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I win

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Hope there is some turkey.

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KOF is here again!!!

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I wonder how this will match up to other fighting games

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13 games. 13 King of Fighter games.

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Hey Ash, whatcha playin'?

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Vanessa is only in as a cameo, boo!

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Neato, my dancing card is full with AE and UMvC3, but cool looking game.

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Dem HD sprites.

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love how subtle the backgrounds are...

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Hey cool it's in HD for some reason.

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Man, the 2D art in this game looks real nice. Very impressive.

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yep that stage was super racist

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So 720p is finally implemented on youtube. Good.

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Finally got an arcade stick last week, I was thinking about buying either this or UMVC3. BRING ON THE QL!

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Buster Wolf all up ins!

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glad 720p is up on youtube now, but youtube compression still sucks ass. Thought maybe it could save Whiskey some bandwidth if members started watching 720p videos on youtube. Cant switch.

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Got to say, this game looks gorgeous.

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"Why is she getting hugged by NiGHTS?"

This made me so happy

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Yep, that is a pretty racist background.

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This needs zooming in and out all crazy like the SamShos and the AOFs :<

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I'm ashamed at admitting this, but I know NOTHING about King of Fighters, absolutely nothing, I don't know what console it was first on, don't when it was first released, don't know any charact- oh well know I know some.

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What the shit? No Power Dunk for Terry Bogard?


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@TehJedicake said:

I'm ashamed at admitting this, but I know NOTHING about King of Fighters, absolutely nothing, I don't know what console it was first on, don't when it was first released, don't know any charact- oh well know I know some.

Logic-based implosion! Clear the internet!

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I'm quite excited for this one. Supposedly decent online and I'm always looking to try something new.

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@Alexandruxx: Yes. Go forth in High Definition, my non-subscriber brethren!


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So glad that YouTube is 720p now, I actually prefer their player, despite being a subscriber.

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Yes. This looks like a KoF game. Maybe I will have to pick it up at some point.

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No sound in the cutscenes is pretty dumb.

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I watch this on streams a couple of times before and it looks ok, but not the pace I like in a fighting game.

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All I can say is - I can't wait for skullgirls.

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I prefer my arksys fighters still (Guilty Gear, BlazBlue) but KoF probably comes in just behind those, so nice to see this.

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Please TNT this game ASAP!

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If you're still wondering, Ryan, yeah that was insanely racist!

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Give me all of those 720p's

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For you whippersnappers saying "OMG how have they made 13 King of Fighters games what did you do for warmth Grandpa" lemme tell you...

The've made eighteen King of Fighters games. If you're new to the series and want to get your emulator on, start with 98', 2000 or 02, preferably 02. 96' set the tone for what a modern fighting game is: SF Alpha's system bears a lot of resemblance. And yes, SNK ripped off Ryu for Ryo, and Capcom made Dan to poke fun. But Capcom ripped off Sakura from Yuri!

There's nothing I love more than a good KOF game, and this is the first honestly good one that isn't a rerelease in nine years. If you're looking for a fighter and don't want to give Capcom sequel cash for whatever reason, get this one! GET SERIOUS!

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This really makes me want a sequel to Mark of the Wolves.

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Custom colors? Time to de-pants Yuri again.

Edit: Okay, maybe not this time. She looks like she's 12.

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Ive realized I do not like fighting games except for Mortal Kombat

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A brief early history of KoF: It all began in 94. Kept on rolling in 95. Pieces were in place in 96. Came to an end in 97. Now it comes and here we go, KoF is here again. Nothings gonna stop, it's 1998.

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This video looks baller-bananas (a good thing) in 720P.

UMVC3, now KOF13 and soon AE2012! All at a time when I am neck deep in some Dark Souls and Skyrim.

Holy hell this is a great few months of games for someone of my tastes.

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I was never able to get into this games , they always seem to me like the "other side" you never visit the same with Mortal Kombat but I gotta say those sprites look really good.

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OH MAN. What is up with that stage background?! Is that really the way they wanted to portray polynesian people? My Samoan friends would chuck a fit if they saw this!