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I love Pacman AND Galaga
Not sure I love this though. At least it has original Pac-man and C.E. I guess. Also, I prefer Galaga 88 over the original.

Posted by MaDKiM


Posted by sirdesmond

Been looking forward to this!

Posted by superfunhappygun

yay for new quick looks!

Posted by blackblade500

woo I am tired

Posted by Sathan

1st person Galaga?  No thank you 
Pac -Man Tilt?  It would be more appealing if it was just a pinball game with regular controls. 
Thank you Namco for at least including the original games, Pac-Man C.E. and Galaga Legions.  

Posted by Gliz9

Yay early morning Quicklooks.

Posted by scarace360

im gonna pac this game in.

Posted by JayCee


Posted by Slaker117

No one but the DX team should be allowed to touch Pac-Man.

Posted by Juicebox

yessssss time to git high

Posted by Maginnovision

So nobody watched the video but there are already a bunch of comments. Why?

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I wish both parties doing these quick looks had this be their very first encounter with the game. It would make it so much more interesting.

Posted by Clubvodka

It sounded like Ryan almost called Patrick, Brad at the start. That's all I have to say about this video.

Posted by JayCee

Pac-man tilt looks pretty terrible.

Posted by Tesla

Why did you stop that amazing movie?!

Posted by DarkbeatDK

I had never seen the Cars movie before, but watched it after the Cars 2 quicklook. THANKS FOR MAKING ME NITPICK EVERYTHING IN THAT MOVIE PATRICK!

Posted by Juicebox

Twas not impressed with the Missleading thumbnail :((((

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Patrick is always not funny.
Posted by buft

Not saying anything about the quality of this compilation but i cant believe this is the only retail release for 3DS in July. ok maybe a little something, i really would have needed the DX versions to really consider this as a purchase.

Posted by BraveToaster

Galaga is awesome. 

Posted by Korolev

They tried to give pac-man a backstory? Why? Why would anyone ever want to do that! That CGI "movie" actually caused me some distress. I'm glad they didn't see the whole thing.

Posted by JeffGoldblum

I would pay 5 dollars for this.

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Pac-Man Tilt and should have been a "3DS Ware", the rest of this package is alright, but we have all played it before.

Posted by Mcmurrow

I don't understand how GB can be so down on Legions, but like Legions DX.

Sure, neither feel like Galaga, but at least Legions tried doing something different.

Posted by krabboss

I would've preferred if they packaged in the DX versions of Pac-Man and Galaga Legions instead, since those are a lot better than the originals.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Pac-Man's voice in this is the worst thing ever. He's Pac-Man, not Pac-Girly-Man.

Posted by Mumrik


Posted by gosukiller
Posted by Soap

And then no one played 3Ds ever again...

Posted by Haze

A platformer "reimagining" of Pac-Mac clearly inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog? Is this the early 90s?

Posted by phrosnite

Embrace the rainbow!

Posted by AndrewB

I thought the gyroscope in the 3DS was supposed to reorient the 3D-ness depending on how the console was tilted away from your face?

Posted by Elusionar

So bad... so bad...
Posted by blacklab

Not for me.

Posted by Chandelure

Is it bad that I kept expecting Pac-Man to do a homing attack?

Posted by Juda

No 3DS template background for the video? Seemed odd.

Posted by Vexxan

Do not question the origins of Pac-man, you are messing with the Matrix!!

Posted by Lepruk86

This seems like a lazy cash in pack that is more in kin with a DS launch title; not a 3DS one. This just seems awful imo

Posted by MeatSim

Pac-Man eats ghost not cheese burgers!

Posted by mrangryface

Haha "Pac-Man and his Shitty Friends"

Posted by Seijur0

Pac-age. I like that. Good work Drew. Is he the one who writes these?

Posted by geirr

I keep being intentionally haunted by the puzzling mishap of Namco's lack of Pacman on Steam.

Posted by zymbo

Pac-Man meets Sonic the Hedgehog....and a lot of psychotropic drugs.

Posted by GohanEgret

It seems to me as if Namco Bandai slapped together a compilation of games set for individual release on iOS. They had to do something to justify the $40 price tag, after all.

Posted by RecSpec

Who him?

Posted by redlitez76

looks cool.

Posted by MisterMouse

So many questions!

Posted by pavakah

What is going on.

Posted by Chrisjp

A green ghost?! What's this shit

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