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More Wei Shen-anigans!

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At what point does Sleeping Dogs get it's own section under the video tab?

Posted by Grimdaddy

So, it's just you 57 cops against Wei Shen twitching on top of an SUV? Master of KUNG-FU, KARATE, JIU-JITSU, and all kinds of other shit you ain't never heard of! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!

Posted by Ronald

While I loved most of the Quick Look, especially when Vinny arrested the woman so he could pick up her purse, none of it could match when he made the car fly. That was amazing. Please, Square, just make them keep releasing DLC for this game monthly for the next 2-3 years so we can keep getting Vinny playing Sleeping Dogs.

Also, I just bought all of the DLC on 360. I need to start playing the game again.

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Hot damn, Sleeping Dogs mania will never cease. Keep the spirit alive, Vinny.

Posted by HerbieBug

OH MY GOD 13:00 MINUTES IN!!!! O_____O

Posted by ultra2extreme

Vinny - you are the greatest human being that has ever lived. Ryan, you're ok too.

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sooooo good.

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I dislike the poor replay-value but dayyyyhm.. 2013's best game of 2012 or bust.

Posted by aznjon12

Wait is Vinny kidnapping a different person every time?

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Wow, more Sleeping Dogs. They're really putting out a lot of DLC for it...

Posted by Scotto

The makers of this game owe Vinny a fruit basket or something, for all of the attention he has given their game on Giant Bomb. No other game a) gets all of their DLC packs covered, and b) gets them covered in the form of repeated long-ass videos, by a guy who absolutely loves the game.

Between that, and the game earning the moniker of "Sleepy Dawgz" around here, I think a fruit basket is in order. Or how about some free DLC to add Vinny as a character!

Posted by Blackout62

@reisz said:

Wei More Shenanigans!


Posted by huser

At this point, I'm hoping Sleeping Dogs NEVER stops bringing out DLC. It's stopped being a business endeavor, but a public good, like roads or education.

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Posted by fatalflame

More comic gold from Vinny.. Man I love this website.. Who's excited for Sleeping Dogs 2 this E3??

Posted by AssInAss

Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb.

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What's taking the bombcast so long?

Posted by mlarrabee

"And that's how it went from then 'til eternity. Every month, Vinny performed the ritual of The Sleeping Dogs DLC, and the world never suffered mediocrity again."

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Nice little Halo reference in there. "Guilty Spark"

Posted by UberTerence

This, was better than an tomato and oatmeal shower. Pure comedy greatness!

Posted by yakov456

A bit after 13:30 I lost it. That was so unexpected, my reaction was the same!

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Please more DLC for this game.

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Since Sleeping Dogs unfairly didn't win the 2012 GOTY, can it at least win the 2013's 2012 GOTY?

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Thanks a bunch for this, great stuff as always, right up there with Nightmare at North Point. May Sleeping Dogs never stop releasing content.

Posted by Sweetz

Man, good on Sleeping Dogs for recognizing that he physics freaked out and just non-nonchalantly resetting the car's position. A lesser game would have crashed to desktop or otherwise gone into some unrecoverable state requiring a reload. I've gotten more value out of Sleeping Dogs than any other game I've played this season, and I'm buying every piece of DLC because they freaking earned it.

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"Roadrunner Records...you know, Life of Agony" was an unexpected highlight.

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The references to the number 4 were pretty nice touches.

Posted by zoozilla

So it's kind of like Police Story 2, eh?

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Sleepy dawgs always delivers. Fantastic video! Completely broke down crying and laughing a couple of times.

Posted by FoxMulder

Damn! This DLC makes me want a Police Story game! Those movies are the greatest!

Posted by MHumphreys89

Weird, I just sat-down today and decided to play Sleeping Dogs for the first time and I encountered the same bug as Ryan and Vinny. I had my controller plugged in before I started Steam and the .exe but the game wouldn't pick up my controller unless I had it on 'Auto-Swap'.

Posted by Dead_Cell

Vinny + Sleeping Dogs is the greatest thing to happen to Giant Bomb ever.

Posted by Korolev

These never, ever fail to entertain. God bless you Vinny

Posted by cAnDyMaN69666

That guys voice sounds like Conky from Trailer Park Boys

Posted by ottoman673

YES. always love me some vinny and sleepy dawgz

Posted by artofwar420

Fuck yes. More Sleppy Dawgs.

Posted by Aronleon

I think my love for this DLC is more because the opening is basically Lethal Weapon 3 so fuck yeah SD.

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I made the mistake of taking a drink when the car flipped out and ended up shooting smoothie out of my nose.

Posted by ThreeRoneC

More Vinny, more Sleeping Doigs!

Posted by MoonwalkSA

I want to somehow combine Sleepy Dawgs and Euro Truck Sim into one game and then watch Vinny play it forever.

Posted by cooljammer00

Sleeping Dogs, 2013's 2012 GOTY

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@masterverhoffin: And I own every single piece of it thanks to that 91% off bug on Steam

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vinny with the soilent green reference...its humans...lol, the car going all skyrim...gotta love this site and this game.

ps.....brad was real shiesty for that

Posted by cooljammer00

License plate has two 4's in it? That's a bad character in Asia.

Posted by Legion_

Don't know if this is the year of the quick look, but this is certainly the quick look of the year.

Posted by MikeJFlick

Vinny should just start up a twitch channel and start doing daily streams of sleepy dogs.

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Just finished the DLC myself and was hoping Vinny had done a QL of it. Satisfaction. :D

Posted by kishinfoulux

Just start up VinnyXSleepingDogs.com already.

That part where the car freaked out and starting flying through the air was fucking great.