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oh boy
haha i've never even cared about that quest

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Woo hoo!

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Please be good, please be good, please be goooooooooooooood!

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Fuck yeah Jared

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Looks good. Rental for sure. 

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All wrestling games should be over the top.

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I miss the THQ N64 games... redo those, PLEASE, :(

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Oh great, I love games with clunky-ass controls and game design harking back to the mid 90's!
Oh wait... no I don't.

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jared rea <3

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I so don't get wrestling.

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Played this game at PAX, loved it. Played the hell out of the demo. Wasn't really expecting it to be as fun as it is.

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Whenever there be fightin' (especially dumb fighting) it's always good to have Jared there.

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Hell yes! Jared is back!

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Wow, this game looks like a lot of fun. It's always cool to be blindsided like that.

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 Jake Roberts looks like Revolver Ocelot

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RE5 entry Chris Redfield would fit very well in that roster.

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Since Jared's back, is Michael Cera going to be in a wrestling game/movie? cos THAT would be awesome. Unless Jared is a wizard, then it's pretty fucked up.

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Such an awesome Quick look. Cant wait for TNT so they just talk about wrestling for 2 hours

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ugh, jared :/

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@Rmack said:
I dont believe there are any Psycho Drivers nor Violence parties in this game :(
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There's a lot of loading just for the intros.  
Holy shit, Paul Bearer was epic.

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How did they manage to get a guy for a quick look of a wrestling game who knows what he's talking about? SUPER DRAGON! SUPER DRAGON!

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They should have had a Five Moves of Doom match between Bret Hart and John Cena.  
And yes, Punk is the best thing going.

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This site needs 100% more Jared.

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I'm a little confused. Doesn't Whiskey Media itself have like a dozen in-office interns/moderators/other "small" behind-the-scenes people prowling their office they could borrow for a Quick Look? Why go out their way for a former intern from 1-Up?

Then again, I tend to think the Alex naysayers are dicks for showing up just to dismiss him, so I should hold my tongue. Sorry.

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As a sucker for wrestling games, and anything with Steve Austin in it, I'll be picking this up. Thankfully it actually looks decent.

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Game looks alright, and I'm not a wrestling fan. More awesome tho when you hear the Hell March theme in the 13-14 minute mark tho.

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@OneManX: Well, I still have this Doctor Octagon album to listen to while I play...that counts, right?  
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This might be the first wrestling game i've ever cared about. And that's coming from someone who thinks professional wrestling is really, really dumb.

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What's wrong with jean shorts?

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purple gloves?
fuck, i need this

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Looks really good. Might give it a rent.

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doped up snakes 

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That is definitely a cover of C&C Red Alert's Hell March at 13: 26 
This is a precursor to EA selling Red Alert's rights to THQ???
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No Hacksaw Jim Duggan? No Bushwackers? No Road Warriors? The hell?!

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I give a shit about the left side of that screen.

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Jared Rea! Yay!

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No Ultimate Warrior or Sgt. Slaughter in this quick look! Disappointed!

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This vid makes me lament the fact that we do not see any Prof, Wrestling over here in Holland :(

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I enjoyed the botchamania  reference.

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Dude, this game looks kind of amazing. I haven't been into wrestling, or a wrestling game in at least ten years but damn, this looks awesome.

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@Wes899 said:
" Jared Rea! Yay! "
Seriously, can GB just hire Jared? Dude's awesome and needs a job!
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 What? People still watch WWE? That's just a soap opera for passive aggressive machos . How can you watch it more than 3 days without getting bored and sick of it?!

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The last wrestling game I played was WWF Warzone for the PS1 over ten years ago, and somehow this doesn't look as fun.

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Last Holdout?! I still wear jean shorts! I don't wear them in that ultra duechy "too long / too big" way though.

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Looks like it would be fun for a weekend.