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They were some nice looking butts.

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That hat is pretty sick.

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Good morrow, Morrowind!

Posted by Scodiac

I liked Dave's comparison of GPS systems in open world games and assists in racing games like Forza. So, true.

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Dave's character is a secret wizard!

Posted by SpunkyHePanda

Every animal in Morrowind is the the most terrifying thing I've ever seen.

Posted by fisk0

Morrowind and it's mod community is fantastic, probably even more fascinating than the closest comparisons, Doom and Quake. To me, this is what PC gaming is all about, unlike most other platforms it's not just a one-way publisher-consumer relationship, the fans have an incredible influence on the long term support and development of the games. On release, and even with the last official patches, the game was almost unplayable due to the bugs, but over the course of the decade since release the fans have not only improved the stability, but cranked up the visual fidelity to a level that competes with the game's sequel, and even some later games in the genre. It's fucking mind blowing when you consider that it's still the original 11+ year old engine they're building upon, which was probably taxing it's theoretical capabilities back when it originally launched.

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it's raining in the game and it's raining in real life I don't know which is which anymore!

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Nude mods are skeevy, and only skeevy people use them.

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The part where they killed the dark brotherhood agent was amazing.

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For reference, Morrowind isn't 11 years old. It's not even 10 years old yet. Morrowind was released May 1, 2002. And as someone who spent a couple hundred hours with the game, this was both exhilarating and torturous to watch. Sorry if I sound like a pedantic dick. Everyone has their game (and this was mine).

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"That guy was excited to kill you man" -Vinny

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@Mercanis said:

Nude mods are skeevy, and only skeevy people use them.

It is worth noting that the nudity is just an aftereffect of the mod that makes the bodies not look like lego people.

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It's a little bit frustrating, the part that Dave couldn't read what he had to do properly. Of course it's understandable, given at what time they were playing.

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This shows my problem with the series. It's neat that there's ambient life and stuff, but then it all goes out of its way to attack you and it gets annoying because then you have to FIGHT it.

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Oh you guys. So tired and still playing MW, talking to everybody. And not reading anything :)

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@Chumm said:

@Mercanis said:

Nude mods are skeevy, and only skeevy people use them.

It is worth noting that the nudity is just an aftereffect of the mod that makes the bodies not look like lego people.

Ah, yes, I remember Dave mentioning that. My comment wasn't directed at Dave -- all hail Dave! -- but rather at the fact that such a mod even exists. It's just... sad and weird.

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yay the T-shirts are still available

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Yes, I love Dave's idea about the fighting engine and style of Dark Souls in the world of Elder Scrolls.

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lol dongs

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I don't remember anyone in that dungeon but it's been a while.

Also I love Morrowind just because of the lack of a funneled guidance system.

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Was that the Carmen Sandiego hat? o.O

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Well now I want to play Morrowind, which is awful with Skyrim waiting for me and because of my lack of PC.

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@Mercanis said:

Nude mods are skeevy, and only skeevy people use them.

Fun fact: The Playstation Home character model has some VEERY detailed nude models within the system. You can find it easily as a developer and probably if you hack the ps3 somehow.

I mean, its so detailed you start to think the guy doing the modelling had a bit too much fun doing it..

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Pringles.... ahhhh!!!

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man, so many funny moments. nice butt!

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going to watch all of these over the course of a week I think...

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This makes me want to play Morrowind again. I'd need to put Windows on my Macbook though.

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14:18, so damn funny. Laughing in the background...

Damn you guys are hilarious.

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These kind of features are great. Thanks for marathoning these games guys and thanks for managing to archive it on the fly like you apparently did.

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I liked Morrowind over Oblivion simply because of the open world. It just felt bigger than Oblivion.

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Pajama Vinny is Best Vinny.

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Love the maniacal laugh after Snider says the khajiit is "kinda cute".

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"Kinda cute!"


None of my business tho