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press the pacman pacman button

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Rock it real?

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Lots of pac man titles coming out recently.
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early quicklook, nice.

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Namco taking the shotgun approach to pacman releases

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At a Pac-Man party, all the power pellets are ecstasy.

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That's a lot of look for pac-man, must be a hell of a party.

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Never going to get that achievement :(  
Damn look at blinky

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The still looks like it's from a Dragonball game rather than a mini-game collection.

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the guys sure have gone pacman crazy recently  

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This is the inverse of what Pacman CE DX is.

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So THAT'S the legendary Dig Dug that they've always been talking about. I never knew. Now I know! 
Oh and that poor pill bear. Losing all those pills.

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Ain't no party like a Pac-Man Party

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That conveyer thing is awesome, but this party has no ghost train.

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too many pacman!

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I want to see an elderly pac man. 

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Never say no to Pac-Man.

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It's the year of Pac-Man.

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....this isn't Mario Party.

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Helloooooooooooooooooooo Bargain Bin!!!!

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Power cookie?

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17.55 the music kinda sounded like Brodyquest.

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Wow. I guess all the big releases are already out for the holiday season.

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ICE-T gettin those cookies son!

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that last game was awesome, that scream

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Pac-Man overload!

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Cookie bonus!
Thanks for the pills!

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That bear is flpping the fuck out

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...This actually looks really fun. I kinda wish it was on the 360.

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The whole aesthetic is atrocious.

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Those screams during the conveyor game were priceless.
About the middle of this Quick Look, Jeff realized he wasn't having fun anymore. Heh.

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lol this doesn't seem to bad for kids... if its like 20 bucks thats not terrible.

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That last minigame was great. I nearly pissed myself laughing.

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That last minigame looked looked like oodles of fun.

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I wish I was playing Dig Dug.
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Ryan's "NOOOOO" is excellent.

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I'm sorry, Jeff, but if you read Pac-Man Chronicles IV: Ms. Apacalypse, you'd know that the ghosts are totally into making Pac-Man shaped cookies.
Stop misrepresenting the long and storied Pac-Man fiction.

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Man, those minigames were pretty wildly different... Cutting cookies is hardly a fitting thing to do for a battle. But going from a cookie cutter competition (this game's got a leg up on that!) to shooting people down from the sky to throwing them into a trash compactor... The house of King Pac is a dangerous place.

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 I always wish I was playing Dig-Dug
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Thinking about Pac-Man Plinko machines

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I was enjoying it until Jeff became a negative Nancy half way in like he seems to do in all these quicklooks lately. The last one was hilarious though.

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The last mini game there made me laugh so hard I couldn't breath. So awesome!

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That ending was glorious.

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Power Cookie!

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Love the graphics in this. Someone had lots of fun putting in detail most people will overlook. Some great music too I have to add.

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Ryan had the best NOOOOOOOO I ever heard. :D