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Posted by Brad

True story: Capcom dropped the price of Revelations by $10, from 50 to 40, right after we recorded this. So know that!

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Circle Pad Pro sounds like a crappy 3rd party accessory.

ahaha, when Brad first closed the 3DS, I tought the couch's arm rest was his leg and he had some crazy-ass pants on.

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Posted by Malphye

Thanks for the update sir!

Posted by king2bob

Dude that's harsh. All ready to get this stupid quest. Ahh well good to know about the price.

Posted by AlisterCat

They definitely sell them as a bundle here in the UK.

Posted by Baggykins

why it didn't have double analogs to start with in this day and age... then again Nintendo

Posted by algertman

You're small-time.

Posted by NoelVeiga


I have no beef with the stick add-on and I loved the demo of this game, but...

...I think I prefer not being able to aim and shoot at the same time.

I know, I know, everybody bitched about it for ages, and it works great on other games, but Revelations has less, tougher enemies and is a bit closer to early RE games. Managing distance old school seems fitting.

I'll still get the bundle, though. A bunch of other games support the thing and maybe Raid mode, which is purely action based, will be a better fit for dual stick controls.

This is all cool stuff, though. I don't really get the negativity.

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Hulking, black monstrosity.

That sounds racissssst to me, Ryan Davis.

Posted by Stubee

Christ that thing is big!

The fact it uses the IR sensor also points to how unprepared the 3DS was for something like this.

Posted by DeathbyYeti

subtle 3d from capcom with the mutant fish jumping at the camera

Posted by WilyBoy

I never really had a problem with the original RE4 controls on the Gamecube, so this looks perfectly playable without the monster stick.

Posted by alibson

I forgot what this video was about, I was just looking at Jill's ass.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Vinny on Deadly Premonition: "One of the best games ever made."

I agree.

Posted by PerfidiousSinn

with new partners Parker and Jessica.

Weirdest Sex and the City reference ever.

Posted by TooWalrus

I won't buy it! I severely hope Nintendo actually puts a stick on the first hardware update... if not- I'll totally buy it.

But they have to! Right!? Because how could they make a smaller sleeker model be compatible with the circle pad pro... that 2nd stick HAS to be built in!

Posted by Morridin

Got it yesterday and it really does looks great. Circle pad feels quite heavy in comparison though.

Not too happy about the slide pad, I prefer sticks but still it does give nice extra options.

Posted by Dagbiker

I have no problem playing a full fledged game on my handheld. but resident evil is not a game i want to buy.

Posted by Sayishere

They bundle it in the UK, i do want to buy this game, hesistant on the circle pad pro due to size.

They should have bundled the merceneries game to this instead of seperate releases. I suppose storage limitations can be an issue but yeah.

Posted by adoggz

alright i'm not gonna lie. i spent the entire quicklook looking at jill's ass and thinking of all the tinder loving i would do to her.

Posted by metalsnakezero

I'll wait till RE6 if I really want to play more RE. Also Jill's ass XD

Posted by D_W

Anyone else notice that Brad has INFINITE KNIFE!

Posted by Echo

The screen just seems so tiny for this kind of game.

Posted by GunstarRed

Just beat chapter 3/ first boss... This game is kinda awesome and the pad is ugly as shit but very comfortable to hold. Raid mode is brilliant.

Posted by paulunga

I think the Circle Pad Pro is absolutely ridiculous. I'll still get one if only to get rid of those sharp ridges on the backside of the 3DS that make my hands hurt after a while. Either that or one of those ugly add-on battery packs.

Posted by Cazamalos

i really really enjoyed the demo, reminds me a lot of RE4 with more survival elements

and now is only 39$ for probably the best resident evil since RE4? i'm kinda in

Posted by uomoartificiale

nice works guys. you showed the circle pad in detail and then a large chunk of what to expect from the game. This was fun and informative. brad & vinny is a nice team, they are "the gentle giantbombers"

Don't read too much in my words, but the site missed this kind of quality in recent times. You definitely revamped my interest in loggin' in everyday and check what's new on GB. keep it up.

Posted by Gatehouse

Why is Conan O'Brian in this game?

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Posted by GS_Dan

That's a bloody huge arse.

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I think they rag on the circle pad pro a bit much. Its fantastic for playing the game and isnt that what matters? Yeah it might not be pretty to look at and not to practical to carry with you. But RE really isnt a game you want to pick up and play for 5 minutes at a time, so its basically not that portable (i would much rather have seen the game on a console). If you also got man hands it makes the 3DS much more comfortable to hold. 
I bought a 3DS for this game and i dont regret it one second. Hope other people also get the same enjoyment out of the game as me. 
EDIT: Also Brad, the golden coins are PLAY COINS that you get from different streetpass activities.

Posted by SlackerMonkey

Can't wait for this game but it really bugs me that some parts just pull you out of the experience, e.g. Jill can't get that coin from the fountain until she turns on the power even though it is within arms reach if she could just step into the fountain...also the non-moving mouths.

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Some modeler spent MONTHS making dat ass

Edit: Geez with all the lag and the duel analogue support I'd be surprised if we don't see a Xbox Live/PSN version eventually.

Posted by CDUB901

I for one can't wait for the Circle Pad Pro...my hands are kind of big and how small the system is it cramps my hands and fingers quite a bit...i've heard the the CPP is extremely comfortable and that's what i'm hoping for to be able to relax and stretch my hands out bit

whenever i'm at home i'll use the CPP all the time, and when i travel i'll just not take it...it's really that simple

as long as devs come up with good controls for both using the CPP or not using the CPP then i don't really see what the big deal is about this being a thing, lol

also, this game looks amazing and will be getting it day one...demo really impressed me

Posted by NTM

I'd definitely play every game that allowed me to, with the added stick.

Posted by AndrewB

I actually feel embarrassed for Nintendo over this whole circle pad add=on thing. They'd have been better off cutting their losses and releasing a new 3DS with all the features you'd expect from a modern gaming handheld device, like the second analog stick, or the ability to leave the tether of a wall socket for more than a couple of hours at at time.

I *will* buy a 3DS when those two things are fixed, assuming it still maintains backwards compatibility with DS games, though that's mostly because both my DSes are busted and I'm fighting the thought of buying the same hardware a third time. Not to sound *too* harsh here, but I guess I should be used to that by now when it comes to Nintendo handhelds. Except this time, it's not for the luxury of it. It's out of necessity.

Posted by the_r0n1n_named_47

I loled lots at "I'll take as much itchy tasty i can get"

Posted by RetroVirus

Dat ass...

Posted by Zaccheus

When Brad turned that thing for a side shot my jaw dropped. Holy fuck that thing is big.

Posted by kingzetta

i can't wait til they put it out on the consoles.

Posted by Vegetable_Side_Dish

Ugh. It's like playing a game on the screen in those Dreamcast memory ports. 

Posted by Napalm

I'd like to play this on a console.

Posted by laserbolts

@MooseyMcMan said:

Vinny on Deadly Premonition: "One of the best games ever made."

I agree.

Hes obviously kidding but yeah this looks alright but i'd rather just play it on a big tv to be honest and that attachment looks way too big.

Posted by Curufinwe

Can't wait for the Vita version of this.

Posted by RE_Player1

I hope they bring this thing to Vita or consoles, no way I'm buying or using that circle pad pro for my 3DS games.

Posted by Curufinwe

The next Endurance Run should be Brad and Vinny playing REmake on the GameCube or Wii.

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

The ending made me smile. Duct taping things together in the most awkward way - the Nintendo way.

Posted by Mijati

The start is so disorientating looking at someone use a controller without inverted y-axis on the camera.

Posted by lordofultima

@DarkDude said:

The start is so disorientating looking at someone use a controller without inverted y-axis on the camera.

Eww. Inverted? Alien.