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Posted by Stry8993

Nice! But wtf at the end with the huge glitch haha? And the man-chick bumb thing is uhh... hmm. lol, looks like  a great game overall though. And the mousqito guy, primo bro!

Posted by Carlos

God what an ending Dx ill have nightmares, the music was fun though :D

Posted by norton123

looking good.

Posted by Gunner612

vinny is gawd at editing videos.

Posted by Crono

You know I take back a little of the bad I had to say about this game... it still looks like a very stupid game with a complete lack of depth... but the game does look fun.  For how long though... I think that is the ultimate question for me.  Oh and I lol'ed at the ending... hilarious haha... but wtf happened in that car?

Posted by Player1

Your character looked like Rich from Button Mashing! 

Thanks for making another video review. 
Posted by jonnyp

i say button you say mashing, 




Posted by dagas

I thought Saints Row 1 was better than any of the GTA 3 games, GTA 4 however raised the bar quite a lot so I don't think this will impress me as much. However there is nothing wrong with just having some crazy fun.

Posted by wrecks

it's good to be a gamer, damn good.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

That game looks ridiculous!  :)

I can see having both GTA IV and this and not feeling a bit of conflict between them :)  I also see myself getting a bit confused, though, if I'm playing Saint's Row 2 for a while and then switch to GTA IV. 

Posted by Gunner612

" I also see myself getting a bit confused, though, if I'm playing Saint's Row 2 for a while and then switch to GTA IV. "

I can picture it now...


Posted by reflekshun

hahah oh man, gold ending. Ryan you are a killer reviewer

Posted by ThrustMuscle

Just like Rich Gallop

Posted by troyx

keep the video reviews comin !

Posted by Wright

rofl @ the ending. nice review ryan.

Posted by Stevokenevo

awesome review, and great ending....this game looks nuts.   Streaking side missions?! hilarious insanity!

Posted by Drebin_893

Your Pimp Character looked exactly like Rich Gallup!

Posted by FoolInjection

Dude totally looks like Gallup. 

Would the guys at Giant Bomb please post the sliders to create this... I totally wanna play this as Rich Gallup... lol.

Posted by YoungBuck

it's worth a rent. good review

Posted by Death_Burnout

Its bloody worth more than a rent, i havent put it down for a week!

Posted by Crimacabre

I fucking loveee this game. Best game so far this year in my opinion, GTA IV might be slightly better i haven't really made up my mind there.

Posted by Metal_Mills

Shit! I knew that guys voice! Warf! That is so awesome.

Posted by PJ

I think that Saints Row 2 is better then GTA4. Mostly because GTA 4 tries to be serious and funny at the same time so sometimes you get the feeling that your not taking it seriously enough or that you are taking it too seriously. SR2 though is just balls out crazy and for the duration that i have played of the game it absolutly never takes itself seriously and never tries to confuce you whit doing so.

Also the shooting and driving us much better in SR2 though once you got used to the GTA4 driving it was pretty fun but thats also the point. You shouldn't have to get used to it. Also the flaws that SR2 has are much easyer to overlook then those in GTA4. Like taking out your buddys in GTA4 was just annoying after the first couple of times.  In SR2 you have to earn respect to be able to do the sory missions but thats not really a problems since there are so many activitys that you are bound to find something you enjoy or else you can just go kill other gangmembers.

GTA4 looks alot better but SR2 doesnt look bad at all and if you played some SR1 before 2 then you can really see what a huge difference there is between the two games.

Put it simply, SR2 is more fun and frusrtation free then GTA4 was by a long shot and thats what makes SR2 stand out more then GTA4.

Posted by Kohe321

Great video review. Video reviews are awesome, keep 'em coming!

Posted by REDRUN

Awesome review, now I am scarred for life with the image of a black Mrs. Garrison's "the Dumpster"  pose. Hahahahaha!!

I am sure to check this game out.

Posted by zoozilla

That scream at the end of the video closely mirrored my reaction to that hideous looking monster.

Posted by Schizoid

That was the best ending to a video I've ever seen.

Posted by JoblessTerence

"Now, If you really want to earn some 'paper'..." That made me laugh lol

Posted by Joey2683

Lol, just when I thought I was watching a normal video review Vinny gets crazy again.

Posted by AaronBelfast

Haha, loved the ending.

Posted by xplodedd

its good that there are more video reviews on the site now.

Posted by ManMadeGod

Game looks kinda good, I might go and pick this up.
I love video reviews.

Posted by RHCPfan24

vinny, I don't know how you do it, but you make the best video reviews out there.  good job to you and ryan.

Posted by Grady

vinny has the most amazing ideas for endings. Nice review Ryan.

Posted by daniel_beck_90

Nice job Ryan
loved the ending ; Vinny you are god of editing videos

Posted by toadstule

Another great review. Looks like a really fun game to mess around with.

Posted by Koopa_kid12

O...M...G....      :o

Posted by McAnuff

This is a great game. Your review is spot on.  My only gripe is there are only two full beards two choose from and they both don't look like mine. I had to settle for a rather cool looking goatee.

Posted by berva

Your dreaming if you think Saints Row 2 is a better game than GTA4.  For a start it has almost PS2 graphics, dull story and bland environments.  The game does not suck however I would not even put these 2 titles in the same league.

Posted by TooWalrus

GTA had a better story, yeah, but who plays Saints Row for the story? lol

Posted by Media_Master


Posted by John

I oh-so love these videos. Srly, there awesome.

Posted by Zatoichi_Sanjuro

I know it's redundant at this point but these vids are really fucktastically produced.

SR2 looks very PS2ish and given these belt-tightening times I don't think it's PRUDENT to buy another GTAIV-type game, even if it is slightly more fun to play.

I will miss the ninjas though.

Posted by insanegamer

saints row 2 is a great game just fun and awesome and not as serious as gta4.

Posted by Sinatar

Not a single mention in the review of the fact that the game has full online coop? Online coop that makes the game like 50x more entertaining?

Posted by PLWolf

I love the fact you are running around Stilwater in the Rich Gallup outfit from the Button Mashing Days.
Such good times. Great review, Ryan. Vinny? You are the Man!!

Posted by JoelTGM

I don't like the humor of this game.

Posted by Box3ru13
Posted by Xiemos2

Great review guys, you never cease to amaze me with how entertaining you make these damn things!
Vinny's the man.

Posted by tknight

gta:SA > saint's row
saint's row > gtaIV
gtaIV is boring. saint's row is fun.

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