ryan showed some love. Thanks guys!!!

Posted by zityz

This game has King in it..... Urge to buy rising. 
My characters I love playing are King , Kim and Iori. I also have somewhat a distaste for Mai. She's honestly too much of a distraction to be of any use, but not in a good way. Like it's intentional sex appeal and not pseudo or subtle sex appeal. It's just BOOM tits! there you go! and it's just... I can see why Jeff dislikes her.

Posted by theWarren

Yeah, really glad too to see this quicklook.   
@BulletConcerto I'm an SF guy through and through, but I played KOF12 and saw potential but there's so many things wrong with that game.  I'm really looking forward to 13 though and have been keeping up with Arcade Infinitys tournaments.  Seems there's some balancing issues, and i hope that's fixed up by console launch this spring.  I'd really like these companies to realize that outside of Japan, the competion is on console, with lots of it being online.  You NEED a good console version with good online to compete.  One of the reasons 12 failed. 
That said, i bought KOF2002UM yesterday and played it to get ready for 13 as i hear they are very similar in a lot of ways.  It's fun, and 66 characters are really overwhelming, but i'm hoping to find some i really like and can stick with.  I prefer the chess match that is SF, but this is a good alternative while not going bonzo gonzo like BlazBlue.

Posted by CrashTanuki

It's just a roster update.

Posted by joshie

that's a korean train station, not japanese.

Posted by Rox360

Pfff, pixel interpolation? What the hell? SNK was responsible for some of the absolute pinnacles in modern pixel art, and to even have the option to obscure that?! Shame!

Posted by Seraphim84

Hahaha, Mai sounds like she's saying, "I'm dumpin!"

Posted by Nomin

you can just imagine that you're literally playing an eight year old game. 

Posted by Gammashoo

More quicklook goodness!

Posted by KeepThisKoupon

is that Saget in the backround?

Posted by D_W

Aww They didn't add Kula Diamond to the roaster? Boo.

Posted by Undeadpool

Great, a retro KOF game that plays better online than KOFXII...thanks SNK.

Posted by Swabbleflange

I played this quite a bit on PS2 and as far as I'm concerned it's the best KoF yet. I even like it more than Street Fighter IV for a few reasons - mainly because it has a lot more characters that I actually like playing with, and I just really enjoy the crunchy feel of SNK fighters. It's a shame the gallery and colour edit modes aren't included in this port (though strangely enough were present in press releases about it).
As far as the series goes, XIII has done very well critically in arcades. A home port seems inevitable but they aren't exactly being upfront about it. Knowing SNK Playmore they'll make the genius move of bringing it out at the same time as Mortal Kombat and MvC3. They truly are their own worst enemy.

Posted by MostlyBearded

Nice little Get him to the Greek reference in the beginning.

Edited by Mezmero

Finally a real fighting game.  Very glad that you decided to cover this one guys!  I still wish more of the Bomb squad were as into fighting games as Jeff is.  I'm a little disappointed that Jeff didn't call out any of the excellent cameos of other SNK characters in the awesome backgrounds but nobody's perfect right?  KOF '98 Ultimate Match was one of my favorite releases of last year so for $10 this game more than makes up for the horrible disappointment that was KOF12. I could not be more worried that these SNK franchises may disappear into the ether.
Does anyone know what's going on with the PS2 release?  Some of my buddies have an xbox but no internet so they'll be really bummed if they can't get their hands on an alternative copy.

Posted by mixup

 The biggest difference between KOF and SF is the ability to hop IMO. In SF if you jump against a good player, you will be anti-aired and called a noob all day. In KOF it's harder to anti-air a short hop (mixed in with all the other jump options), so it's a lot easier to start your offense off an aerial attack. This, along with weaker projectiles and the ability to run, makes it a more rush-down centric game. 
MK (the 2d ones at least) is also much more rush-down centric than SF, for different reasons.
That's how I see it anyway.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

King of Fighters is pretty rad, but be warned that some concepts such as zoning are fairly different than in Street Fighter, while others are pretty much the same. But hey, what other game could have a team that is blatantly full of Kyo clones, each based on a different incarnation of Kyo?

Edited by NTM

Looks good. But, probably not going to get it. Have too many games like it so far it's not needed right now. It'd be nice to see a new Capcom vs SNK now though.
Posted by plague102
@KeepThisKoupon:  I was thinkin the exact same thing, is that sagat? haha
Posted by neoepoch
@Krystal_Sackful said:
" I'm pretty sure Ryan was kidding when he said that was a Japanese train station. Shit was mad Korean. "
Yep it was...
Posted by AlKusanagi

Holy crap, how could I miss this? That's what I get for not logging into Live for two days. Gets now!

Posted by CornBREDX

That totally looks like Sagat in the background of that first match. In the background of the second there was a guy that looked like Kilik from soul Caliber (even had the Bao staff). Whats happening? My mind is going to implode =P 
No, seriously now, that was weird to see those guys there. My mind is kinda reeling over that.  
Looks like a decent SNK release- something SNK needs. Couldnt help but notice those 2 people in the background though, so i was looking for other stuff like that on the other maps.  
Didnt see any others though. I'm surprised Jeff nor Ryan noticed. Either that or they're characters im unfamiliar with in SNK.
Posted by Dan_CiTi

I can't wait for XIII. 

Posted by Daveyo520

You'd think they could have made the sprites a little higher rezed.

Posted by BulletConcerto
@CornBREDX:  the 2 guys are Kim with the staff, he is from Kizuna Encounter and the thai boxer is Hwa Jai from fatal fury.
Edited by BulletConcerto
@theWarren:  Cool, I think once you dig into KOF you'll find it every bit the game Street fighter is and how dramatically some of its systems effect strategy both offensively/defensively.  KOF13 has already had a few updates to address some balance issues and I'm looking forward to its home release as well. I also think the SNK games give you a better view of how the fighting genre has evolved, if you are only playing SF you are missing half the story.
Posted by Vigil80

I've always liked the KOF style. I see very few character designs I'm not down with, which I can't say for any other fighting game.

Posted by MysteriousBob
@Mezmero said:
"  Does anyone know what's going on with the PS2 release?  Some of my buddies have an xbox but no internet so they'll be really bummed if they can't get their hands on an alternative copy. "
It was released on the PS2 in Japan about two years ago. If you honestly think they're going to localise a PS2 game now, yet alone an 'obscure' SNK game, then you're out of your god damn mind. 
@Nomin said:
" you can just imagine that you're literally playing an eight year old game.  "
Cute. But Unlimited Match was released two years ago.
Posted by Mezmero
Well they totally did it for '98 Ultimate Match last year, I think it's a bit  hyperbolic to say that it could never happen.  At this point in time however your statement appears to be accurate so I guess my buddies' only option is importing if they're crazy.
Posted by Konanda

I like how Ryan said that is a Japanese train station alright when their is Hangul writing in the background and the South Korean flag. Lol.

Posted by djames216

Whoah, did she stuff a couple of basketballs down her front or something? :P

Posted by MeatSim

That is some great engrish in this game. 

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