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I've been waiting for this for some time.  If it lives up to the promise of the first game then I'm in.

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always wanted to try one of these.

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Edit: Fuck you Laketown.

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ah close!!

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ARGH!!!! I will never ever ever be first.


Yay! More painfully cute platformers!
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please be good. this has potential girlfriend game written all over it. and i mean that in a good way

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Giant Bomb is this god-damn close to reaching cuteness overload today.

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Heh I just watch the Kirby Quick Look and this shows up, awesome. 
Lol "Gotta Be Careful with a Boombox"
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@kollay said:
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This is looking well!

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I think they mistook "Beach Party" for the movie "Outbreak".

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Surprised how good the game looks! Every time I think about the first Scribblenauts and what I expected out of it, I get super bummed out so this is a great way to make me happy again.

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Ride that fish.... 
Edit: Best part of the entire thing (Bear on Bear action)  I mean he was the mean bear...
Edit 2: Evil me made me lose my shit as well...

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I lost my shit when he started riding the fish. 
Great quick look.

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@Livebythesword:  you. awesome.
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Why does Ryan hate British English and accents so much?

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This might just be the funniest goddamn Quick Look EVER.

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Bears riding bears

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@Mcmurrow said:

" I lost my shit when he started riding the fish.  Great quick look. "

I ended up spitting water all over when mean bear went to town on nice bear. That is not what I expected out of a bear fight at all!
For the puzzle where they had to give the people/animals homes, I used "GIANT METAL CAGE" on the tiger and ended up beating the level. So they weren't too far off with the tiger trap.
I got the game earlier this week, and they definitely fixed the issues from the original, as well as skewed more towards puzzle-type levels so you can't beat everything with HELICOPTER and ROPE. There are a couple unlockable constellations (i.e., sets of levels) though, that are more skewed towards action and platforming while still not being extremely exploitable, so no worries there. People who got burned by the first game should definitely give this a try,
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Sit back, relax and enjoy a Ryan and Vinny quicklook while eating tacos. Life's Pretty good right now.

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All these Quick Looks. Thank you for some awesome video content, Giant Bomb. And with Vinny too, which makes it extra extravagant.

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... Ungrateful bovine...

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What does this beach party need?  Frankie Valli.  Funny stuff.

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Great, I was hoping to see this.

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@Delphye said:
" Sit back, relax and enjoy a Ryan and Vinny quicklook while eating tacos. Life's Pretty good right now. "
You're pretty much living the life right now. Rock the fuck on!
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Oh man. Evil Me running around making random stuff was hilarious. This is one of the greatest Quick Looks.

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Aww, I think this is what Ryan wanted to show at the end.

If only he knew Rocco's last name.
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Giant wet baseballs for some, poisonous devils for all!

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That wasn't a beach party, guys.  Monkeys, needles, and vaccines are the plot of Project X.

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@RipTheVeins: Botte... I think.
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That was HILARIOUS! More Scribblenauts!

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Mean bear riding nice bear!

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At one point do they type in durger? Does it make a hotdog?

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The bears and the evil twins had me in tears.

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Oh my god... endurance run this shit! 
(disclaimer: not an actual suggestion, but damn...)

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Anybody try typing "durger" yet? 

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Haha one of the funniest quick looks.  
Loved the part were the evil bear were riding on the nice bear XD

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Best beach party ever!

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Today's QLs have been nothing short of phenomenal.

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I want some to make an incredibly copyright infringing/uncensored Scribblenauts for the pc that users would keep contributing words and assets to like the M.U.G.E.N. fighting engine.

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Oh god... The me's were awesome.

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I bet the next one will be called Scribblenauts 64

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Needs more Abe Lincoln and Durgers.

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that was awesome