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Love this game; already better than The Walking Dead.

EDIT: Damn, only time I ever get it, years after the quest is gone.

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Finally! Been waiting for a quick look of this! EDIT: Hey Patrick!

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This game is seriously good

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The first episode of this series was fantastic. Can't wait for more.

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That pig in the screen shot obviously pokes.

Posted by andmm

This game is fantastic

Posted by development

I could have sworn there was already a Quick Look of this. Guess not. Hey, everyone, buy this game.

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This game is fantastic. Glad Patrick flew out to force these guys to finally Quick Look.

Posted by White

Alex is among us? Is he the last one?

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Scoops got whipped!

Cobra parody poster at 12:50

The Fables comics are great. I urge everyone to pick up some collections if they have the time.

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Vinny: "Is that the girl's name?"

Me: Damn. Never thought that one out in the first place.

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Loved this. Made me break out the graphic novels and binge on them for a couple days after I played this. Anxiously awaiting the next chapter!

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A Glamour is a cantrip used to make an item or person appear as something else.

Posted by cornwalliz

*Glass Him*

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Honestly, this might be one of the first quick looks that I've watched and turned off after just a few minutes. I was hesitant to purchase it, but I'm definitely on board now and don't want to spoil more than I have to. Downloading on Steam now. Thanks, guys! Also, good to have Patrick back in the office for a while!

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I think this just sold me on the game, a somewhat rare thing to happen, even with the greatest of QLs!

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Huh, as someone who wasn't especially blown away by The Walking Dead, this looks much more intriguing. I might pick it up during a Steam sale.

Posted by TehPickle

This looks great!

Really nice to have Patrick back with everyone too, if only for a short time...

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Great game, terrible quick look. Especially this long after it's release, why bother?

Posted by WouldYouKindly

Now that "Next Gen" is upon us I wonder if they will port this over to PS4 and XBONE? Would be great if there was some form of cross buy functionality.

Posted by YapaPanda

I think the biggest question is, did Patrick ever get a mission burrito?

Posted by MormonWarrior

I'm pretty sure Vinny can make any game or situation humorous.

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Already bought this game, guess it gets qu'ed up.

'I feel we have met before' Yeah, sure sounds like Elizabeth, whether the voice actor be that or not

Vinny's observation about the purse had me rolling.

Pat's right, almost better just to accept, back story optional.

My conclusion is The Wolf among us is a mature serial for those (like me) who can't hack the brutal angst of The walking Dead.

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AWWW... Biggest Bummer I ever heard =( 2:50

Would have been so great... Man.... IF ONLY!

Posted by zlo2

Scoopin' with Spooks!

Posted by hustlerlt

Patrick sounds so happy in this QL :D He really misses the crew.

Posted by louiedog

Great game, terrible quick look. Especially this long after it's release, why bother?

It's an episodic game. There are plenty of people who haven't made their purchase decision yet.

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Are you sure they dont explain how they came to all live in the 'Real World' in this first episode? I could've sworn there was something about that

Posted by DevourerOfTime

So glad they didn't do this QL until now. Vinny/Patrick/Drew was the perfect team for this game.

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Posted by Edmundus

This looks excellent, will probably wait to see if the other episodes maintain the quality before buying though.

Posted by Azurath

The love TellTale shows Vita owners is amazing.

I can't wait to play this and the new TWD season.

Posted by Sarumarine

It's a shame you can't turn off the notifications. I really disliked that part of Walking Dead too. I feel like it sells the character animations, emotions, and interactions short if everything is broadcasted. It also doesn't let you try to feel out situations or be surprised if they noticed or remembered something that happened before.

Or at least it's really annoying when something like "CHARACTER Y WILL REMEMBER THAT UNLESS SOMETHING BAD HAPPENS TO THEM LATER" shows up in the corner.

Posted by LegendaryChopChop

I love Telltale, but I'm definitely not feeling this game.

Posted by triviaman09

This looks cool, but knowing about Bill Willingham's politics, I don't really want to support anything attached to him.

Posted by Dooley

Guys this game is so fucking good. Even better than Walking Dead (which seems crazy but it is actually true). Can't recommend it enough!

Posted by Scorch

This game is super good.

Posted by DragonNinja789

A wild Patrick Klepek appears!

Posted by mrsmiley

Wow... this game looks awesome. Great quick look! So happy to have Pat back, even if just for a week.

Posted by OneManX

Are you sure they dont explain how they came to all live in the 'Real World' in this first episode? I could've sworn there was something about that

I think in the text before the game starts is gives you the short version of what happened. Then again a lot f the backstory is in the "Fables" aka Codex section of the game.

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This game seems cool, but the Fable comics are also great. Really successful mix between clever writing, mature themes and some comic book craziness.

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