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Posted by Grillbar

good one

Posted by Justaddwater


Posted by JohnnyDps

Wow this is a great (Game)

Edited by gingertastic_10

isnt everything with bikinis awesome?!?!?...look at DoA haha

Edited by theMcNasty

     Nice, I think the video kinda cut out at the end.  Maybe it's just me compy... or the game was so bad, the video committed suicide.

Posted by Daeth_On_Demand

Woah.  Just woah.

Posted by Gizmo

Oh god, let's hope the feds don't find this video.

Posted by Dudacles

So is this an import?

Posted by Vod_Crack

30 mins well spent

Edited by IncredibleBulk92

I loved Earth Defence Force, this game kinda reminds me of that game.  Thought it might be worth getting this, guess I'll watch this first.

EDIT: Wow, that game looks like junk.  It looks like a Dynasty Warriors game with only a few enemies.  Shame really.  I was really hoping for something like Earth Defence Force

Posted by Prosmack

It's all about gameplay, graphics and inner butt jiggles...

Posted by shulinchung

To truely test one's endurance, I demand an endurance run for this game!

Posted by PureRok

This game looks awesome. I'm glad I've ordered this and the Wii version.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Just having zombies is no good.  You have to have something behind it or it's just...  lame. 

I wonder if any of their costumes are rainy-season compliant? :)

Posted by Hirushubi

30 minutes for a Onechanara quick look

Giantbomb has just won the internet.
Posted by AnEternalEnigma

It's "Onechanbara" not "Onechanara".

Posted by get2sammyb

LOL That second girl was like 8.

Posted by SuperMuchBrown

Holy V-Sync Bat-Man

Posted by Domstercool

Blood monster needs to be Cool Combo'd six times :D   Cool combos are done by press X at the right time! :D

Posted by LiveOrDie1212

its the year of the Digital-Boobs

Posted by Spiritof

This game is ass.

Hot. Tight. Bikini clad. Ass.

Posted by FlipperDesert

Wow, until I realised that was a 360 version I thought that was one ugly-ass Wii game.

Posted by TaintedSun

Games like this are created for Jeff and Vinny to Quick Look for my enjoyment. This is how I see the universe.

Posted by Reverseface

My sword is dirty just watching this.

Posted by Kohe321

Game of the year 2009. Or?

Posted by MeierTheRed

Oh look out! hot poop on a stick

Posted by guerrajr

Wow. Really. 30mins. Still, funny quick look.

Posted by CleverLoginName

Point get!

Posted by FoolInjection

Next Endurance Run Candidate ?... I think so!

Posted by Krenor

I like the loli sister the best, she can kick some ass

Posted by Gokuvegita

I think they made a movie of this game. Ryan should watch it for TANG!!!

Posted by Oni

This reminds me of X-Blades, except that game was actually worse, from the looks of it.

Posted by Lieutenant

what's with the screen tearing in the cut scenes ?

Posted by LaszloKovacs

I rented this from Gamefly once, on a dare from one of my roommates.

There are no words for how terrible this game is. Don't play it, not even as a joke.

Posted by RHCPfan24

That looks like a pretty horrible game but the quick look was very funny. Vinny and Jeff are a great combo when playing games.

Posted by AURON570

lol awesome commentary

Posted by Jayzilla

this game is rubbish. just like communism, the idea is really only good on paper.

Posted by Renegade

I think this could be enjoyable...if it were free...maybe?

Posted by TriangleHard

If this was on PS3, I would've most definitely bought it.

Too bad this was on 360... same goes to Bullet Witch or whatever the title was.

Posted by Kazona

Gimme some jiggle wiggle!

Posted by Mjolnir

No wonder Jeff plays Animal Crossing

Edited by GioVANNI

EDIT:  Second thought, this game does looks absolutely terrible.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

... O_O         ....  .. .... (o)(o) ........ ...

Posted by Johanz

Jeff spills all the goods in a matter of seconds!

Posted by Moridin

I totally have a pair of pants with one leg cut into shorts. I wore them for Halloween one year.

Posted by skrutop

Also, boobs.

Posted by Canberra


Posted by strangeling

Now, I'm not saying there's much more to the game, but it seems like even after playing for 30 minutes Jeff didn't figure out how to do some stuff.  That makes it seem even more banal than it is.

These companies need to take their awesome ideas and actually make good games out of them.

At least it provides a nice distraction while loading.
Posted by Gearhead

Not working for anyone either?

Posted by Davin

This game is so bad I kinda want to play it. Hooray for rentals.

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