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e: oh god, this looks great



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FMV fighting is so 90's!

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Just heard about this from the ILM. Can't wait to check this, hahaha.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

So excited!

Posted by MikeGosot

Damn, i read this as NeverDead. Must be my lack of sleep.

Posted by Dany

Great pun

Posted by CycloneDE

@MikeGosot: Totally did the same thing. But then I remembered that's never going to happen.

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@Semi_Sauce said:

FMV fighting is so 90's!


Posted by VoshiNova

secret videos popping up left and right this afternoon! Keepin' me on my toes.

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isn't that black eyed peas dude?

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One final "fuck you" to the NeverDead crowd.

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Jon Hamm + Nathan Drake + Italy

Posted by Nonentity

Holy christ, this is AWESOME.

Posted by Sammo21

Just like Italy used to be.

Posted by SgtSphynx

This game, man, this game.

Posted by Daiphyer

They are just fucking with us now, right? WHERE IS NEVER DEAD?!

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"Why are you fighting?"



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Jeff lost to the Iblis Trigger!

Posted by Oddy4000

Italian Ingenuity at work. It's freaking amazing.

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o_o was this recorded live at some point, or is this just a random QL out of the blue?

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pretty neat...

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This is kind of impressive, really.

Posted by John1912

Wow....Sadly what was most offensive about the Nazi was his physical acting....

Posted by Quantical

This is the best thing I have seen all day.

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DukerG obiously has tits on his red armband. To bad we can't see them on this prude American website.

Posted by Nerolus

Heil Dukerg

Posted by Darkraven

If anyone in the internet would appreciate this game it would be you guys :)

Posted by CaLe

I can totally understand Vinny's attraction to males with thick hair. If you have thick hair, don't take that shit for granted. Cherish it.

Posted by AlKusanagi

Karate that mans!!!

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Tommmy! Noooooo!

Posted by m2cks

Oh God the serious-as-hell music makes it for me

Posted by Hyperfludd

A true Karate Man.

Posted by Phatmac

This is the best.

Posted by DeviTiffany

The Nazi guy just reminded me of Rolento the entire time

Posted by doosmacleod

Italian Karate Man is my new hero.

I wish for a day where I can stare at a camera -- or at least somewhat under it. Thinking about Karate. Wrestling. Pasta. Having awesome hair.

Posted by Podunk

This actually looks pretty good. Hearing them talk about it beforehand, I thought it would be similar to Dong Dong Never Die, but it actually seems interesting. Goofy, what with the sticks, but interesting. Not what I was expecting at all.

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Italianathan Drake is not very good at fighting unarmed dudes, it seems.

Posted by mrpandaman

So this is the prequel to NeverDead???

Posted by jonano

Dude I'd love to see Vinny in this game kicking ass .


Some what reminded me of the gunstringer Wavy Tube Man for some reason

Posted by LiquidPrince

This kinda looks awesome. I'd want them to play through the whole thing!

Posted by DougQuaid

Is it racist to say that Italian karate man looks like Vinny with a lot of hair?

Posted by gbrading

This is a completely genuine FMV game. Hats off to the developers for making this!

P.S. Now we have Stay Dead, we need Never Dead. Come on, humour me.

Posted by DrWaffles

This is goddamned amazing.

Posted by Brodehouse

Alan Wake learned karate.