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Four Verticals on the 1 yard line.

I think Madden is losing it.

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Man, can't stand how stop and start American Football is. Never feels like it actually gets going.

That said, Vinny innocently being racist was amusing though. Silly Vinny!

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Jeff's blunt: still racist in regards to the Redskins name had me laughing, and also really sad

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@leebmx: It's not as offensive as the n-bomb here in the bigger cities of Canada; it's actually kind of accepted among the older generations, sadly, but there's a definite effort to eradicate its usage among younger people.

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The internet will remember, ynniv

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As bad as Vinny was in this, he still probably did better than the real Jets.

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Weather? Heavy snow.

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I love you guys but man this was pain full to watch.

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Another Madden Quick Look, another year where I am actually taking it seriously and confused about their lack of football knowledge and annoyed by their choices until I reach a zen state of just sitting there and laughing.

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What a game between [Green Bay Packers] and [NY Jets]! But have you seen how much they are charging for Turkey Leg? Unbelievable.

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@kevin_cogneto: Yeah, I'd be willing to bet my life that that is definitely not the case

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Also: really hoping the next gen version turns out well. Sports games are always big for me at the start.

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FUCK YEAH BUCCANEERS! That is my... that is my uh... favorite... team. Yeah.

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Are you ready for some football!?

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It's hard to tell if the game is good when Jeff and Vinny intentionally try to fuck up as much as they can to show how much they don't care about sports.

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The game looks improved from last year, but the realization that a handful of the players represented in 'Madden' in any given will end up physically debilitated and/or murder-suicidey in 15-20 years turned me off the series a few years ago.

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Y-y-y-yinnv and the Jets

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Seriously: what the fuck is up with the replays? Some kind of a joke?

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Maybe it's because I don't play madden every year, but this doesn't look any better than when I played Madden 07.

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What will EA call Madden in 2024? Madden 25. That's it.

You think they're worried when they have two games called Need for Speed: Most Wanted and two games called Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit?

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This is the most accurate representation of the Jets that I've ever seen in a video game.

"Papa John's You Ain't Got Health Care Injury of the Game" needs to be a real thing.

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Maybe it's because I don't play madden every year, but this doesn't look any better than when I played Madden 07.

It's way better than 07. The early few years of Madden this console gen were pretty bad and it's gotten better. Last year played well despite the removal of features, this year solved that and apparently plays better (looks it, haven't gotten to try it yet).

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*puts on homemade GB Sports Crew jersey*

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I imagine the Tim McGraw in the credits being as pissed about his name as Michael Bolton in Office Space. "Why don't you go by Timothy instead of Tim?" "No way! Why should I change? He's the one who sucks."

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@milkman said:

This is the most accurate representation of the Jets that I've ever seen in a video game.

Last year's Madden was more accurate because they lost to the Patriots very badly.


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Madden 25 gets a 0/10 in Aaron Rodgers hair technology.

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@csl316 said:

*puts on homemade GB Sports Crew jersey*

I would buy one if they put one up on the store .

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That owner mode actually looks legitimately cool.

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Hail Mary's, all the time.

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@andmm: Why do people always feel inclined to compare the two? Insecurity?

Regardless, it probably doesn't help to have two people expressly uninterested in the sport demonstrating the game.

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@andmm said:

And they complain about soccer being boring....

At the end of the QL Jeff says "this seems boring."

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@nothatso said:

@andmm: Why do people always feel inclined to compare the two? Insecurity?

I know, why do people insist on comparing football to football? It's a mystery that will never be solved.

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One day Vinny will realize you can't run 15 yards backwards with your QB and throw it off your back foot and expect it to go anywhere near where you want. But that is not this day.

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The camera work for the replays is appalling, but the "Snickers Greatest Pepsi Highlight Redbull Throw Of The Quarter" replays actually looked convincing. Also the lack of popping and/or locking seems better than last year.

I had a bit of fun with the demo, but the overall impression from the QL is that is doesn't seem to have much soul to it.

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@jeff The game seems lifeless compared to NCAA 14 because it doesn't have your favourite team!

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I can just imagine the look on Jeffs face every time Vinnys innocently says P*kis. Maybe it's just funnier for me being in the UK because its so damn racist.

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@milkman said:

That owner mode actually looks legitimately cool.

They've had some of these things before and they were abandoned for some reason.

There is nothing more fun than taking a beloved franchise, trading their best players for nothing, hiking up all the prices then packing up the team and moving them to Mexico.

I imagine in a online franchise with like 3 people doing the same thing it would be amazing.

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what are Pakies?

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I love how features that are taken out of Madden return as new features

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Packers actually does refer to people who pack something into something.


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What a season it's been.

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The overblown music in the NFL is still the stupidest thing. Especially in owner mode.

Choose a response. *BRAVEHEART BATTLE MUSIC*

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It looks like Madden is still as incomprehensible as ever.

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Future Ynniv sounds like Dave.

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Alternative way to play.

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Hey guys, I don't like football very much, but this quick look is pretty good...

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Hahahaha...Casual Racism Vinny strikes again!

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