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shooterists and goal loards
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i hate soccer 

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Awesome !! Freaking Awesome!! It's football by the way ...

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@hazzard4123 said:
" Goal!   i hate soccer  "
Can't believe I'm doing this.  Why?
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Gotta say,the Jack O'Lantern Ronaldinho @ 5:00ish kinda threw me off....

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Nice looking interface at :39.

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Pumpkin heads and Centurion helmets are definitely going to push this ahead of FIFA! 

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those characters should not open their mouths, looks scary as hell

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Hmmm, not impressed with animation and ball physics. Certainly when compared to FIFA.

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Mild lyrics

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Seriously though looks fucking great

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Great music but how do people play these games nowadays. You have to be an actual professional player to work it out. =/

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seems like some cool stuff is going into that. and passion pit repping in the game trailers recently.

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Yup, still soccer.

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At last the soccer game that stands up and don't look like arcade game.

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@Meatsim said:
" Yup, still soccer. "
Yup.Still awesome.
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I'm excited about this. I'm getting tired of the scripted feeling of FIFA... 

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Pre-ordered. Fifa11

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Hopefully a return to form for PES, hate buying FIFA each year just to play a decent game of football. 
Shame they will never get fully licensed teams and players.
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Looks like no matter how old it may get for everyone else, everytime I score a goal with the Leonidas helmet I'll shout "THIS! IS! SPARTA!"

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I swore I heard G-Dragon.