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Sneak look!

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UH, phone games?

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I think we ALL know what they're playing for TNT now.

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@deskp said:

UH, phone games?

Oh my god. Watch the whole video. Trust me.

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deactivate all t-

eh, you get it

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I'd pay $50 a year to watch Jeff yell at himself.

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Well that seems fairly awesome. Whoever made this game a genius.

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This sounds like a stressful game. I love it.

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This may have been asked, but does this count as a Flight Club?

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TARDIS simulator

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The Kessler Run lives on! ...a little longer!

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Emergency power to something something.

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Love this quick look. This game is perfect for them.

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This needs to be ported to android immediately!

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That office looks like a fire hazard!

This game looks great fun. What a great concept.

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Warface x Spaceteam, coming 2013

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This is the perfect game. Completely pointless yelling.

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dear god, what am I watching?

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Roll Fizzlebeef!

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lol this looks great.

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I wish this would come to android

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this game looks so fun

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What did I just watch?

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Dis game mad intense oh lawd!

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Watching this makes me wish the GB team would check out Artemis (http://www.artemis.eochu.com/), the starship simulator. Up to six players man individual stations in a ship bridge, exploring space and fighting other plays/AI combatants. It is especially fun when drinking.

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That would be great to play with 4 people on the main floor of a library during finals. I mean yeah, after a minute you would get kicked out, but the puzzled faces on all the disgruntled people trying to study would be well worth it.

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@supercubedude said:

Roll Fizzlebeef!

Blast Hardcheese activated.

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Total insanity...

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It took me a bit to realize what the fuck they were doing and that it was multiplayer but when it clicked it seemed totally awesome.

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Ooh... I'm confused?

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One day, man's technology will be advanced enough to make this simulation real! Let us hope we live to see that day.

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The best part to me is having to yell out those crazy component names.

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Well, that was the best unexpected QL of the year.

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"You can wipe off the goo" - Patrick Klepek (2012)

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I'm freakin out here.

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I have made some friends play this as filler at a board game night, and the insanity it provides is incredible. Bought something just to support the devs, this game is one of the best reasons to have an iPad.


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@supercubedude said:

Roll Fizzlebeef!

Blast Hardcheese activated.

Bob Johnson! Oh, wait...

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Oh man I want this on Android so bad! Judge you by your thumbnail, do I? Not anymore. Hilarious!

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Turn on the HD! Turn up the Volume! TURN UP THE VOLUME!!! SHAKE!!!!!!!

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That looks like a lot of fun. Shame I don't know enough people with the phones to play this.

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This seems like prime material to take audio from and make an animation out of it.

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This looks so interesting!

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Capture kit for iOS go!


@ExplodeMode said:

@supercubedude said:

Roll Fizzlebeef!

Blast Hardcheese activated.

Bob Johnson! Oh, wait...