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Sounds like a weird game

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Ships were so extreme they broke the video.

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if only it played..

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Slam a mountain dew and get on your X-treme battleshiiiiiiip!

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First!  Finally!
Oh, wait.  Sixth.  I can't count.
UPDATE: Yeah, sunroof.

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to the extreme

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I blame the rap music...
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beat boxing!

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Stream fixed! Ship time!

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Welcome to the world of PC gaming - Valve, Blizzard and ship simulators.
Oh, also some East-European horror games.

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Will there be an Ark of Noah?
And battleships, and army bath ducks, and wales, and blubmarines?
Wah there are like a thousand cool boats you could think of. 
I can't wait, this could be such an exciting title! :D

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YESS, I love me some Dave Snider..

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I have been stoked for this since the picture went up on Ryan's Twitter. Let's do this.
And dear god, the end reminds me of that horrid snowboarding game. "Yo bros, what if one day it snowed in San Francisco."
Edit: Glad that Dave caught it.

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i was hoping for a quicklook of this when I saw the trailer of the game in here lol

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I honestly can't tell the difference in the voices of Vinny and Dave.

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Take it to the MAX! EXTREEEEMSAH style. Quick Look.

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Oh we're moving!...........O hooooooo..............no speed up time..
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This brings me back to a certain train simlulator QL!

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This looks extreme...

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Hold on I gotta grab an Mtn Dew.

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So extreme......

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"Were you playing on my drumset?" 
"Why are you all sweaty then?" 
"I was watching the Ship Simulator Extremes Quick Look"

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My initials are on the side of the enemy boat. Ill probably sue.

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Damn look at that water

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I'm bummed that this wasn't as fleshed-out as i expected.  No people on the vessels, buggy graphics, limited interaction.  Maybe after some people start modding it.
It finally snowed in San Francisco, Jonny Mosely's dream came true.

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this should be good.

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how you guys so quick on posting lol

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has anyone said that tim hortons is all over the north eastern part of the states yet?

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When is the GOTY edition coming?

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SImulators suck.

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Now we can simulate Jeff and Ryan riding the ferry to work.

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Is it weird that I could swear the first thing Ryan said was not "Hey folks", but "I hate boats"?

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Holy shit this looks boring as hell, without some fast boats and huge waves whats the point?

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Wonder if it snowed in San Francisco.

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Wow the greenpeace campaign on this sounds overtly dramatic & it was ripped out of the captain planet cartoon.    
So if you have a firehose & a pump going to the water below the boat, can't they just use the hose to propel the boat faster? Love the wonky boat clippling hilarity. Plus OMG GHOSTS DRIVING THE BOATSSSS!?!!?!
Games like this remind me vividly of one of the MST3k episodes with lots of ships & taunts of icebergs around every corner waiting to kill the helpless boat. 
BTW we totally need Tim Hortons in the southern/western part of the US. I like Dunkin Donuts but would love to try Tim Hortons food/coffee but currently located in TX which is a little far from Canada.

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zzzzzZZZZ... wha... huh? What just happened?
Whoah that was EXTREMES!

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This game is so x-treem I just shat myself. 
These boats are so hardcore.

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Are there enemy Helicopters? That would be extreme.

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Goddamn Greenpeace always screwing up hard working Dutch polluters!
And yes we all wear wooden shoes.

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Who plays this stuff?

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I demand an endurance run of this, where Dave spends the entire time by himself looking for Steve Zissou and the Leopard shark.

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Jeff: "Sink the boat" 
Ryan: "I can't sink the fuckin' boat!"
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Almost as good as Paint Drying Extreme but not nearly as good as Amish Buggy Extreme.

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I was all, like, arms crossed and close minded about Ship Simulator Extremez.
Then Ryan was all, like, "U can sailz as teh Rainbow Warrare".
Then I was all, like, "Christopher Cross?".
Then there was love.