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Man, if you're going to live in a place called Monster World, how can you be upset that there are monsters running around? And then they have the chutzpah, the fazools to go around killing the natives just for being there. Maybe Wonder Boy should take a long look in the mirror. 'Cause I only see one monster on that screen. In all seriousness though, go back through all of your favorite beat 'em ups with the mindset that your character is actually on PCP and Metro City or whatever is actually just a crowded public place. Not knife/pipe wielding thugs, but cops, concerned citizens, elderly people with canes and boy scouts with pocket knives. It's a lot more fun that way for some reason. A lot funnier anyway...

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Monster World 4 actually looks pretty fun. Might give it a shot.

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I feel bad for the whipper snappers in here that wasnt around during the Genesis era.

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I loved Alex the Kidd when I was a youngling! I used to think he was way cooler than Mario, cos instead of jumping on dudes heads he would straight up punch a foe in the mush. Alex The Kidd is my hero.

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Never had a Master System, but some of the music in this QL is awesome.

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My God that Shinobi music is still amazingly good. Brings back memories of me being incredibly bad at that game.

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Awesome!!! :D

@Rapid said:

All the wonder boy + Monster World games has such good BGM.

So true^^

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They misspelled "Shuriken" in the options menu.

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I loved Alex Kidd! He punched everything in the face. That was his solution. Scorpion in your way? PUNCH! Bird flying by? PUNCH! Stationary block? PUNCH THAT!

Best of all he danced with his enemies at the end. That level of insanity has to be loved. Also does anyone else remember what Janken himself danced like? Pretty terrifying.

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Played the hell out of Super Hang-On as a kid, loved that game. 

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I must say, that rock/paper/scissors song in Alex Kidd is quite catchy.

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Seeing this makes me realise how much I miss the GameRoom Quicklooks

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These last few Quick Looks have been spectacular. The best Quick Look team is easily Jeff and Ryan. They need to keep this little trend going much more often.

I also miss Game Room Quick Looks dearly:

Jeff: Dude. Ryan.

Ryan: Yes Jeff?

Jeff: Game. Room.


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@Abendlaender said:

Seeing this makes me realise how much I miss the GameRoom Quicklooks

Giant Bomb's peak achievement.

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Damn, that Wonderboy game. What an outfit: some sort of pink boots, diapers, the fruitiest sword I can imagine and nothing else. Pretty tough to pull off I should think. That entire first game in the collection has to be up there in terms of drug induced game designs. Every creature looks completely baked, when the monsters die they do even weirder shit with their eyes and of course it's filled with the mandatory mushroom and other non-descipt fluffy, floaty enemiy types. Priceless!

The only thing better in this QL has to be the adorable ass-shaking chest opening animation in the third game. Breaking locks with sex appeal. Very classy.

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Best part of this quick look is when Jeff and Ryan say "girl" at the same time when they hear the Monster World music

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@skelington_ said:

Jeff and Ryan, the 'Old Guard', are my absolute top picks. I could listen to these guys jabber and chirrup over Quick Looks all day, everyday. I don't feel like i've been hearing enough of them to quench my appetite lately (or maybe i'm just imagining things), but then again, those guys are busy bees. Formal request: More Jeff and Ryan if possible, please.

Agreed. Very much so.

@gladspooky said:

Once again Giant Bomb's capture gear has a problem with blinking sprites. Wonder Boy just goes invisible instead of blinking.

I assume it's because they're just capturing the frames in which the sprite is invisible. Its just the refresh rates of source and capture being exactly the wrong number of frames apart. Assuming this is the cause, there may be nothing they can do about it unfortunately. (It makes Jeff seem amazing as he can seemingly control an invisible character, though.)

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what's with the massive amount of echoing on all these new videos.

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So many memories of Alex Kidd in Miracle World. Almost all of them frustrating.

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"Game over, Paw Prints, furries welcome"

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To the death Rock-Paper-Scissors is the only way to play.

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SO MUCH NOSTALGIA. Christmas of 91, I literally played Revenge of Shinobi ALL FUCKING DAY. Then, when I woke up in the middle of the night to get a drink? There was my dad playing it.

Also, this is the hardest I laughed at QL in awhile. "That cow lady hooked me up with some horse."

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Always choose "rock". Good ol' rock, nothing beats that.

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Monster World is amazing.. Definitely some of the best music in any 16 bit game, i can still hum most of it till this day.

IMO wonder boy monster world is the best when you start gettin through it.

Definitely calming/relaxing at some points LOL, " might fall asleep jeff......lulling me"

Westone really did a great job with the graphics for a Genesis title. If SEGA was smart they would have made 3d game with Mario Galxy type graphics for a new series with the original musician. Sega really messed up allot of good chances....

I would recommend any gamer to play the monster world games, at least wonder boy in monster world. (monster world III)

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shinobi 3 is the best ninja game! *waits for a 12 year old to mention a 3D game disrespecting this openion without trying it*

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this QL has been a lovely warm fuzzy trip down nostalgia lane.

but would i PLAY any of these game again... nah

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I'm with Ryan on the falling asleep for Monster World 4.

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In Alex Kidd the pattern for the Paper, Scissor, Stone fights are the same EVERY time. I don't have the exact patterns to hand, but I'm sure if you look on GameFAQs it'll be there.

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Sweet, Alex Kidd Quicklook.

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soooo, in the first game they were selling cloth or leather boots in the store, jeff bought cloth, in the next game, years later, they only had the leather ones left!!!! im sure its because they knew he bought the cloth ones in the first game!!! omg this game is very advanced. FUTURE!

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Shinobi and Monster World IV look cool.

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FM synthesis is the greatest invention in the history of mankind.

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Man, that crocodile shopkeeper has some very apparent drug abuse issues.

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Funnily enough the Ninja's name is actually Joe. Joe Musashi to be exact.

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Girl, I wanna make it with you. I'm a Wonder Boy.

Girl, I wanna be in your Monster World.

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@Undeadpool said:

Oh my God...this just made me realize all these years Gradius has been the Japanese mistranslation for "gladius."

You're not the first person to think that and no, it's not. Gradius is the name of the planet.

EDIT: Unless you're talking about Wonder Boy?

...How do we know the PLANET wasn't named after the ancient Roman sword?!?!

Edit: And both, yes.

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TIL the music in Monster Land is dope.

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Oh man. I always confuse Revenge of Shinobi with Shinobi III. Shinobi III is the awesome one; this one is lame. Btw, you guys should've QL'ed the most recent 3DS Shinobi, by Griptonite? It's ugly as sin (it HAD to have begun as a normal DS title), but it's actually really well designed, fun to play, and a worthy successor to the old sidescrollers. You guys would like it, I think, Jeff and Ryan.

I don't know why you need nostalgia to appreciate Monster World IV though, Ryan. I mean, it never came out here before (except for an untranslated version that appeared on Gamefly back when it was JUST a retro games streaming service, and their only original game was Telltale's Sam & Max), so no one has nostalgia for it. But all you need to do is appreciate great FM Synth chiptunes on the Genesis, charming colorful sprite work, and have a love of platformers and RPGs to really dig what Monster World IV is doing. I seriously don't understand how you can be so blase towards it...maybe the mediocrity of the first two Monster World games in the collection beat you guys down some, huh?

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Hey guys. I'm a Ninja.

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@vinsanityv22: For me, Shinobi 3 is slightly less good (but still great) than Revenge. Mainly, because it doesn't feature Yuzo Koshiro's music. I also think the story is a little better, and the fact that it has 2 different endings depending on if you keep your lover from being crushed while fighting Neo Zeed. Shinobi 3 did have some pretty great "chase sequences" on horseback and that jet board.

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Why do I find the "9 gold get" so funny?

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man Alex Kidd is so weird..

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Dude the music at 24:25, does anyone know it? God damn that is awesome.

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"Furries welcome."

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That music before they started Monster World IV was awesome... any one know what it was?

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I could watch this shit all day.

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Damn it! I never knew about the pause menu in Alex Kidd.

Heh... Monster World 4 in 1994, eh? I think that's the year of Super Metroid and Donkey Kong Country.

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Monster World IV was really a departure from the previous games. I preferred the simplicity in mechanics and art in ML/MW. And the change in character is BULLSHIT.

This is just from watching the QL, so what do I know.