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Posted by Swoxx

Grapple those pegs son!

Posted by Jiub

Looks okay.

Posted by Matoya

@Jiub said:

Looks okay.

It's JUST GONE LIVE this last 30 seconds.

Posted by BrontoThunder

@Matoya said:

@Jiub said:

Looks okay.

It's JUST GONE LIVE this last 30 seconds.

It's almost as though he was trying to get a quick post in for some reason...

Posted by Masha2932

The characters look like the enemies in the 'Hagar the horrible' cartoon strip

Posted by corndunks

this should help me wait for BF3

Posted by MasterVerhoffin

Huh. Once again, I have no idea what this is but it looks...ok.

Posted by DjDonFrancisco

Reminds me of Cut The Rope

Posted by test0r

So basically a mobile game for the 360.

Posted by GTCknight

This seems like a odd, yet simple fun type of game.

Just don't think too much about it.

Posted by mbr2

Peggle Promode. Also the guy who talks totally sound like the "SCAN THE BACKGROUND" guy at times.

Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials

I would consider buying this on my iPod.

Posted by Thor_Molecules

Angry cartoon vikings and laughing skeletons with knives twirling around pegs to bop birds and catch gems.

Who comes up with this shit. I want to shake his hand.

Posted by Scodiac

It reminded me of Eden right away. They're quite a bit different but still.

Posted by Wholemeal

@test0r: Yeah totally, this looks like a game i've seen on the iOs from the tested apps of the day/week. God i hope this isn't worth more than $5 cause i don't see why anyone would want to buy it when you could get it on your phone.

Posted by AngelN7

the "cartoony Knights/Vikings" style puts me off , the same reason I didn´t like Fat Princess even though was a fun little game.

Posted by ervonymous

Wow, the multiplayer looks fun.

Posted by EthanielRain

Game was boring to watch, seems like the multiplayer would be fun to play though.

Posted by Clubvodka

800 points seem really steep for this. The multiplayer looks like a blast though.

Posted by ZeroKarizma

This looks like an uglier version of the CarneyVale Showtime Xbox Live Indie game.

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I've been looking forward to this ever since Justin McElroy talked about it on the E3 Bombcast, it seemed like he was impressed by it.

EDIT: Single player looks boring, but multiplayer could be fun.

Posted by laserbolts

If this was free I would play it for ten minutes.

Posted by Winsord

This looks like it might be a good sale game, but $10 is a bit much. That multiplayer did look pretty fun though.

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Not impressed, not at that price at least.

Other than the multiplayer this reminds me more of a... flash game or something.

Posted by Afroman269

Looks like an iOS game.

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I can't imagine this game will sell for 10$. I've seen better flash games that cost nothing.

Posted by trayntastic

this game name is like my name! yay!

Posted by Pyccko

Oh hey, it's Stardrone minus 10,000 style points. Sweet. Although, the multiplayer did look pretty fun.

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Yea, I agree with Drew and Ryan,  it looks like a Flash game. Which isn't neccesarily a bad thing (see: Castle Crashers), but I think I'll pass on this title.
edit: yea $10 is way too much for this.

Posted by sirdesmond

Multiplayer seems fun, but the game is definitely not worth 800 points and even then, I wouldn't pay even $5 for that multiplayer.

Posted by notha

thank god safe title/safe action is no longer relevant in this world of LCD's and plasmas

Posted by Enigma777

Star Drone. You were thinking of Star Drone.

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.99$ on iOS

Posted by stise

Drew's sub-header text: secretly the best content on giant bomb.

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Can we have less comments like "ok" and "looks okay, even though I haven't watched the video yet"


Posted by AlmostSwedish

Seems like Ryan doesn't like losing. :)

Posted by rmanthorp

800? No thanks. I also think this would be great on iPhone.

Posted by KillyDarko

This actually looks like it could be fun, although $10 is a little too much...

Posted by Troncek

Has a Worms rope(ing) feel to it. For everyone who knows what I'm talking about.

Proper rules!

Posted by Zaccheus

This has a serious flash/iPhone vibe to it. I mean it's a one button game, this should be on iOS for 1-3$

Posted by Mumrik

Wait, 10 bucks?

This looks like it should be a buck on a smartphone or perhaps free and ad supported. This isn't the smartphone market pulling prices down, this is people trying to overcharge for an extremely simple and low budget game.

Posted by Elusionar

Its like angry birds for retards.

Posted by Garrick_Greathouse

With that multiplayer it went from ho hum to badass!

Posted by Laini

I can see that being a really cool flash game. Heck I might even pay 240MS points for it on the Indie store. But 800? Dream on guys.

Posted by bybeach

"Cover of Triangle magazine" that's why Vinny in quicklooks.

Posted by SpiralEye

Multiplayer seems much more interesting than the single, but this looks to be about $3.00..

Posted by Paboned

@Elusionar said:

Its like angry birds for retards.

Dude! Not cool. *Big Live Live Show Live reference*

Posted by SlackerMonkey

The graphics look like something they would make for a fake game on a tv show or one of those gamestop commercials.

Posted by Sammo21

Doesn't look fun, especially for $10.

Posted by Grnd_Lb_Knt

+1 for the multi-player, the single player demo felt like a puzzle flash game as mentioned