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Posted by AngelN7

Why did they stop there! Why god damnit! I need to find out why a Wavy tube man was driving a DeLorean!

Posted by AllanIceman

Wait? What?! I don't even...

Posted by Bunny_Fire

damnit now im gonna have to get the gunstringer to see the end of this

Posted by Citizengamer

I have seen the future of gaming, and it's both smiles and cries.

Posted by thomasonfa

Did you notice the Cola-Cola sign at the second location? I loved it!

Edited by I_smell

This game stands out!

Twisted Pixel are now the ultimate wild-card.

Posted by Crazyhorse23

I don't have a kinect, so you guys should definitely make a video where you play through the whole thing!

Posted by Physic

The Texas flag in the saloon is upside down.

Posted by Ratfoot

Oh man I really want a Kinect now.

Posted by Hameyadea

*no comment*

Posted by Coolarman

May the power of Christ compel you HADOUKAN

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Posted by ThePainTrain

Fuck this is great!

Posted by TruthTellah

Dang this is awesome. Always a winner to come back to.

The People demand Twisted Pixel endurance runs!

Posted by JeanLuc

This is one of my favorite Ryan Quick Looks!