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YEA!! My fun time arrives! 
EDIT: FIRST!! (This will be my first and last time I'll do this. I swear!)

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Duder its over!! 
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 Noes! It's duder tiems!!

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noo! Dudered.

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Duder, it's over :(
And a day late D:

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No! Not a duber! 

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DUDER ALERT. Captain, the USS Duder has encountered a Duder!!

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Eh. I can watch it. Whats up with you guys?

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Crap! it's not up yet, and I was so excited too :(
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Duder, it works.

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Er, I mean...

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The Low and Medium qulity videos are working :D! loveoooooo xxxxx

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Medium quality appears to be working

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well... thats what i get for trying to watch it on high, thanks
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Set phasers to Duder!

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  The video was  assimilated.    

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Low Quality works as well.

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how can one duder be over when duder hath not beguneth?     
I guess il try medium like the rest of you folk :l
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@cowdrunk: That's ok Enjoy!
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Oh thank god medium works!

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Duder it's over!
Medium works though. :-)

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Duders, it works on "med" setting!

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I just checked out the galaxy map they have. it seems a bit off, since the Federation is stuck right in between the Klingons and Romulans. IIRC, the Klingons and Romulans have a border with each other. Hence the alliance in TOS era, where they traded cloaking devices and ship designs.

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Oh, nevermind, it works on LOW setting too. Heh heh.

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YES! Just in time! I was getting bored out of my f*ing mind here. This might help... a little.
EDIT: Oh god damn it DUDER!

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BTW is Brad thinking of becoming a STO subscriber when this game is officially out?

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The SS Duder needs to be PIMPED out.

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@sleeping143: Edit firsts don't count!
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So does Sulu know Karate or not?

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Wait, there's a "Sirius Sector Black" - coincidence or Potter reference?

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Looks like this one was recorded before the giant patch.  Old interface and no Memory Alpha.

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They fixed a lot of issues in this patch, notice you can actually see armor on your away team now. They reward you with a new Bridge Officer (or two) after the patch so you won't have to buy one. The Starbase store where you saw the Cardassian tailor and the table full of guns serves the same purpose as your Replicator (not the traders in central hub). After the patch there are also Ferengi and Federation trade ships that you can purchase stuff from on the FFVII styled overland map (btw they need to enable Impulse on that map).
As a black gamer the only thing annoying me right now is the fact that every single NPC on any Federation Starbase you visit is white. Strangely the only ethnic diversity in the game is on the KDF (Klingon Defense Force) side, just like in WOW. It's weird that the Peaceful Imperialists in these games are always monocultures but the evil natives somehow have richer and more varied backstories.

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De took r jerbs!!!

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Oh  God this was random.

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Did they really record this at 1:00 PM? 0o

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This game got a lot faster after the patch it seems.

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Space is bigger than Texas! 
The fun continues! 

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HaHa!!! I can't believe they looked this up online! Amazing!!!!!

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Hopefully they'll get some videos in of the game in its current state, after the newest patch it's been a lot better. 
They've aimed to make it easier earlier on, and it'll balance out as you advance. I've truly struggled in ground combat because of the amount of  enemy officers grouped together in later missions. It's a good change of pace.

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@Teppoudama: yeah. thats weird. Especially since star trek TOS is very multicultural. Think of the bridge crew, there was an asian person, a russian person, an african lady (she is a from a future Pan-African state), an alien, and of course Caucasian people. The star trek future does not feature a fully homogenized human race where everyone is an average skin tone. It seems like the games engine could certainly generate that diversity.
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This is the biggest tangent yet