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Singularity sounds like Cryostasis, at least in regards to the disonance of character interaction.

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Looks alright.

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I love Nolan North quick looks.

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Good. Now I have something to do.

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Fuck yeah Nolan North!!

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Love this game.

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I guess a Bioshock rip off is better than CoD rip off....

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Giant Bomb needs to corner Nolan North at an event and get him to record a little Bombcast intro or something.

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This loooks pretty sick. I hope the TMD isn't too overpowered though
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Time Bioshock...

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wow not nearly as bad as we'd feared.
Also, is there a Russian dialogue option?

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It looks like FEAR 2. And a bunch of other games. There's derivative and then there's derivative.

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Ryan its Oceanic flight 815...duh! Now I must kill myself
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Ah, i was hoping for a quicklook of this game.

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Sweet! Wanted to know more about this game.

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you can actually time travel in this? pretty cool.

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Man, big creepiness factor I didn't expect! So far I'm sold, especially seeing the creature run through that pack of kids :)

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Is he reloading that revolver by ejecting the cylinder and putting in a new one?

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Should be called Cryoshock (cryostasis/bioshock)

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I was expecting a headcrab when he started  crawling through the ducts.

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wait, nolan north is in this? Just went from "looks cool" to "must buy"

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Crap i wasnt planning on getting this but it kinda looks like fun.
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That's too much russian accent for me...

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Did Ryan ever think that maybe the guy you play as speaks Russian so he understands it and it's spit back to the player as English?

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This game's single player campaign is amazing.  Like Half Life 1 amazing.

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Jeff is so calm explaining this game as he enters life and death struggles with horrible monsters.

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@SilverShadow said:
" Ryan its Oceanic flight 815...duh! Now I must kill myself "

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Love the amount of LOST references in this QL. Mmm.... Dharma initiative <3
EDIT: Also, Bon Jovi.

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Stop all the downloadin'


North it up!

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Nolan North Inclusion Act of 2009 states that Nolan North must be in 40% of all games.

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Nolan North, NOOOOOO!

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Ryan's snarky comments added no value here. He is trying really hard to not like this game.

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What, they found "Einsteinium"?

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Is it just me, or did it sound like Ryan said Oceanic Flight 814, as opposed to 815?
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How are the controls in this? Jeff seemed to be having a hard time hitting stuff? :S

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Looks cool, it's a shame it doesn't get the PR attention from Activision.

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@kratosauron0 said:
" What, they found "  Einsteinium"? "
Einsteinium is an actual element.
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I realllly wish they played the part with the time glove.  Reconstructing busted equipment and staircases never gets old.

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This game is wonderful and I highly recommend it to anyone.

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Seems like a nice mix between Bioshock's atmosphere and Modern Warfare's moment-to-moment excitement. Reminds me of those eastern bloc games, but with higher production values.
Quite interested now.

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Could this be any more generic?

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"You can't stab sound (Jeff)" by @taswell needs a proper wikipedia quote entry.  
Also fun trivia: Cryostasis English Version has good voice acting - but the original Russian Version is even more excellent. Ryan has a point? 

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Looks kinda cool, and it's been some time since my last fps on my PS3.  Nice to see something a bit more supernatural and not just 'soldier in war'.  I never care much for the multiplayer in FPS, so nice to see something with a compelling SP

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Looks wicked cool for the single player & enjoyed in Bioshock1-2 of going around finding the logs/info to make the world more alive but without the excessive scrounging that was in those games. Can't wait to try it out.

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This Quick Look has perked my interest for this game more than all the trailers combined.

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Looks like a mixture of Fear, Bioshock and Call of Duty. Kinda interesting though!