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My kung-fu strike brings all the boys to the yard.

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EDIT: noooooo

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Those cats were fast as lightning!

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woah I know kung fu

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The ink explosions coming off the enemies makes me think of the concept art from Super Street Fighter IV... also sort of similar to the water effects in the videos from Street Fighter X Tekken. That said, I dunno if I am digging this game.

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@tescovee said:

woah I know kung fu

Posted by Antihippy

The combat looks incredibly boring.

Posted by Quantical

Get it in a sale.

Posted by The_Nubster

Kind of like kung-fu Batman. Also Ryan, you totally used that herb of life.

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Dudepiles, Ryan's eternal bane.

Posted by Ustrup

Looks like at bad Street Fighter rip-off :-S

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So many public domain sound effects. Man that's really disappointing.

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Vinny's not an endurance man? :(

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Ryan's kung-fu is strong?

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@trixnfx: But were they frightening?

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Press the yin-yang button to evade

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@Antihippy said:

The combat looks incredibly boring.


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for some strange reason, this game makes me wanna play sleeping dogs...go figure

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I love these kind of titles. You can mix and match them up and it still sounds awesome!

Kung Fu Rise : Warrior's Strike!

Warrior's Kung Fu : Strike Rise!

Kung Fu Warrior : Rise Strike!

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BIG MOOOOOOooooooooooo!

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That was great, they got soooo close!

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Channeling some extreme Street Fighter IV artistic vibes here

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Nothing stops Endurance Man.

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"That was SWEEEEEEEET!" - Big Mo

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The generic metal BGM clearly demonstrates that this is a quality product.

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Did they just show 66% of the game?

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That's something oddly satisfying on punching a dude repeatedly and he is powerless to stop you.

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That Mo fight reminded me of myself playing Ninja Gaiden 2 a couple of days ago.

*dies for the fifteenth time after nearly winning*

"No! Fuck you, boss! I am going to end your ass!"

*gets caught in a combo right after restarting, barely does any damage before dying*

"FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF... Alright. Calmness. I know what to do to beat this guy. Let's go."

*Gets caught in a corner, dies*


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Can we introduce, like pulling a Brad, pulling a Ryan. Seeing how long he can take before he actually starts playing in every quick look.  
2:40 in this, fairly quick by his standards. 

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There's no fighting in the Zen Room.

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Wow, I heard one of the stock sound effects from RPG Maker 2000 in there.

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Saw this on Steam and was wondering about it. As always, Giantbomb comes to the rescue and Quick Looks games that no one else seem to even acknowledge.

This looks pretty cool, actually. I like the original fighting system, and the crowd control, pattern-recognition and focus on countering result in some pretty awesome looking fights (everything kind of came together with the Swordsman fight). Original systems are always a good thing. Not a fan to hear about the difficulty though. I feel like this kind of game would be best served not being too frustrating.

Not sure if I'll pick it up NOW, but perhaps during a Steam sale. This kind of just makes me want to play Asura's Wrath, and also a bunch of Batman: Arkham City Challenge Rooms...

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@ItBeStefYo: On one difficulty. Also there's an achievement for getting twenty S ranks on levels, so who knows if that's across difficulty levels, or if there are 20+ levels.

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So, some of the storyboard screen music (around 2:33 and 16:55) reminds me a LOT of this Metal Gear Solid 3 track. It's all I could hear.

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@UricTheOddball said:

@trixnfx: But were they frightening?

A little bit.

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I feel like I'm hearing SF IV character select noises.

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Aw, I was cheering them on to pummel Mo into submission (or death).

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So it's like a grown-up non-Disney version of the first Kung Fu Panda game?

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@mrwolf710 said:

So it's like a grown-up non-Disney version of the first Kung Fu Panda game?

Kung Fu Panda isn't Disney.

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I'm going to look on craigslist for a Buddha sidekick to impart wisdom and laugh at my jokes.. (it will turn out bad)

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@The_Nubster said:

Kind of like kung-fu Batman. Also Ryan, you totally used that herb of life.

He also bought it again after.

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Kung Fu Strike The Warriors Rise Mini-Endurance Run!

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god damn it Vinny.

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Anti-bro. The new bro.

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No thank you.

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You will have an opportunity to potentially get killed by Master Mo, the King of the Everglades.