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I like the art style and overall attempt, but it's really kinda boring. :(

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Awesome! Can't wait for this game to finally come out!

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Fuck Vijea Games

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My head....it hurts...

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That's a hot rhyme.

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Quantastic quontent, quays!

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Holy shit a scheduled Quick Look that I'm excited to see and prepare food for is on time! What madness is this?!

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DarkWing Duck was a great cartoon.
"Let's get dangerous!"

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Hmmm... maybe?


"Every day I'm Shoveling"

Ugh, okay fuck this game.

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Great rendition of the DarkWing Duck theme by Vinny, made my day. Game seems cool, waiting for PSN release

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It's a duck blur

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"I am the terror that flaps in the night!" Still makes me laugh.

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This looks great !

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wooo this most certainly WON'T be infuriating to watch.

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oh god I hate the puns so much.

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Discord in my video games?! Excellent!

Oh wait, he's not Discord :(

John de Lancie is still awesome, great voice and Brony friend :D

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When I heard in the QL that John de Lancie is in this, even more instantly sold on getting this game. Game looks quite fun.

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I miss Darkwing Duck so much. Great show.

Edit: Also, very.. eh on the game. I love John de Lancie, but this game just doesn't seem to have the same.. it that Portal had.

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This isn't only coming out on PC, also an xbox and playstation version have been confirmed for a later release date.

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Seems kinda boring.

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The puzzles seem fun, the humour is hit or miss though.

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Is that the jeweler from Diablo?

edit: no, it is not.

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bad writing, and first-person jumping puzzles on conveyor belts over insta-kill lasers should be classified as some kind of war crime ... but i still kinda dig everything else.

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Hey guys, we made a lackluster Portal!

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Quantum Qonundrum

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Every Day I'm Shovelin. Fuck the fuck off, Quantum Conundrum.

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But I haven't even booted up QUBE yet

good to see some more ideas for the first person puzzlin'

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They seem to have done the cardinal sin of all puzzle games, there should not ever ever be a fail state.

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I showed her the fluffy dimension and I was sent to jail.

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That is the best video description ever.

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Yep, this was incredibly frustrating to watch. But the game looks cool hope it comes to XBLA soon.

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Not many options for first person puzzles, so even if it's a little bit of a portal knockoff it's probably worth at least a rental! Thanks for the look at this game!

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Quantum Punundrum

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@SolidOcelot said:

Yep, this was incredibly frustrating to watch. But the game looks cool hope it comes to XBLA soon.

How is this frustrating to watch?

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The Meat Dimension should be DLC.

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Jesus christ Vinnie, I'm not meant to laugh this much only 60 seconds in. Your singing career is off HOOK.

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just realized how key are the dialogs on Portal

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Vinny you are the glue to this popsicle stick pile of a site.

AWW haha, I enjoyed this, poor ryan. I thought those jumping parts weren't so horrible seeming. Nice QL!

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Darkwing Duck was so good!

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@toots said:

Vinny you are the glue to this popsicle stick pile of a site

@abrasion said:

Jesus christ Vinnie, I'm not meant to laugh this much only 60 seconds in. Your singing career is off HOOK.

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Nothing ruins a game faster than first person platforming.

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Even if I knew nothing about who developed this game, I still would think it was similar to portal. It is pretty damn cool though.

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Quantum Conundrum qontinues its quixotic quest for quantities of quandaries of questionable quality.

I love you Drew

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I was totally sold on this until the terrible conveyor belt platforming. I might still try it, dunno. I could always use more John de Lancie

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The puzzle design seems cool, but can't say I'm feeling too much else about this game.

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Looks like the puzzles are challenging, unlike Portal 2 which is one my main gripes with that game.

And I like the homely atmosphere, all warm and fuzzy with the kid FPS perspective.

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Last dimention is the meat dimention

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I was not expecting this QL to send me to this for 15 minutes before continuing to actually see the game.

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Jesus christ get a mouse that doesn't jitter or use it on a single colored surface. I don't know which one of those is the problem is but man is that annoying.