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Posted by BeachThunder

Now to get Activision and Frictional to team up and create Skylanders SOMA Force.

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Yay swaping.

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Posted by Morningstar

Jeff and his plastic army, haha, well said :P

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The downloading has begun.

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Don't mix your portals.

Also @brad is right to keep mentioning just how insidious this is. Nobody should ever forget that aspect of these games.

Posted by Mars

Really hoping this is good. Disney infinity was a huge letdown.

Posted by Hayt

I wonder at what point this franchise goes full Rabbids and removes Spyro entirely

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...that was a cheap swap.

I meant, "MORE TOYS!".

Posted by BluPotato

Love Patrick Warburton's voice over work.

Posted by LibrorumProhibitorum

"some serious awesome"


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SWAP those dudes. Make every combination.

Posted by BenderUnit22

I ain't no physicist, but I'm gonna guess they light up because the portal creates an electromagnetic field causing induction or something. If they run on batteries that's pretty stupid.

Posted by Ostratego

I don't know if it's just me, but is Patrick Warburton just using the same inflections as what he did with Kronk (Emperor's New Groove)?

I just can't get this line out of my head listening to him:"Squeaky, uh, squeak, sqeaker, squeakin'."

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with this recent focus on "guzzling" and "swapping", I'm not sure I like the editorial direction this site is taking

Posted by jimmyfenix

Looks decent.

Posted by Andorski

What is this Disney Infinity copy-cat bullshit?!?

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This really does look like Ratchet and Clank with the Skylanders stuff on top.

Posted by qawsed

A long one! I crossed my fingers and everything.

Posted by Luxus

Ah, that perfect sunday QL

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@mildmolasses: I love the direction it's going.

EDIT: Also I'm a big fan of whenever Jeff makes a Transformers reference

Posted by johncallahan

@hayt: I don't see them doing that. I mean, why would they. Even if they don't brand it Spyro, there's no reason to take him out at this point.

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Any time I get hassled for liking comic book or something, I look at this, and realize it could be way worse.

Great stuff as always, guys!

Posted by IcarusFoundYou


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Is the compression on this video bad or does the game look all blurry (low res)?

I'm watching it on Progressive, HD, embiggen.

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@benderunit22: I am a physicist and I would also assume that the lights are powered through induction. (AC current loop in the base creates a fluctuating electromagnetic field which powers a current loop in the figure). Lights are energy intensive so a battery would be a poor solution. This would also explain why the light dim with distance from the base, as the electromagnetic field gets weaker as you move from the base.

Posted by CrippWox

kids probably would enjoy this.

Posted by Geurge

@ostratego: he has the same voice in pretty much everything he does. This, Family Guy, Emperor's New Groove, Venture Bros.

Posted by MachoFantastico

"Good Job"
Looks pretty, that's for certain and I like the idea. Still feels a bit dirty though to me.

Posted by AlKusanagi

KnifeLanders: Coming Christmas 2014. From VinCo!

Posted by alanm26v5

That's a terrifying movie thumbnail.

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@bunkerbuster05 said:

Any time I get hassled for liking comic book or something, I look at this, and realize it could be way worse.

Great stuff as always, guys!

Anytime I hear Jeff harshly flaming a popular game/show and making fun of people who like it (Dota, game of thrones, JRPGs, etcetc), I remember Jeff likes, and has spent hundreds of dollars on, these games and thus remember not to ever take Jeff's flames seriously, as much as I love him.

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You can say "DIE" in kids games. You don't want kids to grow up without knowing the consequences of not listening to your parents.

If Activision was Ubisoft, I bet there will be some kind of portal/physical DLC thing for Call of Duty by now.

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Not having Ninja Stealth Elf appear in her ninja garb in game seems pretty fucked up.

Posted by Shtinky

Stealth Elf: "Silent, but deadly!" *Fart!*

Posted by CaLe

VinCo Scientific Fact of the Day: Everything is magnetic.

Posted by Wraithtek

Pretty sure that's Lavie from Last Exile (Kari Wahlgren).

Posted by ottoman673

...magnets, man.

how the FUCK do they work

Posted by RetroVirus

I love me some Patrick Warburton.


Gross exploitation aside, this game looks like a lot of fun. Really great looking art as well, and the voice acting is energetic and kinda funny. Like seriously, that artwork is stunning.

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So much plastic!

I am seriously interested in seeing how Skylanders competes with Disney Infinity this year. As much as people dislike Activision, they have the money to come up with money making ideas, and Skylanders was a hit. Now that Skylanders has competition from Disney I wonder if brand recognition would be more powerful with Disney or if kids (and parents) were satisfied with Skylanders.

Of course there are people who bought Skylanders who weren't kids or parents, but I have no idea what would appeal to them so I am not even gonna try and guess.

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I wonder what the Skylander's Swap Meet is like.

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I'm pretty sure the light core figures work through induction. If induction can charge my cell phone, it can certainly power a LED light.

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Gotta get off that Dro', Drobot.

Posted by Nitrocore

You get to play as Brock Sampson?

Posted by Jayzz

Doing QA on this game was a nightmare.

Also, Vinny saying "Chocobo". All i can do is L O L.

Posted by SlightlyTriangularRectangle

Is this game meant to appeal to an older audience in a way similar to Pokemon's appeal? I haven't had a chance to watch the entire quick look, but from what I have seen, the gameplay seems specifically aimed at a young audience. Am I missing something?

Posted by dr_mantas

This is some evil shit. Damn.

Posted by fisk0

I wonder if we'll get to see a Skylanders MOBA soon. As Brad stated, some of those characters would seem to work as MOBA archetypes, and with the popularity of the genre as well as the venomous communities in the popular ones, a more kid friendly alternative that's also made to get people to buy expensive physical items could find itself a niche.

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