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Woo hoo Deus Ex!

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hells yeah deus ex!

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Old School!

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Cool, might have to replay this one.

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Best game ever.  Even with it's "flaws". 
Dude, I remember replaying the starting level over and over again just to see how many ways I could beat it.  It was awesome.  
Edit:  Oh god, I have to reinstall this game right now. 

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Deus Ex is so fucking great

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Best game ever.

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My FIRST was just a glamarous, said "Ddkjfha skl" or some shit.

I could never get into Deus Ex. Shame. I was always told to just get the first mission done but couldn't even do that.

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i loved the hell outta this game, fighting yakuza type dudes in Japan was one of my favourite moments in any game ever!

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Now I want to play this again :(

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Still have to play that game again with the new HD texture pack. Looks pretty sweeeeet.

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@Synthballs said:

@stones174 said:


My FIRST was just a glamarous, said "Ddkjfha skl" or some shit.

I could never get into Deus Ex. Shame. I was always told to just get the first mission done but couldn't even do that.

This. Got stuck on the stealth tutorial and said to myself "what the fuck is this shit!?" Shame.

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Awesome! Reminds me I gotta finish my second play-through. This is very awesome.

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i just stopped playing some Deus Ex just to watch other people play Deus Ex. :)

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Yeah! We need more throwbacks!

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Deus Ex, every time you mention it , SOMEONE will reinstall it.
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oh heck yes

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Such a great game.

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Like two weeks until Human Revolution, I want to sleep until my pre-order gets here.

And the lower the console FOV was how we did zoom binds for Quake 2

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Brad is totally right. I played this game back in 01 and didn't get past the first area. For some reason I just couldn't get it. Wasn't feeling anything about the game. Then I started it again about 5 months ago and flew through it loving every second.

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Oh man, oh man...now I gotta replay this! Love augmenting.

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Giantbomb, battling the summer drought by making quick looks of the classics. 
I love you guys.

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Though a bit dated, all the mechanics this game tried to pull off still rivals, if not trumps a lot of modern games.
Also, that theme song is effing badass.

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One of the most engaging gaming experiences I've ever had. Can't wait for the new one.

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@MemphisSlim said:

Also, that theme song is effing badass.

Shit yes. Goosebumps every time.

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FUCK yes!

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I think I've finally hit a game that I love too much to actually watch a Quick Look of it.

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I never got around to trying Deus Ex, so I'm glad to see this quick look. Can't wait to check it out when I get home, I've heard awesome things about the game.

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I am ashamed to say that I've never played Deus Ex. 
The first step to recovery is admitting I have a problem, right?

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I love QL throwbacks! :)

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Hell yes! Deus Ex is in my top five games of all time, probably more like top three. Such a great game.

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I worked on this game. So many memories. 
Eidos thought it was gonna be a flop so they didn't market it as well as they could have. Luckily word of mouth did their job for them.

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"Games have come a long way man."

Yeah, but they still never really surpassed Deus Ex.

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release date on PC was actually summer of 2000 and that was the same engine used in UT and Brothers in Arms among others

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So when is the Invisible War quick look?

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Put on a trenchcoat
And fight some conspiracies
Get experience
And level up abilities
Will you pick rifles
or computers
Don't pick swimming
because it's fairly useless
Anyone else can't not automatically sing along with these lyrics whenever they hear the theme for this?

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YES! We need more Throwbacks like this.

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I have tried this game several times, each time hoping to find the amazing game everyone else talks about so much. All I ever find is a shooting/stealth game that does a poor job of both. I'm even trying it again now, having reinstalled it a few days ago and loaded it up with hi-res texture packs. Beat Liberty Island and working on the second level right now, already getting bored/irritated with this game.

I thought that Deus Ex 2 was more fun than this game, simply due to the fact that the gunplay was more satisfying. I've already pre-ordered Deus Ex 3 (a brief deal on GreenMan Gaming made it $28), and I'm hoping it'll be better than the first two.

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Hey, Ion Storm also made Thief 3, that was a pretty damn good game.

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Ahh cool, I've tried playing it twice and got bored but I like the idea of watching some Giantbomb peeps play it.

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Awesome game, love how Patrick done what I done when I played this game which was just through random objects at people

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YEAH! This is why i am a subscriber.

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This took me waaaaaaay back!

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My cousin has played this game for the last 5 years. I've seen this first level probably thousands of times.

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I never played Deus Ex but I am very interested in the new one coming out this month. Do you think it is worth playing it before the new one?