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Posted by RazielCuts

Cloud Strife in spaaaaccceeee.

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Can't wait to find out what Jeff thinks of this after his love of Terraria. Been lovin' it myself so far.

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Posted by Quantical

Terraria in space? Nearly choked on me peanuts!

Posted by Link43130

"Oh god people quite" lol you are very funny jeffy

Posted by Yibn

This game has been super fun. The weirdest part is when you and your friends roll up on abandoned stations and just mine all of the cool decorative stuff and loot the place and keep running. The funniest is sand traps in giant caverns.

Posted by reelife

I think I got one of the best randomized names

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God, this game looks amazing.

Posted by darksagus

I've been looking forward to this ever since I heard it was the terraria artist working on it like 2 years ago, can't believe it's finally coming out

Posted by FoxMulder

Anyone else notice the ringing noise in one of their microphones? It's been in pretty much every video since the Xbox One launch. It's kind of annoying and bothersome when trying to enjoy some video content.

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You all guys played minecraft and terraria and no one suggested to get a pickaxe? Come on

Posted by animathias

Let's be fair here. You could say "hotdog soaked in gravy," and the Giant Bomb editors will come out of the woodwork.

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Time to Rand: 3:50

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Terraria didn't do much for me, but this looks interesting with the multiple planets and all.

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I miiiight have to buy this, like now.

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Get to alien planet. Immediately chop down trees and kill indigenous life.


Posted by Kartana

Oh look it's that kind of game again. meh

Posted by GunsAreDrawn

The music for this game sounds kind of crappy. It's weird that you would of expected the Terraria music in a Sci Fi game and the Starbound music in a fantasy game.

Posted by Wilshere

Get to alien planet. Immediately chop down trees and kill indigenous life.

There are countless just like it. Use up all of its resources and move to the next planet. Dead Space style!

Posted by Enns

I've been burned by "early access" stuff so many times but Terraria is dope.. space is dope.

Posted by Metal_Mills

Constantly crashes for me. Damn it. :(

Posted by chiablo

This looks frustratingly tedious.

Posted by DonMFJohnson

Real people = too real.

Posted by pyrodactyl

@chiablo said:

This looks frustratingly tedious.

well, they could've built a pickaxe in the first 5 minutes with cobblestone

Posted by BigDaddy81

Who is John Galtness?

Posted by DeadpanCakes

Loved the super awkward moment at the end.
Reflects all my social interaction fairly accurately.

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@enns: stay off the space dope, son.

Posted by Nhoj_Sllew

alpha canis majoris is Sirius which is not the largest known star

brad is thinking of VY Canis Majoris, which is also not the largest known star, tho it is very close to the top of the list

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I was taking a sip of coffee when Jeff hit "Greg-Jones" and almost lost it.

The randomized names are great. My Apex (monkey person) character's name is "Raincheeks"

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You were slain by Torsey the Torso Horse

Posted by ToniMcKernt

i'd love to play this on my vita

Posted by IsenTorr

Game looks great. Will probably wait til the crashes are sorted out before I buy it.

Posted by cloudymusic

Wow, this looks even more like Terraria than I had expected.

However, as a huge fan of Terraria, this is not a bad thing. Purchased.

Posted by RuthLoose

Yo, it's like Minecraft. But good.

Posted by Budwyzer

Yo, it's like Minecraft. But good.

The cookies have crumbled.

Posted by Nev

Haha. Jeff's multiplayer experience was pretty much exactly how mine tend to go. Oh no, people! RUN!

Anyway, bought this game, seems awesome!

Posted by bunnymud

@tonimckernt: You will soon be able to from what I read. Supposed to be coming to the PS4 and Vita.

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"They said they would come back"

Me and about six others were in a server last night...just running in one direction...when we came upon a camp site (tent, fire barrel, lawn chair next to a fire pit, I mean the works. Only thing was it was being guarded by a HUGE monster...so we built a wall ouside of the camp to rain down arrows on our foe. Turns out he was wuss and died from just one arrow...lol the best part was after closer inspection, behind the tent was a wooden wall with the words "They said, they would come back..." or something of that nature....it was pretty awesome. ....I took the Tent and is now my only place of refuge. ...ill take some pics and post them here.

"The spoils of the camp raid!"

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Favorite thing about this are the Robot Gender Icons.

Posted by ArtisanBreads

Not looking at the crafting list at the bench ever in this was a little frustrating to watch.

Posted by MeatSim

Jeff "fuck the prime directive" Gerstmann.

This is still Terraria alright, but I will probably still play it once it's out of beta.

Posted by SubwayD

A bit lame to quote something from the video, but this bit made me laugh more than I should have.

Brad: "Whoa! That looks cool! Aw, that looks cool. Did I mention that looks cool?"

Vinny: "How's it look?"

Brad: "Looks alright..."

Posted by yellownumber5

I've noticed this and Darkout on Steam yesterday. Neat concept, and wonder why the the sudden splash of sci-fi themed Terraria--also wonder if pointless digging and fortress building can hold out just because its scifi. I need a story.

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Not looking at the crafting list at the bench ever in this was a little frustrating to watch.

Just so people know, they could have made a pick, an axe, and other tools early on with stone. And then they could have also made a bed, where you can sleep to get your health back.

@reelife said:

I think I got one of the best randomized names

I also made a monkey guy and his generated name was "Space Ape Jr."

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This was a fun quicklook, I definetly will pick this up eventually.

Posted by kunoh

Hey whats that Zbrush model on the desktop? (@49:43)

Posted by Tr0n

Jeff: C opens basic crafting. Use E on craft table.

Posted by themangalist

Hahaha Jeff's social anxiety!