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Love it!

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Maniaplanet time!!

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More trackmania? madness!

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There is never a bad time to watch Jeff and TrackMania...

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Now this is trackracing!

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That horn never fails to make me laugh.

Did that guy on the 2nd server have a Roadrunner horn?

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Ohh yeah, been way to long since we've heard some "good" dubstep here.

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trackmania 2? more like asscrackmania poo

eh? eh?

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This QL became way less Trackmania when they turned down the music =(

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your friendly neighbourhood poonwrangler.

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There is still a pretty healthy player base for Canyon...

...in EUROPE that is.

Jeff just filtered the North American servers.

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brb, getting hot-dogs.

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Well, that was depressing.

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Seeing this game makes me feel real bad for Jeff.

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The lack of sick drops in my Trackmania is disturbing. Don't these people understand that if there's no 98 Degrees Dubstep remixes that it's not Trackmania?

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Why does GB always leave me hungry!?

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@petiew said:

That horn never fails to make me laugh.

Did that guy on the 2nd server have a Roadrunner horn?

Yes he did.

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I've always thought TrackMania looks pretty sharp but their UI is just so blurgh, what gives?

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Seems like they made some unfortunate decisions with the franchise. I might check out that new beta, at least.

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I really miss the official classic server...

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It sucks that you didn't wait a day to record this. I just logged into the beta and there were custom maps, a boatload of servers and lots of people playing. Full speed all day everyday.

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Let's get manic.

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Jeff is weirdly obsessed with populace -- not actual people, just populace -- and it continually manifests. Jeff repeats himself and makes it a neurosis. His MMO history (WoW; Star Trek; PSO2) and this Trackmania continuum and Twitch.tv and Jar videos.... It's not just a girly I want attention thing, it's some weird weird thing. It doesn't make sense. I don't think he even understands it yet.

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They should probably take a look at the servers outside of the US, those are a lot more active and have user-made tracks.

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After the way Trackmania fell apart completely from Shootmania breaking everything and the death of every decent server out there it's hard to trust Nadeo with any money. They managed to kill an online game in a way that I didn't really think was possible.

Maybe if there's an indication Nadeo won't do the same thing with Stadium and Jeff decides to bring back his server, both pretty unlikely events, I'll look into Stadium.

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Woo it's time to get PLANETZ bitches!

Is the Giant Bomb server still up? (edit: guess not) That was a blast, I never got around to making any tracks though.

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I miss TrackMania :( , good times were had...

@hurvilo said:

There is still a pretty healthy player base for Canyon...

...in EUROPE that is.

Jeff just filtered the North American servers.

Or played during a time when most of europe is asleep. You know, time zones.

Edit: You're right though, seems he only checked the US.

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Stadium is and always has been the shiz.

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Man, this Quick-Look is depressing.

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Watching Jeff without much enthusiasm while playing Trackmania makes me feel dead inside.

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Freaking hell. I had such high hopes for this game, being a massive fan since Sunrise. Canyon kinda left me a bit lukewarm, but I was still excited to find out what the other environments were going to be... and freaking Stadium? The environment that was popular because it was free? And now they're releasing it for not-free even though the free one still exists? It does still exist, right? I mean, sure, Stadium played really well, too. It was easily the most competition-friendly of the environments, but I thought a sequel would be a good time to try something brand new, or revisit and refine some of what came before. I'd love it if they took the European environment from the first game and put some cars on it that actually handle well, because I love how those levels looked and they were really fun to build, they just weren't that fun to race on. Or use the new engine to one-up the Island environment from Sunrise (in which I frequently made tracks with a top speed of 999 km/h) for maximum mania. But I guess not.

Sorry, TrackMania, you lost me. I wanted to wait for the full package of this game so I could dive into it all at once, and I was excited to see new environments... but this isn't a new environment. So now I don't feel the need to do that anymore.

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If you put in dubstep...they will come.

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@hurvilo: There was still like 30 people playing at most before Stadium.This game is/was fucking dead as a rock. Don't know now that Stadium is in beta but I can't imagine it's going to fix much of anything but let's hope it's not too late.

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I could go for a chili dog with cheese, mustard and onions.

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Meh.. I see absolutely no reason to buy this one. Too bad I feel like there is a ton of potential with the trackmaina games. I feel like they are barking up the wrong tree with shoot mania and packaging every type of racing separately. Price point is too high for this type of game too. Maybe its just me, but the graphics look almost identical.

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Yes! All aboard the TarckMania party train :)

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I saw this was in Beta from Jeff's twitter, downloaded it real quick, and was instantly pretty unhappy. This is the same shit from the original, with slightly better shadows, and no AA. And they are going to sell it again? EVEN THE ASSETS ARE EXACTLY THE SAME.

I could be wrong and this could be amazing, we'll see if this quick look can change my mind...

It's kind of sad that Vinny's interested in "new" stuff that was in the original game v.v

Seems to me like this is just them desperately grabbing for cash. This is just the original fucking content that we've already paid for unless I'm totally missing something. Considering that TrackMania is 100% about UGC, having new vanilla tracks means jack shit.

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@Jeff Is there any hope of a GB Classic making a triumphant return to TM?

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If you ever want a lesson on how to drive your game into the fucking ground, Nadeo has you covered. I was a Day 1 Canyon buyer, and I'm definitely going to wait to see how the community responds to Stadiium this time.

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Getting a hot dog with a burger is the American way.

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Sure looks like Trackmania.

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Do you believe in life after love?

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Guys at Nadeo didn't want to do any work, so they just ported the Stadium environment? Huh. Still, at least it's free to owners of Canyon.

Edit: I tell a lie, it isn't free.

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So, their new level that they're unveiling about a year after release is.... the level from the first game?? Whaaat? I must not be up on my Trackmania, because that sounds like a terrible decision.

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This model makes no sense. It seems like Trackmania's user base is already hanging by a thread, and they keep releasing different games to further splinter the user base? Why?

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Damn, this takes me back to the TrackMania Nations days. I am really tempted to install it at Steam.