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Wow, actually did it.

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Tom Cruise

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thats my birthday!
talking about the live live show thing

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Yay Vinny! 

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Must watch the live show thingy...MUST.

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Pfft. Take My Breath Away is a much better song.

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Cool Quick Look, Ryan and Vinny :)

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This is why I come to GB, the little things that give their videos character.

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the big live live show live 
september 9 
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Highway to the dangerzone, duh duuh duuh duuh duuh. 

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Braid.... on ps3? What?! 
Edit: wow I can't believe I missed that.. *hangs head in shame*

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Land the plane in Top Gun NES. I'm glad that was brought up in this quick look.

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Instead of watching this QL im gonna go youtube up some take my breath away.

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I'm covered in coffee!

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Cool a really long unfunny ad.

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is this Top Gun movie info coming off the top of your heads? 
i have my doubts anyone can remember that much.

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better than i expected!

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Pills here, Vinny.

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@Dejkrigeren said:
" Highway to the dangerzone, duh duuh duuh duuh duuh. FLY INTO DA DAINGAZOOOWNNNNNN. "
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What was Jeff doing at the beginning? I refreshed the page by accident while turning on my speakers and he's gone! Looked like he was beat-boxing or something.

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I want some butts!  
This is great, like a child recreating Top Gun from memory. 

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Pure quicklook gold.

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Run it through the Ironside filter.
....you mean whiskey?

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That was kinda awesome.

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I'd rather fly a cargo plane full of rubber dog shit outta Hong Kong.

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This looks totally awesome in a ridiculous sort of way. For $15, looks like you get your money's worth.

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im seasick

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They look like ants from up here.  Dead ants.

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Best first level ever.

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Psycho,Jester... what is this? Crysis?

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That intro reminds me of the Mass Effect intro.  And the civilizations of the galaxy call it......Mass Effect.

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Woah Goose dies? spoilers.

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Can I switch on the Large Reticle and Infinite Missles?
Top Gun EX, that's wut I'm talkin bout.

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For 15$ this doesn't seem bad at all.

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What is this big live show?

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Adverts! But so long as they are Giant Bomb adverts, it's all good. Interesting Quick Look.
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wow..that's a lot of "talent"

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Thanks for Vinny getting us some Danger Zone rocking!

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Top Gun was one of the first games that I ever got for the NES. My sister and I could never land on the aircraft carrier, but my father did it on the first try. I eventually became pretty capable at landing on the aircraft carrier, but I was never able to refuel.
A few years ago, I went to the Virtual NES website and not only did I land the plane on the first try, but I also successfully refueled for the first time.

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Best parties are always going on in flight sim town. Hopefully they don't put the end cutscene with the flyby on every custscene which would get awkward after a while (here he's going to fly by again...wow).  
Top Gun might be a bad movie to some, which is why they should just watch Hot Shots instead.

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somehow when I hear Top Gun I think of the one AVGN reviewed...

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Someone should do a remake of the nes version in the HAWX engine.

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Woah, cool Pre-roll spot for the Live show. I dig it.

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The fact that it's a shitty cover of Danger Zone makes me so angry.
But the game doesn't look totally awful. Multiplayer sounds neat!

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edit: Definitely an ice cream spit take at 22:00

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Top Gun was my 1st DVD.

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