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Oh My Lordy

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I usually don't like the Twisted Pixel brand of weird humour... but goddamn this is funny as hell.

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Aww I want to see the rest (especially with commentary), but I'm not going to be buying Kinect any time soon...

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This is goddamn brilliant.

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I've never really understood the whole enjoying awful media thing. It's cool that some people dig Troll 2, or Sci Fi original movies, or Italian horror movies, or exploitation films. More power to em, I suppose. I don't think niche genres are harmed by it. It can even be a bit meta sometimes. I dunno, I just prefer stuff that tries to be quality, and succeeds.

I suspect people that deliberately seek out failure in their art appreciation must also like Jazz.

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Great, now I have to buy a Kinect.

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Fun fact: the movie Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D was originally to be produced by Namco. But Lloyd Kaufmann and Namco ran into creative differences over if the movie should be the typical Troma campy sex-and-violence movie, or a more family friendly film.

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Quite neato

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I hate the adverts.

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It's not the first time they've done it, Dragon Age 2 got video ads.

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Well, it's finallyhappened. Ads on Giant Bomb videos. And for that sh*tty Dead Island zombei game no less!

I'm out.

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Where can I watch the rest of this?

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Hilarious! That brunette is smokin' hot.

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@LiK said:

Hilarious! That brunette is smokin' hot.

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@vinsanityv22 said:

Well, it's finallyhappened. Ads on Giant Bomb videos. And for that sh*tty Dead Island zombei game no less!

I'm out.

You will be so DEARLY missed.

You showed them bro.

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This may be the greatest DLC of all time.

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@vinsanityv22 said:

Well, it's finallyhappened. Ads on Giant Bomb videos. And for that sh*tty Dead Island zombei game no less!

I'm out.

Oh noes, not on the zombei games?


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As awesome as it is, too bad there's no patronizing "put'cha hand back in duh holsta" from Showdown.

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Bout damn time TP did a full on FMV game.(granted it's just an add-on) I really wish they went all out & did a Heavy Rain style game with branching paths etc. That might sell me on Kinect ;p

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Oh my fucking god... I can die happily now. If I ever buy a 360 again, I will buy a kinect for this.

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I haven't cared about Kinect at all up until I saw this video. I'm not sure if I want to shell out the cash just for a 30 minute DLC but I'm damn close.

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What the hell am I watching? :-\

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What .. the .....

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This is the only reason to own a Kinect. This is the single reason to have it! Twisted Pixel, I applaud you.

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I don't get it. What business have Twisted Pixel making videogames? So far, all of them sucked gameplaywise. Some just generic (Comic Jumper), some borderline unplayable (Splosion Whatever) and now this here that hardly qualifies as a game to begin with. The best part of any Twisted Pixel product is the extras section with all their weird clips and even those are nowhere near as funny as they might think. If they can't be bothered to make decent games, then just let them put some clips on youtube and leave it that.

And Kinect's still crap.

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It makes me want to buy a kinect just so I can see the end of this.

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Never change, Twisted Pixel.

Don't ever change.

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I don't even own a kinect and I want to buy this game to support these complete maniacs.

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My cheeks hurt from grinning through the video.

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Holy crap I'm so glad my brother bought a Kinect. Gunstringer just jumped to the top of my wish list. This is insane.

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@Efesell said:

Never change, Twisted Pixel.

Don't ever change.

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@BartWux: You seem to dislike fun.

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OMG, the greatest DLC ever made. Also one of the best QL's ever.

Also, that brunette is a hottie.

Also, acting.

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Oh god I love this! For once, the guys playing the game were not the funniest part of a video.

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@Dixperiken said:

@BartWux: You seem to dislike fun.

Or he loves to troll!

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This is the best thing ever.

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Oh god this is amazing.

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MUST HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kinect justified.

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Damnit all if I had a Kinect I'd buy this in a heartbeat.Ryan completely sold me on it.

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"Shut the fuck up! Shut the fuck up! Shut the fuck up!" Yes Patrick, you definitely should...

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So the time-machine-thingy is what provided the "doc" with the not-so-19th-century-wristwatch..? Or did he just forget to take it off? :P

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How the hell did anyone let them make this, its awesome!

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That intro...

I'm buying a Kinect.

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I so goddamned wish I had a Kinect!!

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Okay. So here's a reason to buy a Kinect.