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God bless you Vinny. Sleeping Dogs got shafted in the GOTY. Great game.

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Vinnie just has a way of making funny things happen in video games.

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Someone tell Vinny you CAN drive the big buses. Just need to hijack from the passenger side.

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Tears of joy and laughter. Thank you so much Vinny. I keep on replaying that skyrocket super car flip maneuver and wondering just how in the hell did Vinny do that?! Then I remember Vinny's behind the wheel. It scares me to think just how much I would gladly pay for a Sleeping Dogs marathon play through (from start to finish) from Vinny. Thank you for keeping the streets free from crime officer Vinny!

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Does dessert mean anal? Hahahaha! Awesome quick look!

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Cheers to Vinny and his infectious videogaming joy. As long as they keep producing this DLC, I'll keep watching Vinny play it.

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Why does this game have so much DLC?

Also why does Vinny run past the big red circle twice in the start of the video? How does this guy finish games? HOW DOES HE MISS SUCH OBVIOUS CUES?

And then for the third suspect he starts running towards the cop car symbol despite having played all of this game and all of its DLC and having seen the symbol a bunch of times. I just don't get it!!

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This might have just been one of the best quick looks ever! Couldn't stop laughing for a second.

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Garry's Dogs

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Vinny, you are doing God's work

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Ok just going to throw this idea out Vinny plays sleeping dogs for twelve hours straight for charity ....

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Sleeping Dogs 2 needs to come so Vinny can marathon live stream through it.

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There's so much to like about this QL. Vinny bugs out and takes flight in a car. Wei freaks on top of a car after spinning brodies and dropkicking a policeman. Two princess bride references. Hitting people with your car door while driving past them.

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Any excuse for more Sleeping Dogs is alright with me.

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First quicklook in a very long while that has put me into tears, laughing. jesus vinny.

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Real strong contender for "Best Quick Look of 2013" right here.

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Vinny is awesome, the best even, but I have to give Ryan props for having the presence of mind to cheer at the flying car, instead of breaking down in tears like everyone else on Earth did.

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What they are making even more dlc? This is crazy, but I won't complain as long as we get to see Vinny play more Sleepy Dawgs.

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That car pulled a Skyrim.

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Is this the most quicklooked game ever?

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I will never get tired of Vinny playing Sleepy Dogs

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Just how much coffee did Vinny have before doing this one? I know Sleepy Dogs QLs always include crazy shenanigans, but this was, like...wei crazy?

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This is one of the very rare games where the "jank" seems to do nothing but improve the game. The only other one I can think of off the top of my head is Mercenaries 2 (co-op specifically) which was broken in so many ways and yet it only seemed to elevate the experience. I don't mean to directly compare them, since Sleeping Dogs is a much better game, but this property is about as rare in games as the truly "so bad it's good" property is in film.

Sleeping Dogs may have been the most fun I had with a video game in 2012. I'm glad it survived.

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I fucking love that Vinny and Sleeping Dogs exist in the same universe, at the same time - and in a digital age, no less, with access to the interwebs with which to broadcast the ensuing shenanigans. This did not have to be. I am not a god-fearing man, but surely some greater force must be at work...

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I <3 Vinny!

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Is it officially the most quick looked game on Giant Bomb?

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"Roadrunner Records...you know, Life of Agony" was an unexpected highlight.

Vinny's a guy who dresses in all black and he's from New York. He's heard of Life of Agony.

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Holy shit. By far one of the best quicklooks ever. It's so goddamn good. Giant Bomb, if I could buy a lifetime subscription, this video alone would be the one to convince me for it.

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Yes Ryan, dessert means anal.

Always anal.

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The jankiness of this quicklook reminded me why I love buggy open world games.

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I'll take some of that anal dessert, Ryan, if you're paying.

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Ozomantli is preetay good...

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God bless you vinny. That 'bomb disposal technique' you used was so unexpected it had me in tears.

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Aw, this was live? How did I miss this?

Posted by AlexanderSheen

If you want to see the best open world shit, @13:35.

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This was everything I could have hoped for in a Quick Look. Sleeping Dogs is now 2013's 2012 Game of the Year.

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The gift that keeps on giving! Loving the Sleeping Dogs love.

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On the one hand, Vinny's shenanigans are pretty funny. On the other, it's frustrating watching him fuck around in Sleeping Dogs (3 for 3, now I believe). I can fuck around in the game myself - I come expecting to see the featured content.

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I love the Quick Looks in general, but the SD-QLs are especially awesome xD

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Vinny + Sleeping Dogs = a gift that just keeps on giving.

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Vinny & Ryan Sleeping Dogs Endurance run NAO!!1!

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Vinny + Sleeping Dogs = Awesome

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Aww yeah Sleepy Dogs!

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When he stops a car I keep hearing him say "honk honk police!"

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Not one to watch too much gameplay (of someone playing a game all the way through) on youtube/twich beyond finding lost collectibles or easter eggs but I'd definitely watch Vinny play Sleepy Dogs or something similar. Only bad thing about the last few DLC on Sleepy Dogs is none after that have matched the great intro cinematic style of Zodiac Tournament. Great King Kong moment in this one, interesting way of doing a chase reversal & few bugs to make it quite hilarious to watch.

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I love sleeping dogs. Though this is the first dlc that I bought after finishing the game.

I wish there would be more games where martial arts would play a major part in the way that the game is designed.

Probably should buy ps3 for just to play the yakuza games.

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Vinny's Sleeping Dogs Theater is my fave.

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I love Vinny but it can be kind of frustrating to watch him helm Quick Looks at times.