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Quick look away

Edit: Got it, sweet. Also this may have just sold me a Kinect...damn it

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Been looking for this to see what the fuss is about

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Maybe I should get a kinect . . . Or I could just watch this.

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I can never get enough of Beard Technology.

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I wonder if this has achievements?

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@Dante_the_Jedi said:

Quick look away

Edit: Got it, sweet.

awww man i love your pic its my background!

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This game does look a lot better than every other worthless Kinect title on the market. But, still nothing can make me excited for Kinect. Ever. Probably. I do enjoy watching the QLs though, for obvious reasons.

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Relax patrick :-)

Posted by ElixirBronze

Patrick has an annoying laugh.. maybe I think that because he laughs the same way as my brother.

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Oh man... I think I'm going to get The Gunstringer before I watch this. Don't want to ruin the magic!

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This is amazing. Twisted Pixel really went off the deep end this time.

Also goddamnit I wanna see the rest! :(

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My god. I need kinect just for this.

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Welp, looks like I have to get Gunstringer now.

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I... I don't want to but the kinect just for this game! No! God damn it!

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you know as longs as GB continues to do quick looks of kinect products i am doubly sure i will never have to buy one, because i get all i need from just watching.

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Ok, I've changed my mind. Kinect is the best thing to ever happen to video games.

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Must buy Kinect + 360

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So games are art now. Glad that's settled.

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Doc Loyd's got an official old west purple wristwatch.

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I can't believe something like this got made. FMV games are making a comeback, right?

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I don't have a Kinect but I so would play this.

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that was fucking amazing

too bad I don't own a kinect

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Anyone else think this was kinda meh when you consider the fact that you have to buy both a Kinect and The Gunstringer to get this ~30 minute experience?

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Well that's me sold.

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Hahaha - at the 5:09 mark when that lady is talking about "strange things around town" and it flashes quickly, I just had to know what the frame was. So I stepped through and caught it. Hahahahaha! What the FUCK!?

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This...is amazing. Greatest DLC ever.

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I want a kinect...

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Well, that 17 minutes was incredible. Too bad I'll never see a second past that, because I will never, ever own a Kinect.

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Oh God. I kind of want a Kinect now--ONLY FOR THIS.

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Ah ha ha holy shit. They should just do FMV games from now on.

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All right, fine, fine. Fucking fine. I'll buy The Gunstringer.

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Well this is great.

Posted by Ronald

Loving how slow everyone is on the draw. This is making me wish more and more for that Twisted Pixel Night Trap game.

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"This is not about playin'." Guess I'll watch someone play through it on YouTube, then, and save my money.

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@KarlPilkington said:

Well this is great.

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This is the funniest thing since big live live show:D

I am 5:40 in and cant stop laughing to watch more. ITS GREAT :D

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Here's that 1 frame you've been pausing the video to try and see (or not):

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holy shit, Im speechless. Bow Twisted Pixel.

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Twisted Pixel pretty much is now my favorite studio.

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What is video game!?

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Oh my god.

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Ryan said on twitter they're making a night trap game xD. Can't wait to see that.

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I wonder what game will win the FMV category in December...

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As a huge Troma fan I'm so happy this exists.

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@TurboMan said:

Must buy Kinect + 360

If I want to spend 300 dollars for 30 minutes of entertainment, I can think of some more interesting ways to do that.

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@DiGiTaL_SiN: Thanks!

This is fucking amazing. I love these guys and really hope they'll do an equally ridiculous type of game for PC some time. I'd love to have a chance to play some of their stuff some time. These guys really know how to make FMV work in the most hilarious ways.

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Thanks Twisted Pixel. Thank you.

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That is probably the most craziest and bat shit insane FREE DLC for any game I've seen.