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It's taken months to get this quest. I'd like to first thank the academy, for giving me the quest. Secondly, is the cast and crew. These guys worked hard every day, using Check4Change in order to find when to post, I think they aced it. Thirdly, and most importantly are my parents, couldn't have posted first without you! Well, before they play the music to throw me off stage, I'll cut this all short and just say thanks. Oh, and these videos are great.

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 as someone who never got in to WOW these videos are great

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Yay part 2 is finally here!

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Is that a killer whale? I love these QLs at Rorcraft. So tempted to jump back in.

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How much is Bob Colleco paying you guys to talk about Blizzard stuff this week? :P

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Doesn't mob mean mobile object block?

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I've been looking forward to another one of these.

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I just got back in!!!! It's been 2 days and I'm already lvl 17 lol

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there's a whale there, that's a whale

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damnit.  after watching part one of these I reupped my account after kicking it for over 6 months.

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Damn, Rorie's warrior seems to have like 4.3k GS.
I kid, I kid.

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Nice, I like it. Good feature Matt!

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Watch out for those whale sharks.

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@connorbevans: Haha! Good one.
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Geodude? Pokemon reference...

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Where's Snider? :'(

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I have never played WoW, but these videos are really interesting and informative.   Maybe, If I watch enough, I might try the trial version of WoW.

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I will not get back into WoW, I will not get back into WoW, I will not get back into WoW...

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He sunk there ships and there WHALES!!!!!

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Curse you, Blizzard.

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Craft of Crafts: Rorcraft.
That is some massive damage to that crab.

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Heh, it's cool to see that now Vinny and Ryan are watching Rorie play. The Blizzard addiction might affect the entire staff!

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Vinny and Ryan are perfect for this!

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Excellent video once again.  You're efficiently exhibiting the new content in the beta.  My main was an 80 Warlock and they turned to absolute shit in Lich King which was one of the reasons I stopped playing.  I've been done with the game for a while.  No matter how awesome the added flair of the world is I simply cannot bring myself to pay for a part time job.  Keep making these videos.  Rorie is awesome!  Screened represent!

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Hooray! More Rorcraft!

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On the Whale Shark:

 This species, despite its size, does not pose significant danger to humans. Whale sharks are actually quite gentle and can play with divers. Divers and snorkelers can swim with this giant fish without risk apart from unintentional blows from the shark’s large tail fin    

Blizzard has lost all credibility. 
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That was pretty sweet.  Never played WoW but this has me interested.

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Something to watch while I eat a really late breakfast.

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omg finally, was waiting so long for this ;)
I have to decide if I go to Wow or not and this is helping a lot

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Yo whaddup Van Cleef!
Can't wait for Cata!

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I cannot wait for this game. I'll be able to enjoy levelling a new character again.

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"Loot= Loot or other things" Awesome Drew!

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I am a place holder

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Thank you guys for the awesome preview! Just what I wanted ^^

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Great videos, interesting watch. Credit to Blizzard for continuing offering interesting content.  
Plus seriously, Rorie knows his stuff. Impressive. Recently starting playing again myself. 

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Watch out!
It's the Giant Enemy Crab.

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MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

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gggahhhhhrrrrrggghhghghhghgh i won't sub a month for wow, I WON'T!

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Thank you Mr. Rorie and Mr. C for a part 2.  FINALLY!

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Bought the game new recently (for 20 bucks with Burning Crusade), but haven't installed it yet. I'll wait for some longer holiday and when/if I'm sick of Starcraft 2.

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I keep thinking about getting the game, just to see the old content before the new and because there is so much to do in it at this point. But I probably never will. At least there is Rorcraft to watch for right now.

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Multitanking with a Warrior is NOT hard. Demoshout + TC. Also tab HeroicStrike/Cleaing works great.

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"Hot lady wolves... what?"

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If I was in a decent server with a good guild I would play this game more.