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Deus ex is the modern  Nostradamus
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I totally burned out on the first level too, at that damn robot.

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@girdz said:
I totally burned out on the first level too, at that damn robot.
Yer doin' it wrong.
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I could swear he walked past a Gunther sign like 10 times...

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There needs to be more quick look throwbacks!

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Just watching this again because I'm half way through another play through of Deus Ex.

Love. This. Game.

It's my favorite game ever.

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I DEMAND a 'Quick Look Throwback' for 'System Shock 2'!

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This is so weird. After seeing this and the Human Revolution QL's I decided to play them both in "release date-order", and they were both kind of boring for me. There was something that I felt disconnected with or just couldn't immerse myself in, which is a huge shame. The world is interesting and the tech, and I love trans-humanism concepts, is really freaking cool. Yet I had a much more entertaining time with E.Y.E, of all games, and there the story is very disjointed and confusing at first glance. I guess this is one of those really few games I just can't justify why I don't find them as fun playing as other similar games. It just is, I guess. Maybe the reason is that I never played Deus Ex when it came out, thus having no nostalgia for it.

What truly still struck me as incredible is the incredible freedom of choice, or more the lack of it in so many games since its release...

Anyway, awesome Quick Look!

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needs to be more quicklook throw backs.