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I love tetris, always nice to see a new version.

Posted by Seraphim84

You really weren't kidding Drew.  There's tetris

Posted by august

Let there be Tetris.

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Do de de do, do da do do da do, do da de do, da do de do do do 
EDIT: Oh, it's the PSP Mini music remix. Umm, yay. 
 EDIT EDIT: So, watched the first 6 minutes and this IS the PSP mini. That's portable. Get that instead. Multiplayer Tetris doesn't appeal to me...

Posted by Innovacious

Tetris championship edition? Also, the video isnt loading for me :(

Posted by zombie2011

I've had enough Tetris in my life.

Posted by KaiserZephyr

Oh shit, the floor loops around?! WTF Devil's Tetris, Indeed!

Posted by bassman2112

Haha, I've actually been thinking of purchasing this for myself and my girlfriend
Thanks for the QL, guys <3

Posted by BigStupidFace

Seems like quite a long load screen for tetris. I mean, I know there are SIX different block types, but still....

Posted by Jimbo

Like some stupid falling blocks game is ever gonna catch on.

Posted by ZombiePie

Watching the guys play Tetris reminds me of a classic Gamespot moment...one where Ryan has a goatee:   

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Holy crap! Ickle bombs!
Posted by RobertOrri

I really like all the ®'s and ™'s plastered all over this game. I always want to be reminded of copyrights, trademarks and registered trademarks so that I do not accidentally infringe upon them, especially while playing video games. Thanks EA!

Posted by Catfish666
Tetris god approves! 
Posted by DougQuaid

Vinny Caravella - Tetris tough guy

Posted by Nadafinga

Wow, Ryan is soooo much better than Vinny. 
....no offense Vinny.

Posted by RiotBananas

I've heard a lot of good things about this game, glad to see it finally make it big.

Posted by august

Ryan Davis is pretty fucking good at Tetris.

Posted by Djeffers03

What is this peculiar game? I've never seen it before in my life!

Posted by Gizmo

Ryan's Duke impression is pretty convincing. 

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Tetris 2011

Posted by Getz

Yeah, I'll watch a 30 minute tetris video.

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The Tetris A-type music has a special location deeply inbedded in my brain. 
The guy playing Tetris superfast was amazing.
Posted by Hansolol

Haha, I was totally ready for this QL to be a snooze.  I was wrong.

Posted by Darkraven

"good job nerd!" oh vinny :')

Posted by BeachThunder

Looks like a good version of Tetris. Also, it seems like people would kill eachother over the shared mode D:

Posted by BigStupidFace

I could not play that shared mode with you Vinny, I'm sorry.

Posted by buhssuht
@ZombiePie: Man, i can feel their excitement coming from the video
Posted by boredperson

Do we really need 26 minutes for a Tetris quick look? 
I think the answer is OH GOD YES!!!

Posted by eloj

There's no "custom game" in there? I miss the bombs from Supertetris.

Posted by takua108

That shared mode looks incredible.

Posted by BigStupidFace

Also battle tetris is nothing, NOTHING, without the tetrinet music.

Posted by zyn

Not as revolutionary as Pac Man CE DX, AMIRIGHT?!

Posted by phrosnite

I don't like the outline thingy.

Posted by crusader8463

Crazy. I just watched the trailer for this on PSN before I turn off my PS3 and loaded the site. What a cowinkie dink.

Posted by ShaggE

Mmmm, that's good Tetris. Not feeling the A-type music remix, though...

Posted by Robitt
@ZombiePie said:

Watching the guys play Tetris reminds me of a classic Gamespot moment...one where Ryan has a goatee

Thank you. I actually remember this.
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"good job nerd"

Posted by NoelVeiga
@ZombiePie: If nothing else, you've given the world hope that people get better at what they do over time...
Posted by Hoursofbs

Ryan plays Tetris like a crazy man

Posted by Video_Game_King

For some reason, the ending reminds me of Super Tetris 3, the super obscure Japan only Tetris thing for the SNES.

Posted by IronScimitar

Still isnt cooler than THE NEW TETRIS for N64.


Ryan - there has been Tetris on PS3 for ages - an over prived mini came out ages ago :D

Posted by jellysnake

Holy crap at that Tetris master savant replay.  I bet there are a fair few players even crazier than that!

Posted by Dudacles

This does not look appealing at all.

Posted by Chango

Doesn't look half bad actually. But the only version of Tetris that I've ever truly liked was the DS one.

Posted by Cheapoz

This sure was 26 minutes of Tetris.