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I too wish to take a bath in the techno-womb.

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Am I crazy or did Vinny add his voice to the video in post? O_O

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This game is absolutely beautiful & astounding to perceive but I know that I will never play it for the length of time it deserves.

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Bought last night. Maybe one day my Achievements will show up here!

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Not much for Pac-Man, but this genuinely intrigues me. And for some reason I don't find myself questioning the so-called 'Bradgasms,' which worries me deeply.

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Their "oohs" and "ahhs" just sold me on this game Lmao

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if you said to someone back in the day that Pac-Man would still be a thing in 2010. this is exactly what they would imagine.

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This game is so much fun. Great when you just want to kill a few minutes with a really fun game.

Also, I won't lie, hearing "The Guys" rave about this on the Bombcast led me to the purchase, and they didn't steer me wrong.
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hell yeah! dx is awesome!

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Holy shit. This game IS drugs. All of them.

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Watching this now nearly 2 years later, the way these guys play is so frustrating. Half trails, saving power pellets, clearing the same side multiple times and screwing up the pattern. There was no way they could have known when they played this, but now it's the same feeling as watching someone play a shitty game of Tetris.

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BWAHAHAHAHA, "techno womb".

Ah Ryan I'm going to fucking miss you and the way you love things so much.

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Gonna miss you Ryan, thanks for everything.

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Good way to celebrate the 35th anniversary. Miss you Ryan!