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Posted by Erik

I feel like I'm pressing my luck by going to the future so many times :-/

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Posted by nanikore

If I press my luck anymore I'm afraid it might pop.

Posted by ArchScabby

Game Show quick looks, better then meth!

Posted by Wes899

I was waiting for this!

Posted by MassiveDuck

YES YES YES YES!  I'm gonna pop i'm so excited!

Posted by Ockman

Just when I thought "ok, that was probably going to be their last quick look for a while", you guys post yet another one! I friggin love this site!

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Posted by misterpope

Too... many... Quick Looks....
Posted by ChampInMaking

You won a trip!

Posted by MysteriousBob

I've never even heard of this gameshow.

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Posted by superscatman

MORE FUN from the price is right quick look.

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Posted by cstrang

FUCK YES.  After the other game night games, I've been eagerly awaiting this.

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Posted by AllanIceman

Ahhh they finally got it!  Was waiting on this since Family feud and Price is right.

Posted by gakon

I went and found an old episode of the show, and Jeff was right: none of the board rotations have more than three Whammys, but some of the ones in this game had like six or seven.

Posted by Nictel

More excited for this QL than any of the 'major' games QL's.

Posted by Davin

Press Your Luck without the board sound isn't Press Your Luck. How could the French not realize this?!?

Posted by FlappyHands

More Quick Looks! Keep them coming!

Posted by MeatSim

I would be surprised if this game was even on a 3 month development cycle.

Posted by SquirrelGOD

Only the Giantbomb crew can make a HORRIBLE looking game entertaining.

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It's weird that the best parts are when they weren't playing.

Posted by EuanDewar

For some reason The "THATS NOT THE BOOKCASE" was still ringing in my ears whilst watching this.
Posted by RobotHamster

I won an island!!!!

Posted by gike987

The name Jimmy Clark was under both Quality Assurance Lead and Audio Editing. I think we have the answer to the missing sound.

Posted by HatKing

These are hilarious.  Also, I would have watched them play like six more rounds of this.
Posted by Milkman

Sign the Press Your Luck petition!

Posted by Rhaknar

never heard of this gameshow, must be a US thing only?

Posted by JoelTGM

these are always great

Posted by Cirdain

Fuckin awesome

Posted by BadNews

The audio cuts off.

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This is what I've been waiting for.
It truly is a holiday miracle!
This might be my favourite Quick Look since Harry Potter.

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I love this quick looks.  To bad its not as long as the others were.

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Posted by august

Press Your Luck 2010: The Audio Cuts Off Edition: Origins

Posted by InFamous91

I couldn't get enough of Family Feud and Price Is Right, now Press York Luck. Thank you GB

Posted by Bigbombomb

Come on! Big Money! Big Money! No Wammies!

Posted by Floppypants

That's not the bookcase.

Posted by Googly

No board noise?  Forget it.

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I might actually pay $5-10 for an edition with no trivia business, just the board and money (with the noise).
Definitely $10 for killer OGGs and DAMAGE.

Posted by Coltonio7

DUDE! Terrence McGovern is totally the voice of Launchpad from Duck Tales!

Posted by Adziboy

I really appreciate the quick look guys! Lots of 'em and they're great!
Posted by neon321

They managed to even screwed up the most simple of concepts? :( The questions are ridiculously easy as well.

Posted by Curval

Peter Tomarken R.I.P.    
Posted by Bladefire

Maybe manhunt is a New York or something thing, I grew up like 20 minutes from where Vinny grew up and we played manhunt all the time in middle school.