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Always be quick looking!

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Guess not. Game looks cool though.

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@TAFAE: Nope

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Ah well.

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Heard much anticipation on this from another podcast, now to see if it lives up to it.

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This looks cool. Also that is not Portuguese. "Yo" means "I" in Spanish. In Portuguese it would be "Eu"

Posted by RichieJohn

Really excited for this. Hope it's actually out soon in the UK. Release dates seem a bit messed up recently.

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Yep, that's not portuguese

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Wow does it look glitchy as fuck. Catching on the environment every 5 min

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That's the best representation of Brazilian favelas I've seen in a videogame ever , I must asume the developers are Brazilian or from South America if so then that's very cool there are very few developers for the big consoles on this region.

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Seems very mechanical. Push the right buttons in sequence.

Granted, this is hardly the entire game, and it's only the beginning. Still...

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I'm with Ryan about the Team Ico vibe, looks really interesting so I will download it tomorrow

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This looks really cool, don't have a PS3 though. I'd totally get it if it came out on PC.

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So a "monster inside my father" who likes to drink "coconuts", can't have enough of magic "frogs", after which he beats the crap out of the kid and then sleeps all day. Yeah I think I know where this is going.

Also am I the only one who was expecting soap to bust in and fly tackle that kid out of a window?

Posted by Kaigan

It's like they're playing a bad platformer set in Max Payne 3.

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I get the charm of this game but this looks a bit... rough around the edges, right? Not exactly bad but, but rather a bit unpolished, maybe. The textures and the pop in, the animations...

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This looks way cool!

interesting story too.

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@believer258 said:

Seems very mechanical. Push the right buttons in sequence.

Granted, this is hardly the entire game, and it's only the beginning. Still...

Yeah man, the puzzles seem a little exhausting. Perhaps they could use a sprinkle of Blow.

And the frogs are drugs.

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Kiko was drinking that good Ayahuasca

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@JoeyRavn: This is made by an indie team. I'm mostly impressed that this is actually made by a relatively small team or at least costs less than most downloadable games. While I agree with you to an extent, I don't feel as bothered by it as you do.

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This looks pretty interesting I wanna know what happens next!

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That clearly was a Mercedes.

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Say what you will about the game, I love that Sony publish these sorts of games on PSN.

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Cynicism strikes the comments again.

Looks like an interesting indie made game for not much money. The autobiographical nature of the story and the location being set in South America makes this quite interesting. It isn't a region we get to see in games a lot and with no gunplay involved - a pleasant change.

I was pretty skeptical of Papo & Yo when I first heard of it back around E3, but everything I've seen has me at least interested.

Posted by Village_Guy

Huh, I don't know about this one... some parts look alright, others not so much.

I think I'll pass as the gameplay (of what I have seen at least) look pretty lacking overall.

Posted by billyhoush

Gives me a Team Ico vibe. Man, I love all the PSN exclusives we've been getting.

Posted by murisan

This looks incredibly interesting. Not very gamey, but that's okay. I think I will check this out. This and Sound Shapes are really nice surprises from PSN.

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The monster looks much worse than he did in previous press releases. Especially his texture map. Weird

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@Phatmac said:

@JoeyRavn: This is made by an indie team. I'm mostly impressed that this is actually made by a relatively small team or at least costs less than most downloadable games. While I agree with you to an extent, I don't feel as bothered by it as you do.

What? I'm not bothered by it in the least, mainly because I'm not buying this game. As I said, I understand the appeal behind this game (i.e. the personal story of the developer turned into a video game), but I was just pointing out that some aspects of the game are not very polished. Which they aren't, and that, to me, can substract from the experience of playing a game considerably.

But, yeah, indie developer, not much money, can't say anything bad about... I get it. Forget I said anything.

PS: It costs $15, which is not "less than most downloadable titles".

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The style and surreal setting seem like they could be interesting. I did enjoy what I saw here so it all depends on where they go with it later in the game. The narrative oviously doesn't go anywhere in the QL but it doesn't have to if it actually pays off later in a clever and big way. The talk about autobiographical elements and such does make me exceptionally skeptical though. If you have to say something in the videogame medium than do so and don't make unrelated PR speeches I might or might not give a fuck about. Skilled artists in any medium use it to its full potential and should be done saying what they wanted to inside that medium without dropping hints and allusions everywhere. Not saying this is the case with "Papo & Yo" but promoting it with hints of personal drama seems like shooting yourself in the foot if the game slowly builds to that revelation and otherwise it would be just a shady, pretentious marketing tactic (if the game doesn't actually deliver on that theme).

Other than that the early game 'puzzles' seem to point toward yet another 'indie' or 'experience' game that might not be interested in delivering whatsoever when it comes to the actual game interactivity being meaningful. But it might just as well be a slow start. But I have to agree on the potential and undoubtedly some unique elements so thanks for showing of the game!

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Been following this for a while, the world-shifting looks really cool. Will play just to see where the story goes.

Posted by Yodasdarkside

Sold! Will pre-purchase today. As a professional working with teens facing issues with drug addiction, I'm fascinated with the themes this game explores, as well as the fact that the gameplay and aesthetic appeal to me greatly.

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Hm... The trailer on PSN for this game did not have me very interested, but seeing more of the game in action has really changed my mind. It looks like it could pan out to be a pretty solid puzzle game with an interesting story to tell.

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This seems very imaginative and interesting to me. I was pretty much glued to the screen during this quick look.

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what she said was NOT portuguese at all. If anything it sounded like some sort of african language

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And another bullshit game

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That's one endearing monster

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@sixpin: I agree with you completely everyone on the internet is so jaded they can't appreciate when a game is at least trying to pull off a different kind of story. I expected more from the Giantbomb audience but...its the internet and people suck!

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Sold me after five minutes, won't bother with the rest, I want to b surprised.

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Looks interesting, I'll definitely give it a go at some point

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Frogs > Coconuts

Should ask the french.

Posted by Benny

Vander Caballero is the spanish vinny caravella from another dimension.

Posted by simkas

This certainly looks really good for an indie game, the environments and all character models look incredibly well done.

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I'm happy to see a favela-type environment used in such a way that it doesn't involve bullet time, shooting, or airstrikes.

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Visually this game looks like garbage. Very PS2ish.

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The game seems to bare a lot of resemblance to Team Ico's, "The Last Guardian". I feel art/indie game'd out, I hope somewhere down the line developers start attempting new systems not just eclectic aesthetic choices.

I am all about awkward/eccentric design choices but this just looks boring/ugly.

Posted by simkas

@xMrSunshine: Please do point out a PS2 game that comes even close to the level of visuals this reaches.

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Thought this game sounded dumb until I saw a trailer for it. Was pretty hyped with what I saw. Even more hyped now. Year of the Downloadable Game!

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Yo, yo!