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Did i get it?

EDIT: Holy shit, lucky refresh!

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So ready to wake up!

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Reax Ryan!!

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Video Thing?

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FINALLY, a new episode of Ryan Reax. Jeez guys, it's been ages

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Now I need a Vita. Thanks, Sony.

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I can finally sleep once again!

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I am so close to never being able to sleep again.

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That screen cap is amazing.

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This is the biggest reason i'd like a vita. But that's because i have Persona 4 on PS2, also P3 is better.... ( well imo anyway. but both are great. )

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Finally something to play on my Vita

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Are you ready to WAKE THE FUCK UP?!!!?!

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Man, whatisperspective.com actually links to the wake up club wiki page. Well played whoever did that.

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Seems appropriate. WAKE UP!

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I play Persona 4 The Golden till I fall asleep so the Vita is right next to my bed. Very excited for this!!!

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What was Brad playing there?

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Man why can't this be out for iOS it seems PERFECT

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Potato Party!

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Show me more DMC !

Posted by wumbo3000

Brad grinding away at that DMC. Excited for the review.

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www.whatisperspective.com is a real website

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The future of gaming journalism

Posted by TonicBH

Jeff reading Kotaku? He's dead to me. DEAD TO ME. :(

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@okand said:


That was quick.

Haha, that didn't take long at all. Also, what is the URL even a reference to? Am I missing something?

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@sirdesmond: Last three seconds of the video.

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@TonicBH said:

Jeff reading Kotaku? He's dead to me. DEAD TO ME. :(

There is honestly only one good reason to read articles on Kotaku - articles written by Kirk Hamilton.

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You can sync up with other players anywhere in the world, right? In that case, I'm looking forward to the QL:EX.

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Ugh, "potato party" is the new "tub girl." Kamiya has had it with your filth, Kotaku!

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Oh man! I can't wait! I wanna know what time Jack Tretton and Shuhei Yoshida wake the fuck up!

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Ryan needs to do a quick look of it right after he wakes up.

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You got to be kidding me! Who's idea was this? http://whatisperspective.com/

Love the fact that linking to other sites requires to follow the most precise, regimented, web-address ordinance.

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Now i can wake up on time for my potato party.

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Holy Kotaku batman

I wish we could have had a group reading session about why video games are holding down women.

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Jeff clearly doesn't know how to work a camera he's showing too much drapes

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Oh my god why do you guys read that piece of shit website that is Kotaku?

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Love the new video news feature of filming Jeff reading Kotaku. Who needs Patrick for the news? Now, he can just be the horror editor.

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When is this coming out in Europe? WHEN?!

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Ryan Relax! (then wake up)

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@toddster said:

The future of gaming journalism

That's actually how it sorta is allready. News is just news via someone other sites news article via some other sites news article.

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Was hoping Wake Up Club would come to the states soon.

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@xMrSunshine said:

When is this coming out in Europe? WHEN?!

We need whenisperspective.eu!

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Cyberpunk 2077 is a great name. It's so fucking Polish.